SUMMARY: Keeping servers identical

From: Rafael Angarita <>
Date: Tue Jan 06 2004 - 10:52:38 EST
    Thanks everybody for your comments,

    The original post:

> Does anybody knows a good freeware tool to keep a group of Solaris 9 servers identical?
>   We have an initial group of servers (about 15) running the same
> application and we need to propagate each change made in one server (maybe a
> master) over the rest of the servers (specifically config files)
>   It's possible for us to establish the directories to be replicated.
>   We don't want to use rdist and would like to not use rsync

    The answers:
    - rsync (over ssh)
    - rdist
    - cfengine -  (this takes some learning and 
configuration to use)
    - radmind -
    - synctree
    - systemimager -
    - unison -
    - scp

    Specially thanks to:
    P. Boven, P. Greidanus, M. Montague, R. Kulawiec, T. Schloss, S, 
Baillargeon,  T Bueker, R. Bond, N Quiogue,


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