SUMMARY: 64-bit JVM on Solaris 8/V880, app server issues

From: Robert Helmer <>
Date: Fri Feb 13 2004 - 18:58:57 EST

Got a couple replies, mostly telling me that it is indeed not possible
to link 32-bit libraries from 64-bit apps :)

However, I did manage to get the Weblogic instance running, turns
out that it only used that .so file to do a setuid down to a user
after grabbing port 80 (Java can't do this itself I guess?). 
Removing the <UnixMachine/> tag from the config.xml seems
to do the trick.

I set it up instead to start as a non-priviledged user, and be
proxied to by Apache.

I loaded up the Oracle 64-bit client drivers, and am now testing
a 13GB Java instance (yes, we really need that much) on our
V880 w/ Solaris 8, seems to work a treat so far. BEA warned us
that the performance could be significantly slower (e.g. 20%)
but our app is so memory-hungry that it seems to have improved
performance, since we have so much heap space to spare now garbage
collection doesn't have to be so ruthless.


On Fri, Feb 13, 2004 at 06:46:05AM -0800, Robert Helmer wrote:
> Hello,
> Just wondering if anyone out there is running Weblogic (any version)
> successfully with the 64-bit version of Sun's 1.4.2 JDK.
> We really need to address > 4GB of RAM on a project I'm working on,
> and this seems to be the most direct way. However, BEA hasn't made
> it very clear if they support this or not, as they do a JNI link
> to a native library at runtime (which is 32-bit, d'oh!).
> Barring that, I don't suppose there's anyway to get 64-bit binaries
> to dynamically link to 32-bit libraries on Solaris/SPARC is there?
> We're using Solaris 8 on a V880.
> Thanks,
> Rob 
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