Summary- looking for Netscape 7.2 for Solaris

From: Eric Falen <>
Date: Tue Nov 02 2004 - 12:20:39 EST
As I had expected, most folks advised moving to mozilla ASAP.  I have
included the responses I received ( or atleast the comments of them ) as
opposed to "summarizing them.  There were several very good comments and
ideas to follow through on.  This list is certainly a treasure chest of
knowledge and experience.  Special thanks to Werner Mohren for offering
to share his copy with me.

Not sure about specifically Netscape 7.2, but:

Firefox 0.10.1 for Sparc can be obtained here:

Mozilla 1.7.3 for Sparc can be obtained here:

Netscape 7.2 for UNIX is only available in Linux flavors (no Sparc).

All three of the above browsers render using the Gecko rendering engine,
they're essentially the same as each other.


Angelo Mc Comis


I have browsed Netscape's ftp site ( ), but

wasn't successful. There is
no Netscape 7.2 for Solaris SPARC.

Probably Mozilla or Firefox are available for download.




It doesn't exist.  You might want to let your management know that
Netscape will no longer be supported by the main UNIX vendors such as
Sun, HP, IBM, or SGI.  They are going to Mozilla.

-- deb


    I have Mozilla and firefox loaded on my machine. Mozilla seems a
little slow
at times and gets hung on occasion.  It is a big step up from Netscape
    Firefox is a different story!  It is GREAT!  I do literally
it.  I have been inputing my time sheet for months with it and never had
problem.  The source is on the mozilla web site.  Or I can send you the
tarball I have.  Please call me sometime if you want to run it off my
and reverse the display down to yours just to see what it looks like.
Page me
if I don't answer.  I am often working away from my desk.
    I look forward to hearing from you!
   Up on  There is a link for "Mozilla, Firefox,

Thunderbird" in the right hand margin. You can follow the links from
there to

   Where there is a link to Solaris SPARC:
firefox-1.0PR-sparc-sun-solaris2.8.tar.gz - Sun Contributed Forte build


Netscape is leveraged from the mozilla project - there is a version
available from

This is probably a better idea than netscape as you'll get better
community support for mozilla on Solaris than netscape on Solaris.

Hope this helps,



>From what i've read, Netscape only ever released 7.0 for Solaris, but
this is no longer available for download.  Now Sun provides Mozilla for
Solaris, which isn't all that different since Netscape 7+ is built from
Mozilla source.  You can get Sun's mozilla from
or you can get a more recent build and the source from

If all you need is a web browser, minus the mail client and everything
else, you might want to check out Firefox, which is just the web browser

part of mozilla:



sun did host a 7.x version of netscape.
(i don't remember whether it was 7.1 or 7.2)
all the netscape release for windows are not available for solaris.
the netscape 7.x should be available from the downloads page at

it will be archived more than likely.

sun is now hosting a 1.4 mozilla and is currently recommending it as the

latest browser.

source code will come from netscape.

mozilla source will come from


take it from me:


just for what it may be worth,

we were also in a "browser version hell" of sorts here about 1.5 years
ago, especially problematic for us because

-many in-house apps are java/web GUI so quite critical for operations
-most workstations are "sunray" thin clients, and so the platform is
quite sensitive to "cpu and memory pig" apps.
-it turns out, rough tests with running netscape > 4.X lineage (netscape

6.X or 7.X) had a terrible impact on performance. Much heavier apps in
terms of memory and CPU requirements.. a sunray server of 4x400mhz with
2 gigs of ram that worked fine previously was struggling hard with the
transition (20 concurrent users environment).

I looked at alternatives (mozilla, firefox, opera) and did have slight
success with these in terms of performance [but java/JVM issues were the

real roadblock], so ultimately went over to a totally separate "app
server" (Dual-2000mhz athlon running linux, serving up Mozilla and
OpenOffice) - and we haven't looked back since. Performance is very
nice, cost was minimal.  Integration is no problem (kerberos centralized

user auth makes the app forwarding transparent to end users, NFS
homedirs help) and stability is "just fine" despite the app server being

a brand-X rackmount.

Of course, I suspect that we could have deployed a beefed up sunray
server (quad-1.2ghz UltraSparc or some such), but the cost would have
been at least an order of magnitude higher, and I'm not convinced the
performance would have been any different.

It is *possible* you already have adequately robust hardware on the back

end, but given your "migration" nature of question, it led me to suspect

maybe "older" (<1000mhz Sparc CPU based?), which will create "issues"
with "newer web browsers" I suspect.

Also, I guess, you might consider this a "vote of confidence" in using
"mozilla" as a production web browser .. despite the "warnings" that
suggest it is "for testing only" ... we've found it is very solid.

Hope this is of slight use / interest,

Tim Chipman


I have installed the latest version of Mozilla on my machines.  My
method is to download and install the latest version from Sun then to
delete the guts and unzip the latest from mozilla in the directory.
Mozilla is the replacement for Netscape.
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