Sunmanagers-summaries By Author

AuthorSubject Date
*** Wallace ***
 SUMMARY: fatal error from fsck21 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: restricting port access19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: displaying MAC04 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Displaying MAC01 Feb 2002
 Summary: Shell Question28 Aug 2002
Aaron Dokey
 SUMMARY: Continual I/O Wait, but little disk activity.27 Mar 2002
 Summary: Expect Script problems28 May 2002
Adam and Christine Levin
 [SUMMARY] help with A3500 array recovery26 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: (additional details) gigabit performance NFS weirdness08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: gigabit performance NFS weirdness07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: network card renumbering05 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Xlib: Maximum number of clients reached29 Jul 2002
 Re: SUMMARY: Re: swapping CPUs (additional details)10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: swapping CPUs09 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstart weirdness10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: patching a jumpstart server07 Mar 2002
Adam Bisbe
 SUMMARY: hp printer servers13 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: mv and file names with blank characters05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: hp printing on solaris 813 Feb 2002
Adam Kirby
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 vold problems17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 jumpstart problems13 Sep 2002
Adam Mazza
 SUMMARY: /dev/random in solaris 8 with patch 112438-0123 Jul 2002
Adnan Sarkar
 Summary2 :how to check size of Harddrive14 Mar 2002
 Summary :how to check size of Harddrive13 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: SunFire V88012 May 2002
Adrian Stovall
 SUMMARY: Location of packages (where do I find...)04 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Do I need to reinstall OS after added CPU to Sun 250 ?10 Dec 2002
Ajith Kumar.G
 SUMMARY: Network performance on E 250.07 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: X server loading Problem in SUN E 240R12 Nov 2002
AK Rasanth
 SUMMARy:Re: ls Query18 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY:Shell Querry04 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with cronjob31 May 2002
 Summary:time since epoch in secs22 May 2002
 SUMMARY:port problem16 May 2002
Al Lilianstrom
 Summary - NetraX1 not booting of the network12 Apr 2002
Alan Angulo
 SUMMARY: Software Companion default installation path31 May 2002
Alan Bradley - CPX WC
 SUMMARY - Convert lastchg field in shadow file to date15 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Not seeing EMC Symmetrix disk from E450008 Oct 2002
Alan G Beardsley
 SUMMARY: PATH_MAX system variable29 Apr 2002
Alan Kong
 Summary: What is /dev/dtremote ?16 Dec 2002
 Summary: Gigabit Ethernet Adapter26 Feb 2002
Alan Rubin
 SUMMARY Re: CLARIFICATION Re: recfind on sol 2.5.121 Jul 2002
Alba, Christian [NCSSG NON J&J]
 SUMMARY : Serial Connection between two SUN machines.08 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY : problem in configuring, compiling, testing, install.14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY : su root password.08 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: input errors on hme NICs06 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: temperature monitoring for UltraAX-MP08 Feb 2002
alex dyas
 SUMMARY #2 : Solaris CPU load from Perl19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris CPU load from Perl18 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY : Clock sticking problem with Ultra 5 / Solaris 2.715 Apr 2002
Alex Ranchoux
 SUMMARY: Sun Management Center 3.0 install on sol 8 - out of mem error -db start failed.05 Aug 2002
Alex Stade
 SUMMARY: Patch Pro problems16 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra 1 problems04 Sep 2002
Alexander Sarreiter
 [Summary] Maximum disk size Solaris 816 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] LIP reset problems on E45002 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] Problem installing a SUN 280R28 May 2002
Alexander Skwar
 SUMMARY: NIS group membership isn't taken into account11 Dec 2002
Alexandre Perematko
 [NO SUMMARY]: interface counters reset11 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: DLT 4700 (upgrading internal drive)25 Oct 2002
Ali Almtawa
 SUMMARY : OFF Topic : SCNA & SCSA LOGOS10 Feb 2002
Ali Almutawa
 LATE SUMMARY : disk replication03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY : Print as Landscape orientation thru JetAdmin16 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY : Print as Landscape orientation thru JetAdmin16 Dec 2002
Allan West
 SUMMARY: L20 LTO autloader barcode help02 Dec 2002
Amindra Mahto
 SUMMARY : UFS Logging, pros and cons03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY:Re: UFS tuning17 May 2002
 Summary22 Apr 2002
 how to use sun box with cable modem : SUMMARY01 Mar 2002
Amod Ozarkar
 SUMMARY :Sendmail question - not local host - not a gateway - user unknown21 Feb 2002
Anand Hampayya Saunshimath
 (Non) SummaryMesuring the CPU peformance15 Oct 2002
Anand Varada
 SUMMARY: Solaris Upgrade from 2.6 to Solaris 807 Aug 2002
Andersen, Ryan (Contractor)
 SUMMARY:pkgadd file listing07 Mar 2002
Andras Micsik
 SUMMARY: narrow SCSI disk among fast ones22 Mar 2002
Andreas Fenner
 SUMMARY: how to create CDE backdrop files?15 Aug 2002
Andreas Hoeschler
 Summary: Starting a daemon process10 Dec 2002
 Summary: rsync broken after installing openssl-0.9.6g-sol8-sparc-local.gz10 Dec 2002
 Summary: Deleting files that are older than a week01 Nov 2002
 Summary: Binary of top for Solaris 8 Sparc (Netra X1)17 Sep 2002
 Summary: Postfix on Solaris does not send to local users15 Jun 2002
 Summary: How do I only allow root to ssh to a machine?14 Jun 2002
 Summary: X-server can not be started on display :0...12 Jun 2002
 Summary: rsync through a firewall on Solaris 812 Jun 2002
 Summary: Compiling and using IP-Filter on Solaris 806 Jun 2002
 Summary: scripting tricks (shell, expect,...)17 May 2002
 Summary: Configuring timezone10 May 2002
 Summary: Compiling a very simply c programm using a library02 May 2002
 Summary: Where is ldconfig on Solaris 8?28 Apr 2002
 Summary: lom missing on Netra X1 after reinstall of Solaris 817 Apr 2002
 Summary: Scripting a telnet session12 Apr 2002
 Summary: 14" screen connected to a Sun Blade 10009 Apr 2002
 Summary: Installing a Netra X1 from the net27 Mar 2002
 Summary: NFS server does not work after reconfiguring the machine (sys-unconfig)22 Mar 2002
 Summary: Changing the hostname on Solaris 822 Mar 2002
 Summary: Where is the C-Compiler (success)16 Mar 2002
 Summary: Where is the C-Compiler16 Mar 2002
 Summary: Where is the C-Compiler (still no success)16 Mar 2002
 Summary: Interfacing admintool from a remote host13 Mar 2002
Andreas Hschler
 Summary: Netra X1 as a router27 May 2002
Andres Rojas
 SUMMARY: Unusual slowness on a SB100 w/Solaris 8.13 Nov 2002
Andres Tarallo (CHASQUE)
 SUMMARY: updating old SUN equipment24 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: SUN DISK ARRAY model OSM3000-SD224 Apr 2002
Andrew Deagman
 SUMMARY: a couple of questions about core files18 Mar 2002
Andrew Diederich
 SUMMARY: problems running OpenLDAP 2.1.5 on solaris 8 [long]30 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: How to discover/set Library paths06 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: How to find out specific solaris 8 version installed? / best method of d/l patches05 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY (partial): How to map raw disk to Oracle data file09 Apr 2002
