From: Gary Chambers <gwc_at_ll.mit.edu>
Date: Wed Dec 29 2004 - 10:26:46 EST

The general consensus is that iSCSI, while great in theory, is, in
practice, not yet ready.  I agree with that.

For the past several months (not continuously), I have had several
problems with using a QLogic QLA4010C in a Sunfire V240 with Solaris 9
(patched only to 112233-11 (01/04) to match our cluster environment).
First, I'm annoyed by having to use a Java "management" application to
simply configure the card.  It escapes me how Java has become as popular
as it seems to be.  Second, I can configure the QLA4010C to look to the
EqualLogic box for devices, but it cannot seem to find anything
available.  Third, and most importantly, if I add or delete volumes on
the EqualLogic device, the QLA4010C "loses" its configuration data, and
requires a _power-off_ shutdown of the V240 in order to use it again.

Many thanks to Ilya Birman, Chuck, Michael DeSimone, and Erek Adams.  I
received an extremely helpful and insightful reply from someone who
asked that I not identify them in the summary.  I would be remiss,
however, if I didn't acknowledge their input.  Finally, what summary
would be complete without mentioning those "thoughtful" enough to inform
me that they were out of the office?

Gary Chambers

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