Summary: Booting off of an a5200

From: Johnson, Chad <>
Date: Thu Jan 29 2004 - 13:56:45 EST
The problem ( I don't know why ) was that the installation was unable to
update the OBP with the path to the A5200/disk.  The solution was to not
have the installation reboot at the end and then find the real path of my
boot disk, c0t0d0s0, in /devices/....  Once I had that path I just put it in
the OBP and voila, booted from the A5200.
Thanks for the help from Wesley Garland.
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From: Johnson, Chad 
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Subject: Booting off of an a5200

Does anyone know if you can set up a disk in an A5200 to be a boot disk.  If
so, could you please explain or point me to some doc?
Chad Johnson
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