Andrew Harvey
 SUMMARY Sol 2.7/8 ssh 1.2.27 bind() overwrite symlinks14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: risk of drvconfig on live system?15 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Devices either missing or incorrect after boot -r22 Feb 2002
Andrew J Caines
 Re: SUMMARY Additional: Application of Solaris 8 patch 112438-01 without reboot23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY Additional: Application of Solaris 8 patch 112438-01 without reboot19 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Application of Solaris 8 patch 112438-01 without reboot16 Apr 2002
Andrew Stueve
 SUMMARY: Disksuite - metareplace question13 Feb 2002
 Summary: Translation To Word22 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: running ypbind over reserved port11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: services and inetd08 Aug 2002
Andy Mitchell
 SUMMARY executable automount maps?19 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Unplumb on ix86 2.5.128 Feb 2002
Angel Alejandro Vega Soto
 SUMMARY: E5500 reboot misteriously]19 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra T1, serial console unable to use input device]19 Jul 2002
Angel L. Mateo
 SUMMARY: strange problem with ftpd18 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: I can't install packages under Solaris 902 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Stop+A through a serial console26 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: no boot after reinstallation of Solaris 8 on V10004 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite with Solaris 9 in a V10022 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with SNMP25 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: backing up a system20 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: remounting a partition08 Jan 2002
Angel Moreno
 SUMMARY: 72-gig drives on a E250?30 Jan 2002
Angelika Mann
 Summary: Patchcluster with Installserver15 Apr 2002
 Summary: Patchcluster with Installserver15 Apr 2002
Anoop Kumar V
 SUMMARY: startup of iplanet web server - secure instance20 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Some basic questions.. vi and pseudo root.11 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 DMFE errors!13 May 2002
Art Hebert
 Summary: - 16gb of ram in a sun 280r02 May 2002
Ashish Nigam
 [SUMMARY] gcc -- linking static and shared libraries14 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY:debug script25 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Sol2.6 with 105181-33 hangs at reconfiguration boot25 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: site requires login and passwd26 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY:Workshop and Forte licensing10 Jan 2002
Ath Kar
 Summary: Solaris Tuning06 Nov 2002
 Summary ...Re: SunFire 880 ..SWAP17 May 2002
 Summary: Solaris8-GCC 3.0.3 compiler21 May 2002
 Summary: SunFire 880 SWAP17 May 2002
 Summary: Re. Tape Struck02 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: SunCluster 3.0 questions04 Jun 2002
Atul Gore
 SUMMARY: Reconfiguring V880 with less numbers of CPUs02 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: fsck dumped core on sol8 on V88006 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun Certified Administrator06 May 2002
 SUMMARY: probe-scsi-all / hard drives sense problem27 Feb 2002
Avleen Vig
 SUMMARY: X1 won't jumpstart03 Jun 2002
Axes chen
 SUMMARY: solaris 9 CD burn29 Jun 2002
B Bong
 SUMMARY: What port should I open to export display23 Sep 2002
 Summary: last command output truncated29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: E420R hard hang28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: su - <user> hangs10 Nov 2002
Badri narayanan
 Summary: Suggestion required.07 May 2002
 SUMMARY:XDMCP login directly to another host28 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Telnet FTP refused13 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY:Re: How to set path?01 Mar 2002
Balasubramanian Rajagopalan
 SUMMARY: Unable to Access Netra X1 Server27 Jun 2002
Barry Deevey
 SUMMARY: Strange happenings with startup/shutdown scripts03 Jan 2002
Barry Gamblin
 NO SUMMARY: nis+, samba, FNS and printers13 Feb 2002
Bart Terryn
 Summary: Growing UFS file systems04 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstarting a Blade 150 with an XVR-50018 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: How do I get the WWN of an adaptor?28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: NIC Performance Monitoring21 Feb 2002
beginer unix
 SUMMARY: BAD TRAP le009 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Hardware Raid20 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: SUN Trunking07 May 2002
 SUMMARY: patch installation on sunfire680006 Feb 2002
Ben Falls
 SUMMARY: Securing FTP06 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris Resource Manager02 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Determining http & https ports08 Mar 2002
Ben Tshin
 SUMMARY: Checking remote inet daemons27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Command Line parsing24 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Multiple NICs20 Jun 2002
Benoit Audet
 SUMMARY: SCSI disk problem...11 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SPARCstation 5 and internal HDs04 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Boot a Sun SPARCstation 5 without monitor or keyboard31 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Alerting Users via a bell12 Feb 2002
 [SUMMARY-ADDON] compile ssh 3.2 on Solaris 809 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] compile ssh 3.2 on Solaris 806 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: bad ELF Flags value: 25618 Apr 2002
Bernhard Sadlowski
 SUMMARY: How to compile Samba on Solaris8/SPARC with large file support?22 Nov 2002
Bernt Christandl
 (no) SUMMARY: Fontserver Problem23 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Gigabit for SUNBlade1000?24 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: kernelconfig tool?16 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: PC Netlink26 Feb 2002
Betsy Schwartz
 SUMMARY - PC Netlink Vs SAMBA06 Mar 2002
Bill Bradford
 SUMMARY: FC-AL HBAs for Solaris ?03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: SunBlade 1K/SF280R external FC-AL port?03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: WTB PCI diff. scsi controller08 Feb 2002
Bill Fenwick
 SUMMARY DT messaging system could not be started04 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY Console needs no password12 Jun 2002
Bill Voight
 SUMMARY: Sol 7 64bit upgrade19 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Selling sudo to management12 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Using MD5 for passwords (to defeat the 8 character limit)26 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] time synchronization via ntpdate in Solaris907 Nov 2002
Blaes, Rainer
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 10/01 and Ultra 10: krtld error09 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: European Partial Locales under Solaris 8/07?08 Jan 2002
Blair Rampling
 SUMMARY: Finding hardware serial number from Solaris?09 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore to a new server: the saga continues07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore to another system fails to boot06 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Viewing hardware configuration01 Aug 2002
Bob Kryger
