[SUMMARY] quota groups and Solaris 9

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Date: Mon Jan 05 2004 - 22:22:57 EST
Hello all,

I want to say thank you to everyone who replied to my question and I 
also want to send out an apology to the list as my question was 
apparently too vague for many and had some odd replies.

Also, before I even got my own message back from the listserv, I 
received 14 vacation messages.  Please don't enable vacation messages 
on accounts subscribed to a mailing list.

the answer - no, Solaris 9 with the default file system (UFS) only 
provides for user quota's, not group quota's.  Several people emailed 
to let me know that Veritas file system provides group quota's.

My original question is posted below.

Thanks again to everyone, this is a great list.

Jerry K

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> From: Sun List <sun@oryx.cc>
> Date: Sat Jan 3, 2004  7:54:55  PM US/Central
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> Subject: quota groups and Solaris 9
> Is there a way to implement group quota's under solaris 9?
> I am putting together some Sun V100's w/Solaris 9 in a web hosting 
> environment to replace some aging Sun/Cobalt RaQ4i's.  One of the 
> items that I am not sure how to duplicate is quota groups as provided 
> by the Linux on the RaQ4i's.  It appears that Solaris 9, as shipped by 
> Sun anyway, does quotas only for users.
> Is there any way, either using the default software shipped with 
> Solaris, or by 3rd party, to match this capability?
> Also, I am planning to use only SVM (Solaris Volume Manager) to 
> implement a RAID 1 (mirror) and will not have Veritas VM/FS or 
> anything else like that.
> I have done some digging around on freshmeat ( 
> http://www.freshmeat.net/ ) but didn't turn anything up.  Bigadmin 
> (Sun) also turned up nothing.  I did find this:
> http://www.sunmanagers.org/archives/1998/1339.html
> during a search of the archives and I am hoping that the situation has 
> changed since July 1998.
> Thanks,
> Jerry K
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