Summary: root mirroring using SDS 4.2.1

From: Joe Philip <>
Date: Tue Mar 16 2004 - 17:32:32 EST
Thanks for everybody who replied to my email.

We got around this problem with making the number of blocks on the second
mirror slightly bigger than the first mirror. For example, the first mirror
was 1.97 GB and the second mirror was 1.98 GB. It was a bit tedious to
calculate the number of blocks in each slice since the first slice was on a
36GB disk and the second slice was on a 2.1GB disk.

 Another problem we encountered was that the first mirror was the second
slice of a disk (c2t2d0s1) while the second mirror was the first slice of a
disk (c0t0d0s0). So, when I tried the metattach, I got an error that " Can't
attach labeled submirror to an unlabeled mirror." We fixed this problem by
recreating the second mirror slice to start from Cylinder 1 instead of
cylinder 0.

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Subject: root mirroring using SDS 4.2.1

> I am planning to do the root mirroing using SDS 4.2.1. One of my root
> (1.97GB) is part of a 36GB disk in the array A5100. I want to mirror it to
> internal disk which is only 2.1GB. One of the steps in the mirroring guide
> from mentions that:
> "The partition of the mirrored drive should be identical to the boot
> Simply copy the partition table of the boot drive to it mirror by using
> prtvtoc." How important is to do this step?
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