SUMMARY: Stopping Solaris during boot - key combo?

From: <>
Date: Mon Mar 01 2004 - 11:37:43 EST
Thanks to James Vandevegt , Jallogui, Rafael Angarita , ippy and Mike 
Salehi for the speedy and all correct answer. 

CTRL + Break will do it but as James pointed out since I was using a 
serial connection via a Linux box running minicom I had to send the 
ctrl+break from the app.

Thanks again!

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David Knight
03/01/2004 09:10 AM

        Subject:        Stopping Solaris during boot - key combo?

Hello managers, 
        This should be an easy one=
                What is the key combination to stop Solaris during the 
boot process with a none Solaris keyboard?

Thanks in advance,
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