 Summary: Sbus FC HBA19 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Console Servers10 Jan 2002
Bob Rahe
 un-Summary: Sun Pci II and mouse problems03 Dec 2002
 Summary: Sun Pci II and mouse problems03 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: "Normal" temps for SunBlade 100008 Mar 2002
Boe Franklin
 SUMMARY: 36g 10k drive in Multipack (w/ 3 9g7.2k)26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstart: bootparamd: GETFILE failed for "sun" and file "root"07 Nov 2002
Boldin, Bob
 Summary: Fully Documented Full System Restore01 May 2002
Bond, Ryan
 SUMMARY: NetraT1 & SMC 3.018 Jan 2002
Boothby Don
 SUMMARY: What to buy for a serial port on an Ultra-1017 Jun 2002
Boris Gegenheimer
 SUMMARY: SUN Storedge PCI DUAL Ultra3 connected to 2 IBM 358023 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart problem08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Cheap Ethernet NICS07 Aug 2002
brandon willis
 Summary : Block outgoing FTP12 Feb 2002
Brendan Doherty
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart17 Jul 2002
Brett Lanham
 SUMMARY: determining filesystem type14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Patching07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris performance monitoring17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: solaris 8 backup stategy25 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: NTP06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: D-1000 on sun Netra t1 10514 Feb 2002
Brett Lymn
 SUMMARY: user's secondary groups are not showing up15 Mar 2002
Brett Sondrup
 SUMMARY: Solstice Backup (Legato) restore to new client...28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: POST Failure on E250, 2.7: Psycho@1f25 Jul 2002
Brian Credeur
 SUMMARY: HBA (QLA2100) Drives not Visible After Solaris 8 Upgrade18 Feb 2002
Brian Dunbar
 Summary Part II iplanet help, please19 Dec 2002
 Summary iplanet help, please19 Dec 2002
Brian Sherwood
 SUMMARY: Looking to Disable CPU's11 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:Ethernet- what is the current setting for duplex / speed?07 Feb 2002
Brijesh Kanderia
 SUMMARY - Re: /home and /usr/home dir24 Nov 2002
Broderick, Sean
 SUMMARY: RMC memtool issue (again)19 Sep 2002
Broun, Bevan
 SUMMARY: redundant fcal adaptors to disks in a520025 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore balking on large file, will it continue ok?02 Jun 2002
 Summary: SunFire-280R, L9, Networker: kern.notice lus_intr(3.0.0): transport failure23 May 2002
 Summary: Veritas VM doesnt see Raid-5 set on A1000.12 May 2002
 SUMMARY: disksuite - all submirrors need maintaince25 Apr 2002
Bryan J. Smith
 Re: SUMMARY: Cross platform DHCP -- Sun DHCP v. ISC DHCP SUMMARY REVISITED01 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY (Revisited): Sun Solaris DHCP Server v. ISC DHCP Server01 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY (incomplete): Sun Solaris DHCP Server v. ISC DHCP Server20 Jul 2002
Burtenshaw, Craig
 SUMMARY: Listing open files in a filesystem without 'lsof'.14 Nov 2002
Blent Akgz
 SUMMARY:gcc error18 Sep 2002
c_cipan c_cipan
 SUMMARY:where is my bpp0?18 Mar 2002
Callum Hughes
 SUMMARY: T3 Disk Array25 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: FSCK error for non existant file system09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Volume Manager and T307 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster 2.2 Timeout question11 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS mounting Oracle datafiles04 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Star Office Error20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Disk Partitions21 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:FTP and Solaris 804 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:Solaris 8/Forte C++ 6u2 compiling issues27 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: blocks vs kilos (my brain has gone dead)07 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: Legato (on Sun :)22 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: weird date problems last night (Feb 28)04 Mar 2002
Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS)
 SUMMARY: SDS/SVM+UFS vs Foundation Suite on Solaris 8/9 Systems01 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris Resource Manager in Solaris 901 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: OT: MS Exchange Client for Solaris?01 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Problems with Solaris 8, RAID Manager 6.22 & SBU/LGT SCS I Passthru Drivers17 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Samba Upgrade on Solaris 8 failure...07 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris Remote Desktop Solutions04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Any Way To Avoid Too Many Processes Hanging A Server?03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Any danger booting 167Mhz U2 Systems 64-bit Solaris 8?08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: SE ToolKit for Solaris 807 May 2002
 Summary: Serial Console & Graphics Console At The Same Time07 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Fabric Configuration of Sun PCI Dual FC Card (X6727)27 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun DUAL FC- PCI Adapter (X6727A) Install Questions19 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Server with 1 NIC - poor bandwidth Connecting to Dual-N IC'd Servers on CISCO Vlan's16 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: What dictates cN (controller numbering)?08 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: 280R FRU CPU Temperature Sensor Message12 Mar 2002
 Corrected Summary: Flash Install - 280R to UE3500 - Problem with libnsl24 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: UE3500 won't Boot, How do I Stop-N on VT Console?22 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Flash Install - 280R to UE3500 - Problem with libnsl22 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: 880V Recall?08 Feb 2002
 Summary: Solaris 10/01: df -k shows erratic stats, SDS 4.2.1 - Patch 108693...11 Jan 2002
Carl Ma
 SUMMARY:virtual ram disk18 Nov 2002
 Summary: read DLT8000 tape on DLT400011 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY:SAN book recommendation15 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:restrict user access27 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY:bar code problem with L9 tape library18 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: vxfs convert question18 Feb 2002
Carlos Sevillano
 SUMMARY: Perl modules question17 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas file-systems - Uncorrectable read error07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas Resize Command Line in blocks Update02 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas Resize Command Line in blocks02 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: pkginfo not working30 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: ntop pkg format for Solaris 2.609 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: sar collecting26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: UNIX System Programming ld Symbol Referencing errors.22 Feb 2002
Carolyn Lee
 SUMMARY: a question of "find" command13 May 2002
Carolyn Mayr
 SUMMARY: Samba "unable to validate password" error18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Vertical Sun Blade CPU22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: /var/mail files disappeared!19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY RE: Dinosaur SparcServer 670MP 199223 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Dinosaur SparcServer 670MP 199224 Sep 2002
Cawley,Stephen F.
