SUMMARY: E450 blown fuse?

From: NetComrade <>
Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 14:18:35 EDT
Thanks to many that replied. 

The majority suggested that the case wasn't properly closed, which they
were correct. (since there is a switch that prevents power on w/o case

However, I'll include few other replies, which you might find helpful.

" I have an E450 with the same symptoms...  When I investigated it with
Sun, I was informed that it is most likley the DC distribution back plane
in the server (between the PS and the MoBo)..  It wasn't worth us fixing
so I don't know what sort of cost it was going to be.. "

"Without any further information to the contrary, I would suspect that you
have lost DC output from the power supplies. I assume from the fact that
you say "power supplies" that you have at least 2 PSUs. If that is true,
then I would suspect that you have lost the DC Power Distribution Board
internally. There are fuses (of a sort) on that board but you can only
replace the board. You may be able to tell by seeing how many LEDs are
showing on each PSU on the rear of the machine. Looking at a PSU from
the rear of the machine, there are 3 LEDs to indicate power status. All
3 need to be lit for normal operation. If the right hand LED (from the
rear) is NOT lit, then there is no DC output."

On Tue, 25 May 2004, NetComrade wrote:

> Gurus,
> I've inserted a fibre card X6729A (qlogic 2100) into an E450 and the
> machine died upon booting. It seemed to be booting fine (i heard drives
> spinning) and then the lights just went off.
> The power supplies are still lit, however the front lights show no signs
> of life.
> Is this a blown fuse? Can you tell me where to look?
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