SUMMARY: Username aliasing

From: Koef <>
Date: Thu Jul 29 2004 - 11:52:11 EDT
Original question below.

Most people suggested two passwd file entries, that are identical except for
the username field. Use a realname in the first, and the salary number in
the second. This works for "ps", "top", "ls", etc. However, the wtmp entry
is still created using the salary number, so "w", "who", "last" etc. fail.

I ended up with hacking ssh so that I can put the salary number as the first
string in the GECOS field in the password file and map that back to the

Some other points raised:
- Solaris usernames cannot be numerical. Ok, I forgot to mention that our
  salary numbers consists of a two letter country code followed by 5 or 6
- Sysadmins should establish policies on their machines and nobody else.
  Do not try to fix political issues with technical workarounds.

Thanks to all that responded.


On Wed, Jul 28, 2004 at 11:19:50PM +0200, Koef wrote:
> I have a user that insists using his salary number as the login username on
> my machines. Besides not liking to treat people as numbers, I hate to see
> numeric usernames in "ps", "top", "who", logfiles, etc. so all my other
> users have "real" usernames.
> Is it possible in Solaris that when this user logs in with openssh,
> his numeric username gets translated to a real username, that is in the
> first field of the password file, and he authenticates with public keys
> in his /home/realname/.ssh/authorized_keys?
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