 SUMMARY: Adding users during jumpstart13 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY (2): jumpstart installation of sunfreeware packages12 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstart installation of sunfreeware packages12 Nov 2002
Celeste Stokely
 SUMMARY: A good tool03 Jun 2002
Chad Hendry
 SUMMARY: Sun 280R, 220R video23 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun 280R swapping drives22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: rtelnet getting "out of streams resources" on Solaris 804 Apr 2002
chakravarthi s viswanadh
 SUMMARY: Network Installation21 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Useful sites for solaris System administrators06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: Ultra 10 crashes27 Feb 2002
Chambers, Chris
 Summary: Will disabling SNMP affect NIS17 Apr 2002
Chandra babu
 summary:sun ultra10 problem05 Dec 2002
 summary:sun ultra10 problem05 Dec 2002
Charles Funderburk
 Summary: Solaris 9 cdrom issues16 Jul 2002
 Summary: Solaris 9 cdrom issues02 Jul 2002
 Summary: Solaris 9 Directory Server01 Jul 2002
Charles Gagnon
 [Summary] NFS buffering12 Jul 2002
Charles Rawls
 Summary: Solaris 8 + SUNW SEVM 2.6 + SSA11 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Kern. Warning15 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Disksuite 4.2.1 complications07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 negative date10 Jun 2002
Cheney, Sean
 SUMMARY: SYN recieved, no SYN+ACK on Solaris 2.815 Aug 2002
Chris Denneen
 SUMMARY: Legato backing up NFS mounts from NetApp Filer25 Jul 2002
Chris Hoogendyk
 SUMMARY: A1000 vs D1000 comparison14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SunRay screen dump to printer21 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Network Optimization of (ugh) Windows03 Sep 2002
 Null SUMMARY: SDS Raid grouping drives from different controllers]15 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: star office52 user install10 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: network setup on fresh install of Solaris23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: extracting ascii from binary22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Xyplex Terminal Servers bootp setup & process10 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: write a wrapper for telnet or xterm?22 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas NetBackup in Academic Environment14 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsdump with the "a" option08 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] no common encryption algorithms?18 Feb 2002
Chris Webb
 SUMMARY: scsi od drive woes18 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Setuid user accounts12 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Data recovery specialists31 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun USB-input devices24 Jul 2002
Christian Iseli
 SUMMARY: can't automount a newly exported partition in /net16 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Solaris 8 on UltraEnterprise 450 install16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Will device names change when adding a D1000 to an UE450 ?16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: BAD trap problem on SunBlade/Sol805 Feb 2002
 Summary: Problems with Solaris Software Registry13 Aug 2002
Christophe Dupre
 RE-SUMMARY: Hard drive brack for V10012 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Hard drive brack for V10009 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Dual-attached disk array question05 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: flarcreate problem15 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: diff two filesystems ?04 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: VxFS vs UFS ?17 Jan 2002
Christopher L. Barnard
 SUMMARY: temperature check on a v88023 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: verify that in.ftpd is ready17 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: /etc/system commands08 Oct 2002
 (no) SUMMARY: secure rpcbind still secure?07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: followup: limiting the size of /var/run27 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: manually modifying pkginfo data15 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: routing problem with a multihomed host15 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: getting root to always read its .profile08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: /dev/random not behaving on a solaris 8 machine30 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: OpenSsh 3.4 and privelege separation question27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: ssh question09 May 2002
 SUMMARY AGAIN: port speed22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: port speed17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ANDIrand vs. patch 112438-0110 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: OpenSsh 3.1p1 on Solaris 7 and 8 problem03 Apr 2002
Christopher Smith
 SUMMARY: 32 Bit Apps On Solaris 804 Feb 2002
Chuck Cox
 Re: SUMMARY: SunFire F6800, four domains and the Media Tray story.26 Aug 2002
Chunhang Gong
 summary: "ls" can't display the contents inside the directory28 Jun 2002
 Summary: "ls" can't display the contents inside the directory28 Jun 2002
 Summary: how to copy filesystems from an old disk to a new one using ufsdump30 May 2002
Cian O'Sullivan
 Summary: Tarball over 9 gig.09 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra Dying UPDATE04 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Cloaning Disks28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Certs.14 Feb 2002
CIC Line
 SUMMARY: Commands to display all working variable values in /etc/system?10 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Lacking /dev/random - dev, random, dns, rndc, rndc-confgen, bind18 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: snoop: fatal: open failed19 Feb 2002
Clarino, Joel (GXS)
 RE: Sendmail Problem-Summary18 Nov 2002
 Summary: Telnet/ftp takes too long to connect - Summary12 Nov 2002
 FW: Telnet/ftp takes too long to connect - Summary11 Nov 2002
Claude Charest
 SUMMARY: STEP 1: Problem using 1 Gb ethernet card between 2 SunFire18 Dec 2002
Clift Robert T CONT DLVA
 SUMMARY: Aug 2002
Clive Elsum
 SUMMARY: RE Replacing mirrored Sun system disk10 Jul 2002
Colin Haffenden
 SUMMARY Re: ufsdump over nfs13 Nov 2002
 SUMMARYRe: ufsdump over nfs13 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart fatal system31 Oct 2002
Connolly, Michael
 SUMMARY (partial) slow ftp26 Nov 2002
Craig L. Gruneberg
 SUMMARY II- UFSDUMP and single files16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: UFSDUMP and single files15 May 2002
Craig Raskin
 SUMMARY: Sun 220R will not boot (fwd)26 Aug 2002
Craig Robinson
 SUMMARY: High CPU temperature on a Sunfire V88015 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Temperature Monitoring for E420R08 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Error running ksh - bad file unit number28 Feb 2002
Craig Scott
 SUMMARY: D1000 Serial number25 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: SunFire V100 Solaris 9 Compatibility16 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: 280R and D1000 configuration problems05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: xfree86 on windows 2k connecting to Solaris on sparc25 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Clustering / High Availability16 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Network bridge08 Jan 2002
Curr, Simon
 SUMMARY: NIS and local passwd override16 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Hitachi (HDS) SAN27 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: scripting question05 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Group ownership upon file creation03 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Trying to select paper tray when printing28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: automount question14 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY-ADDON] compile ssh 3.2 on Solaris 807 Aug 2002
Dan Barnes
 SUMMARY: Solaris DiskSuite 4.2.126 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun interface19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris dhcp/ddns client17 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: ndd package15 May 2002
 Re: SUMMARY DiskSuite install12 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: metattach problem16 Apr 2002
Dan Lee
 SUMMARY: disk not responding11 Dec 2002
 Summary: grep for a word in the whole filesystem21 Mar 2002
 Summary: kernel variables19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: sysidcfg change between Solaris 8 and Solaris 9?15 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: ARP/RARP Timeout when trying to Jumpstart06 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Jumpstart woes17 Apr 2002
