From: Fiengo, Paul (Contractor) <>
Date: Thu Dec 16 2004 - 11:04:53 EST

Below is my original post.  I have figured out that I needed to re-install
the following packages to resolve the issue:

SUNWoldte	Open Look Desk Top Environment
SUNWolrte	Open Look Run Time Environment

This was based on a message posted on the web that showed me to look into
the /var/dt/Xerrors file.  In that file I had found the following error

/usr/openwin/lib/X11/fonts/encodings.  Check installation.  Fatal server
error:  could not open default font "fixed".

I did a little searching around and figured out that the file it was
searching for was related to the SUNWoldte package.  The SUNWolrte is a
prerequisite for the SUNWoldte package.

Thanks for all the assistance,


Paul Fiengo

All Gurus,

Although I have progressed, I am faced with a new error and it as follows:

the x-server cannot be started on display :0

Again, I have deleted some openwindows packages that have created this
situation.  Does anyone know the package name that will get me past this


Paul Fiengo
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