From: Sudhakar <>
Date: Wed Jun 09 2004 - 14:06:47 EDT
Hi Managers,

U Rock Again!!!!
First of I'd like to thank the below who have replied (apologies to anyone if
I've not mentioned their names):
Chris Pinnock
Angelo Lamera
Roland Merk
Teressa (
Ray Trzaska
Jeff Woolsey

My question was as below:
Hi Gurus,

I'm trying to mount a file system from server A (Solaris 8) to server B
( Solaris 9)
The command I used to share on server A was
#share -F nfs -o root=serverB,rw=serverB /shome

The command I used to mount on server B was
#mount serverA:/shome /nshome
nfs mount: serverA:/shome: Permission denied

I'd appreciate if you gurus can please tell me if I'm doing anything
wrong. I'll summarize.


The answer is that there was no entry for the server in /etc/hosts. I added
the servers entry in /etc/hosts and works like a charm.
Thank you Gurus for all your suggestions.


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