 Summary: Jumpstarting Netra X1's17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY (part 2): ecache parity error?26 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ecache parity error?25 Apr 2002
Daniel Baldonado
 SUMMARY: CPU load on multiprocessor server13 Sep 2002
Daniel Denes
 SUMMARY: Multiprocessor question / Whats the deal with the V88022 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: open_ssl w/ Solaris 8 - missing /dev/random04 Feb 2002
Daniel Nilsson
 SUMMARY: show all exported filesystems07 Jan 2002
Daniel Zhuang
 Summary: accidently delete /devices/pseudo15 May 2002
 Summary of dd problem21 Mar 2002
 Update SUMMARY: how to clear data quickly06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: how to clear data quickly05 Mar 2002
 Summary of messed-up terminals04 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite Question21 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: estimates on managing a Sun e15k29 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 crashes at random05 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS Problem05 Nov 2002
Darren Beale
 SUMMARY GCC 3.2 and missing 'ar'09 Dec 2002
 [SUMMARY] Poorly HD12 Aug 2002
Darren Brechman-Toussaint
 summary: rcp to solaris830 Oct 2002
Darren Dunham
 [SUMMARY] Mapping device file to physical devices.16 Apr 2002
Darren J. Wise
 SUMMARY: can't load module: Out of memory or no room in system tables26 Jul 2002
Darren Moulding
 SUMMARY :Tracking logout times15 Apr 2002
Darryl Pace
 SUMMARY: kernel params require a reboot18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: propagating password changes18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: limiting login to su18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: disabling the power key20 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: sendmail and attachments18 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ftp question19 Feb 2002
Daryl Jung
 SUMMARY: ECC Corrected Error15 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: ECC Corrected Memory15 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY boot: cannot open kernel/sparcv9/unix29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: cannot find Jan 2002
Dave Baldwin
 Summary: getting values for shmsys and semsys23 Apr 2002
Dave Hall
 FW: Summary: increase in pseudo terminals01 Feb 2002
Dave Leach
 SUMMARY: ENOSYS on lofs /dev/null device17 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: BASEDIR change from request script goes unnoticed..30 May 2002
Dave Lowenstein
 SUMMARY Amount of disk space lost when using raid 5?04 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY (SUMMARY / is suddenly almost full (plus another question))26 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY / is suddenly almost full (plus another question)25 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: combining disksuite and vxvm16 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Apache Process taking up 3 GB of ram11 Sep 2002
Dave MacDonald
 SUMMARY: Disk Layout21 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Burning Solaris 8 CD's21 Jul 2002
Dave Martini
 SUMMARY: "can't set locale" error05 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Is solstice adminsuite included in the solaris 8 entired distribution install?12 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Can you downgrade an OS?12 Aug 2002
Dave McDonald
 SUMMARYRe: Re: Reupdate ping script25 Jul 2002
Dave Turner
 SUMMARY: hme intermittantly failing on Solaris 718 Nov 2002
Dave Warchol
 SUMMARY: Mirroring, SunBlade 1000 with DiskSuite06 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: SunBlade1000 Recommended Swap File Size(s) - Solaris 818 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: "Command not found" Message on Client - binary located on NFS21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: tcsh question ("Word too long" message)19 Feb 2002
Dave Weis
 SUMMARY 2: Moving disks between machines28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Moving disks between machines18 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY /dev/random14 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY /dev/random?11 Jan 2002
David Baldwin
 Summary: Adding a second route27 Jun 2002
 Summary: NDD Settings26 Jun 2002
 Summary: VPN Solution01 Feb 2002
David Carlin
 SUMMARY: SunSSH in Solaris 9 vulnerable?03 Jul 2002
David Duan (RD-US)
 SUMMARY: RE: {more information} static routing table was updated after reboot08 Mar 2002
David Eisner
 SUMMARY: Using A1000 with Linux x8604 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: L9 LTO Performance Problem02 Aug 2002
David Foster
 [non-SUMMARY] Question about Qpopper [--enable-home-dir, --enable-spool-dir]13 Dec 2002
 [SUMMARY] CDE: Adding Workspace Menu Items / Disabling auto screen-lock04 Dec 2002
 [SUMMARY #2] UltraSparcII Ecache parity errors ["CBI event on CPU1" / "*Bad* PSYND=0x0004"]22 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] UltraSparcII Ecache parity errors ["CBI event on CPU1" / "*Bad* PSYND=0x0004"]20 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] Problems with 'last' (when OpenSSH compiled 64-bit)24 Oct 2002
 [(non) SUMMARY] Question about Qpopper [--enable-home-dir, --enable-spool-dir]14 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] BAD TRAP: type=31 in module "ifb"07 Oct 2002
 [non-SUMMARY] Temperatures from 'prtdiag -v' not consistent27 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] SCSI DVD drive for Suns20 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] Setting up serial terminal using "Serial Parallel Controller"02 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY] Compiling OpenSSH 3.4p1 on SunOS 4.1.x01 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY] Vulnerabilities in solaris in.rarpd (can I disable?)22 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] DVD: Hardware and Software Solutions15 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] Upgrade of sparcstation-10 from Solaris 2.5.1 -> 8 (PROM issues etc)14 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] Can't see large (>2GB) files from SGI systems07 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] How to get serial number for A5100 disk array16 Apr 2002
 [SUMMARY] Info/suggestions on Tripwire (commercial vs. open-source)10 Apr 2002
 [SUMMARY] Compiling OpenSSL 0.9.6b (or 0.9.6c) under SunOS 4.1.426 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] Veritas volume "device not found", disk group disappeared15 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] OpenSSH binaries not using Zlib?13 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] <UPDATE> Patch 109077-05 disabled DHCP (utadm/dhcpconfig) (fwd)14 Jan 2002
 [SUMMARY] Cannot use ulimit/unlimit to enable core dumps (coredumpsize)18 Jan 2002
 [SUMMARY] Jumpstart failing: find error "File table overflow"08 Jan 2002
 [SUMMARY] Patch 109077-05 disabled DHCP (utadm/dhcpconfig)04 Jan 2002
David JL Rieger
 Summary: st.conf (Storedge L9)22 Apr 2002
 Summary: HVD Device w/ SE Controller (LVD/HVD/SE SCSI)27 Feb 2002
David Lowenstein
 SUMMARY: Recommended /etc/system values for busy webserver?13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Locate?21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY Disksuite Raid 1+003 Jun 2002
David Luyer
 SUMMARY#2: tmpfs bytes/inode ratio?03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: tmpfs bytes/inode ratio?09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: tmpfs bytes/inode ratio?09 May 2002
David M. Netherby
 Summary: Short read. Disk red error.03 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: update > Level 15 Interrupt at PROM01 Mar 2002
David Markowitz
 SUMMARY: Problems with Solaris 8 on a Dell Inspiron 800027 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY ^ 2: Does the E-250 use interleaved memory?07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Does the E-250 use interleaved memory?28 Jan 2002
David McWilliams
 SUMMARY: T3 LUN's19 Dec 2002
David Proffitt
 SUMMARY: and (additional)17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: and Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Backplane Disk Numbering05 Apr 2002
David Rieger
 SUMMARY: RPC start-up problems14 Mar 2002
 SUMMARYB: Flat panel on Ultra 515 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: panic assert messages problem...09 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Non-memory-related Correctable ECC error19 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Removing perl from Sol8 - don't!16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY- patches - a minor point to query22 May 2002
Deb Heller-Evans
 SUMMARY: Cannot convert string/Missing charsets07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: iostat -E RPM reporting07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: colors on Solaris02 Jan 2002
Debbie Tropiano
 SUMMARY: System recovery help needed ..16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Partition mounting ...05 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Book review wanted (Solaris Guide for Windows NT Administrators book)07 Jan 2002
Deborah Crocker
 SUMMARY: slow password changes17 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: cisco 2511 terminal server on Sun19 Mar 2002
Deborah Santomauro
 SUMMARY: How many inodes?31 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Limit to number of defaultrouters?29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: 0: Event not found08 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: IP multicasting in Solaris 812 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: IP multicasting in Solaris 812 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with package creation......24 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Flash Image question20 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Failure to compile tcp wrappers on Solaris 818 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: question11 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Character Limit For "dtlogin greeting'?29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: quick question....17 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: CDE Question10 Jan 2002
Dennis Martens
 SUMMARY: Selective failure running "at" jobs12 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: SGID on a directory, mv blows the theory!09 May 2002
Destry Miller/SF
 SUMMARY: Looking for Apr 2002
 Summary: OT: GigE Card for Ultra-3013 Nov 2002
 Summary: Replicating my NIS server.31 Oct 2002
 Summary: OT Sun's Linux 5.013 Aug 2002
 Summary: NFS Oddity.13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Process Size.22 Jul 2002
 Summary: Sun Blade-1000 Memory.02 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: NIS Startup script ?21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Choice of Browser on Solaris17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: CDE Locking.19 Mar 2002
Dhotre, Shekhar
 summary: disabling rpc messages01 Mar 2002
Dinwiddie, Ron (TIFPC)
 Summary: CacheFS hung up30 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: CacheFS hung up22 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ongoing printer error19 Apr 2002
Dirk Boenning
 [SUMMARY] :Numeric Month in shell ?07 Mar 2002
Dirk Bnning
 [SUMMARY]: Striped Mirrors18 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY :]Export Filesystem on a cobalt raq ??29 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY] Routing of subnets27 May 2002
Don Elrod
 SUMMARY and update: hanging POP connections29 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY and update: hanging POP connections29 Mar 2002
Don Jones
 summary:nice/renice07 May 2002
 SUMMARY: rsh and awk01 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Tape Command17 Apr 2002
 summary:dvd28 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: find27 Feb 2002
Don Mies
 SUMMARY: Problem with "ps"15 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Minimal System Configuration...08 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: <defunct> Process/lmgrd Problem08 Jan 2002
Don Werve
 SUMMARY: Odd chmod problem...02 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Where did SUNW come from?06 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Netbooting problem.04 Feb 2002
Don Yu
 Partial-summary05 Aug 2002
Donald Bricker
 Summary:Migrating from Sparc II to Sparc III technology20 May 2002
 Summary: Multiple Processors20 Feb 2002
 Summary: Desupport Matrix17 Jan 2002
Doug Floer
 SUMMARY: SCCS removes %Y% string12 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: How to "specify next volume" with ufsrestore12 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: controlling ADIC scalar 100 from command line02 Mar 2002
Doug Krause
 Summary: Solaris Network Command21 May 2002
Doug Otto
 Summary: Sun 310-102 Exam23 Aug 2002
Doug S Johnson
 Summary: ATM Driver17 Sep 2002
 Summary: dd changes disk label10 Sep 2002
 Summary: SunOS 4.1.4 Restore24 May 2002
 Summary: List Software26 Apr 2002
 Summary: Non-Sun Disk15 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Print error: Printer does not exist28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: sendmail's use of DNS10 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: urgent sendmail 8.11.2 question10 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Network storage14 Oct 2002
Dragon King
 SUMMARY: SS10 serial splitter13 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Sparc2 + 100baseT03 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: SS10 - Solaris 8 vs Solaris 9 performance28 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Watchdog Reset28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Linux <-> Solaris NFSv3 not working18 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Sparc 2 NVRAM04 May 2002
Drew Raines
 SUMMARY: Big scale GID change17 Jan 2002
Duane Gran
 [Summary] connect only from local network problem18 Mar 2002
Dyah, Woelandari
 summary : cannot remote mount cdrom01 Aug 2002
 FW: SUMMARY: Netmeeting on SUN freeware01 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Netmeeting on SUN freeware01 Jul 2002
Dylan Northrup
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 issue12 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY Re: Fujitsu Primepower Servers04 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY:workspace menu08 Jan 2002
Ed Crotty
 SUMMARY : U3 SCSI HBA + D2 = not seen at the OS level19 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY : U10 Disk Upgrade17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY : Using a X6541A (Sun HVD Dual SCSI PCI Card) on a Win2k PC05 Apr 2002
Ed Sanborn
 SUMMARY: sys-unconfig06 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Friday afternoon brainteaser01 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: /dev/urandom device19 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: L1-A key for NetraX123 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Automounter oddities.29 May 2002
Edward M. Corrado
 Erase disk data quickly (Summary)25 Oct 2002
 Summary: V100 question12 Sep 2002
Edward Stankevich
 SUMMARY: Need to do reboot from "ok" prompt using shell script?14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: E250 cpu module upgrade21 May 2002
Elaine .
 SUMMARY Disksuite boot from alt mirror on 350017 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: time server syncing29 Oct 2002
 cdrom problem SUMMARY03 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY : patch level26 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: oracle 9i install on enterprise08 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: enterprise 4500 won't boot30 Jan 2002
Eliezer Ramm
 SUMMARY: helping someone decide which Sun Server to buy11 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:Vi - map! doesn't map the arrow keys in insert mode17 Jan 2002
 summary: acceptable number ranges for vmstat fields16 Jan 2002
Elizabeth Jones
 summary: chmod'ed /usr, can't login23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: sudo complaining about setuid18 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: sockets stuck in CLOSE_WAIT21 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY; Ethernet Interfaces..06 Dec 2002
 Late Summary:question on security10 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Sending Alerts to Mobile Phone SMS03 Jun 2002
Eric Hunter
 SUMMARY: resizing partitions with SDS14 Oct 2002
Eric Paul
 SUMMARY: Can't get Sun to see new gateway hardware -- arp problem?12 Sep 2002
Eric Trager
 SUMMARY: Overland Neo, Legato Networker, Solaris 8 - no go09 Dec 2002
Eric Watson
 SUMMARY: Sun Crypto cards and compiling SSH24 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: New V880s don't recognize ethernet cards11 Jun 2002
Eric Williams
 SUMMARY: Is this a security concern?10 Sep 2002
Erik Simonsen
 SUMMARY: RAM upgrade in a 420R30 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: xntpd04 Sep 2002
Erik Williams
 SUMMARY: Average Processor Load ?16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Inetd Startup Scirpt28 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Disk Suite Boot Disk Mirror14 Jun 2002
Erwin B. Mendoza
 SUMMARY: Scripts for mail...17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Repartition of Disk13 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: DNS Procedure19 May 2002
 SUMMARY: PATH for MAN Page03 May 2002
eSolutions, Techlist
 SUMMARY (updated): Displaying packets from a snoop capture file r esults in a segment ation fault08 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Displaying packets from a snoop capture file results in a segment ation fault30 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 package list09 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Recommended process/application monitoring & alert softw are25 Jul 2002
Espen Martinsen
 SUMMARY: Re: Where do I find iplanet DS for solaris911 Oct 2002
Eva Harlington
 SUMMARY: Stale NFS File Handle Errors17 Sep 2002
Evan Oulashin
 SUMMARY: Stupid SunSite question21 Nov 2002
 2nd Summary re Warning: device sd6 did not power up19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9: sd6 not powering up18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Oracle/Ultra 60 vs Netra19 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Sunblade 1000 lockups10 Apr 2002
 Summary: Blade1000 fail08 Mar 2002
Fabrice Guerini
 SUMMARY: Determine Usable Disks at JumpStart17 May 2002
 SUMMARY (2): Perl + Solaris --> MSSQL05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Perl + Solaris --> MSSQL04 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY[2]: Chroot'ed Sendmail but no more Syslog12 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Chroot'ed Sendmail but no more Syslog12 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Sending a SCSI reset01 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: HELP: problems with mail clients21 May 2002
Farouk Khawaja
 SUMMARY: ping24 Apr 2002
Fergus Donohue
 SUMMARY: Fibre types and Sun storedge PCI dual fibre channel HBA(X6729A)11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: force umount18 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: IP on AUI14 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Ethernet Interface speed07 Jan 2002
Fiamingo, Frank
 SUMMARY - Serial Console Connectivity20 May 2002
Fiengo, Paul
 SUMMARY: NFS Script Error11 Nov 2002
Firmin, Anthony
 SUMMARY: memtool coredump25 Oct 2002
Fisher, Myke
 SUMMARY: LDAP user authentication27 Aug 2002
 Summary: swap -l command shows no swap devices configured26 Jul 2002
Fletcher, Joe
 SUMMARY: Is there a way to kill a thread at unix command level?28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Compaq MA800015 Jan 2002
Fox, Jenny
 SUMMARY: How to get rid of stale mount points on Solaris 8?23 Feb 2002
Frank Huang
 Summary: /usr/lib/print/printd02 Apr 2002
 Summary: Out of Topic: set user ID equivalent in Windows 200014 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Hardware recommendations for cluster (multi-OS)25 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: SAN/dev/fsadm28 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: NIS/password locking question19 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: /usr/bin/at question09 Jan 2002
Frati, Louis
 SUMMARY ultra 60 not booting05 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY] ps command11 Apr 2002
Frederiksen, Paul
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart?11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: DDS4 90 Meter Tape Problem15 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Kernel Panic11 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: root password expire and cron?03 Jan 2002
G W Cantello
 SUMMARY: How to Remove a Tape Drive Device?30 Aug 2002
Gabel Martin
 Summary: OT win200012 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: how to boot 64-bit kernel24 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: replacing serial terminal02 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: serial console hangs whole system20 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: redirecting /dev/console13 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Ufsdump over Network29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: oracle problems18 Jan 2002
Galen Johnson
 [SUMMARY] inode question15 Nov 2002
 Re[SUMMARY]: Meaning?28 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] Meaning?28 Aug 2002
 [Summary]: firmware upgrade09 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:14 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Installing a Phobos QFE adapter10 Apr 2002
 sun macine not responding summary09 Sep 2002
 pkgadd problem:summary07 Jul 2002
Garfield Williams
 SUMMARY: Uninstallation of DiskSuite21 Feb 2002
Gary Litwin
 Summary: Problems downloading patch suites using the Sun patch ch eck utility01 Feb 2002
Gary Mulder
 SUMMARY: Suspect fan speed in prtdiag output on Sun Blade 100027 Mar 2002
Gary P Carr
 SUMMARY: SCSI-2 Low Voltage Differential PCI Card on Blade 10030 Oct 2002
Gary Richardson
 SUMMARY: Netra 1125 and 64-bit problem12 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: font error04 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Trouble connecting console to Netra 2013 Mar 2002
Gaurav Gupta (2001)
 Summary: E-450 slows down26 Feb 2002
Gavin Harris
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.6 Apparent Reboot Problem28 Aug 2002
Gavin Kelman
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 mounting a Solaris 8 NFS server20 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Metatool01 Nov 2002
Gene Beaird
 SUMMARY: A1000 with a dead disk, without Raid Manager?20 Nov 2002
Gene Huft
 SUMMARY: Sun Login Screen menu question26 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: doing a tar to remote tape via ssh28 Feb 2002
Gene Matthews
 SUMMARY: command line way to determine disk size (in MB or GB)30 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Determining package/product that owns a file18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: 420R -- X-server cannot start on display 0:018 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: solaris 6 inittab question04 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Changing from static IP to DHCP (Solaris 2.6)26 Apr 2002
 Partial Summary: Changing from static IP to DHCP (Solaris 2.6)26 Apr 2002
 Partial SUMMARY: kernel warning message on a Netra T128 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Netra 1125/1405 OBP updates?08 Feb 2002
Geoff Lane
 SUMMARY: Sol8 / LOM / kern.crit msg20 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Sol8 / x86 / S3Trio3d / Xsun loops04 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: live upgrade and recommended patch bundles09 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ip_option_process: bad opt 0x512 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: DT Messaging system could not be started06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: dtlogin / xset / bad font path element16 Jan 2002
George Dimitriadis
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 native LDAP hangs when LDAP server is down16 Apr 2002
George Monappallil
 ultra 2 boot problem - summary14 Mar 2002
George Papadimitriou
 SUMMARY: can't boot Ultra-2 (Solaris 2.6)12 Jun 2002
 Summary: T3 documentation14 Oct 2002
 Summary: How is Veritas DMP working when interfaces are not the s ame s peed ?07 Oct 2002
 Summary RE: Maximum Veritas Filesystem size question07 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: swap partition not being used02 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: solaris 9 cd and short read at boot time28 Feb 2002
Gerard Henry
 SUMMARY partition recovery after newfs11 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY : sun dhcp server31 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY problem with install of DBD-mysql05 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Ldap php, apache on solaris 813 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY]: adaptec scsi 2940 on solaris sparc02 May 2002
 SUMMARY: solaris on intel: boot on cdrom?29 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY:ldap and php on solaris818 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: (no summary) blender on solaris 8 core dumped10 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ultra30 and scsci04 Mar 2002
German, Vinnie
 SUMMARY:How to fix a slice which read "need maintenance" under Di sksuite4.112 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: LOM Packages.... under Solaris 830 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: using ndd command to figure out port speed on a gig card ???? UPDATE!!!28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: using ndd command to figure out port speed on a gig card ????27 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: CVS under Solaris 2.6 might not be a sun question ...13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: What happen when you do an a Cluster Patch with ....???05 Apr 2002
 Summary: Where can I find the Motif package to install under Sol aris 2.6 ? ???21 Feb 2002
Gert-Jan Hagenaars
 SUMMARY E3500 not seeing some of its internal drives18 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY E3500 not seeing some of its internal drives19 Jul 2002
Giardina Marina
 [summary] die easy ultra 1023 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: serial device28 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] multi ip related problems01 Mar 2002
Gilbreath, Jeff
 SUMMARY: Can't set MTU higher than 1500 on Sun GigE cards16 May 2002
Giovanni Navarrette
 SUMMARY: Excessive TIME_WAIT connections, help!!!28 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: /etc/mail/aliases problem?!26 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: V100 Boot Disk backup?25 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Restricted shell access?14 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Remote GUI for Solaris8?03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Bandwidth quota options?23 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Best way to move lots of data to new system?16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Laptop console for Solaris SPARC server?09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: procmail filtering question14 Feb 2002
glenn meyer
 Summary: Monitor Resolution08 Aug 2002
Gnanagurusamy B
 SUMMARY: Segmentation fault : Ufsrestore03 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:Re: RE: Segmentation fault : Ufsrestore21 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY:sendmail with roaming pop3 client07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: sendmail 8.11 problem06 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ACL for Flexlm28 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: File recovery22 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 Not booting18 Mar 2002
Gordon Baldwin
 [Summary] Weird network problem26 Sep 2002
 [Summary] Missing entry in sd.conf29 Aug 2002
 [Summary] Antivirus software for Solaris20 Aug 2002
Gordon Cormack
 SUMMARY: FTP Server - consolidation of disks13 Aug 2002
Graham Wood
 Summary II: E420R memory30 Jul 2002
 Summary: E420R memory30 Jul 2002
 Summary: "Restricted Root"10 Jul 2002
Grant Lowe
 SUMMARY: ssh oddity14 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: DNS on hardened OS25 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: in.telnetd problem18 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: ImageMagick19 Apr 2002
 FINAL SUMMARY: openssh02 Apr 2002
 PARTIAL SUMMARY: openssh01 Apr 2002
 PARTIAL SUMMARY: openssh01 Apr 2002
 FINAL SUMMARY: sendmail and anti-relaying16 Mar 2002
 PARTIAL SUMMARY: sendmail and anti-relaying15 Mar 2002
Granzow, Doug (NCI)
 SUMMARY: How to mirror a failing drive?22 May 2002
 SUMMARY: load average wrong?07 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: last gives wrong output01 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS File copies mysteriously slow down11 Feb 2002
Greg Bennett
 SUMMARY: IDPROM contents are invalid27 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY:Take control of a process08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Monitoring a process18 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY - how to print the man pages11 Feb 2002
Greg Gallagher
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8, dumpadm, panic() and sync timeouts to mirrored swap04 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: SunFire hardware problem03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: NetraX1 Jumpstart problem22 Jan 2002
Greg Mani
 SUMMARY:UPS16 Jul 2002
Greg Wilson
 SUMMARY Re: looking for old blueprint19 Jun 2002
Grigory Nikonov
 SUMMARY: 15k rpm disks on A100019 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manager for Sol.826 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: A1000 write cache battery problem08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: how to get information about the amount of RAM in A1000 ?29 Apr 2002
gurjeet sandhu
 Summary largefile06 Jun 2002
 Summary:-- Regarding Apr 2002
Gurjeet Singh
 Summary : Printer12 Aug 2002
Gurugunti, Mahesh
 SUMMARY:Weird find & rm behaviour02 May 2002
 SUMMARY:NFS shares not getting exported05 Mar 2002
Hagen Mayer
 SUMMARY: Blade 100 IDE Question15 Jan 2002
Hall, Johnny (CCI-Atlanta)
 SUMMARY: Pstack02 Oct 2002
Harrington, David B (Contractor)
 SUMMARY: Problem with Disksuite 4.2 (redux)12 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with Disksuite 4.212 Mar 2002
Harry Ford
 SUMMARY: SunVTS: vtsk: svc_reg: Bad file number17 May 2002
Haywood, Steven
 [SUMMARY]: syslogd behaving oddly19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY - L1000 Tape library barcodes31 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] L1000 library24 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Hot plug scsi16 Apr 2002
 [SUMMARY] Another Solstice Backup question05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: hme and E25013 Feb 2002
Heiko Ziegler
 Summary: How to configure SSH not to use privileged ports14 Nov 2002
Heilke, Rainer
 Summary: X session on boot-up26 Feb 2002
 No Summary: X session on boot-up26 Feb 2002
Helen Petropoulos
 SUMMARY: file systems27 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: cdrecord02 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: CDE dual display18 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with 100Mbs network14 Mar 2002
Henrik Huhtinen
 SUMMARY: error reporting on Solaris (like aix "errpt?")02 Dec 2002
Henrik Schmiediche
 SUMMARY: Cluster vs. multiprocessing server...19 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Routing NFS traffic over a specific interface...08 Jul 2002
Henry Dziewa
 Summary: Bootblk problem01 Jan 2002
Hichael Morton
 Summary: A1000 and SCSI Host Adapter26 Nov 2002
 Summary: su - username fails with No Shell & No Directory Solved08 Nov 2002
Hickey, Michael
 Summary: Finding NFS version30 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY : /var/adm/messages09 Dec 2002
Hindley Nick
 SUMMARY: T3 Disk array20 May 2002
Hirdejit Singh
 SUMMARY: StarOffice 5.2 not working with User Login29 Aug 2002
Hisham Al Saad
 SUMMARY(2): permissions19 Jan 2002
Hisham Al Saad
 SUMMARY: permissions18 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Netscape/iplanet LDAP replication help18 Mar 2002
Homan, Charles (NE)
 SUMMARY: NIS binding problem on Solaris 827 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: (sort of) /proc can't be mounted at boot07 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: How do you copy a socket?14 May 2002
 SUMMARY: DCE nameservice error02 May 2002
 SUMMARY: /dev/mem & /dev/kmem are all readable!? Tool for files integrity & permissions check?19 Aug 2002
HP Schaechl
 Summary: SunRay + USB barcode scanner07 May 2002
Hswe, Barbara
 SUMMARY: permissions on a directory14 May 2002
Huang S. Yann
 SUMMARY: sunscreen x ipfilter07 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: UFS logging questions - disksuite18 Feb 2002
Hubert Chu
 SUMMARY: V480 serial connection04 Dec 2002
Hughes, Stephen T.
 SUMMARY: Multiple IP addressing to same device - Solaris 808 May 2002
Hugo Jose C C Dias
 [SUMMARY] Help with E3500 (GBIC)14 Mar 2002
Hunt, Derek
 SUMMARY: Sun L40 Tape Labels25 Apr 2002
Husemann, Harald
 Summary: Slightly off-topic: linuxmanagers18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Problems with SUN Cluster 3.0: System hangs after instal l15 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with changing a master server28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Synchronizing users between Windows and Solaris14 Aug 2002
Ian Camm
 SUMMARY: Experiences with MS Exchange required21 Jun 2002
Ian Clements
 SUMMARY: Dual head Sun Blade 100.16 Sep 2002
Ian Ivo Veach
 SUMMARY: flarcreate with multiple excluded dirs19 Nov 2002
Ian Roddis
 SUMMARY: NTP Synchronization problems10 Jan 2002
Ian Wallace
 SUMMARY: Re: Clearing log file doesn't work (many methods attempted)21 Nov 2002
Ian Zapczynski
 SUMMARY: Where do errno.h and stdio.h come from, anyway?03 Oct 2002
Igor Schein
 SUMMARY: X problem09 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: nslookup points to one ip....traceroute to another???? nothing in arp cash...what is wrong??09 Aug 2002
Internet Protocol
 SUMMARY: lpstat error26 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: disable lock screen16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: DISK IDE 40GB and Solaris 728 May 2002
Israel Novelo
 Summary:RE: disk problems22 May 2002
 SUMMARY: POP3 server for Solaris (fwd)23 May 2002
 Summary /devices/pseudo07 May 2002
Ivan Fetch
 Summary: Securely Offering Home Directory via Linux Clients11 Oct 2002
 Summary: Looking for Glut to go with OpenGL 1.2.128 Aug 2002
 Summary: Upgrade Server to Sol9, what about packages and compiled software12 Aug 2002
 Summary: Documenting infrastructure03 May 2002
 Summary: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure24 Apr 2002
 Parcial Summary #2: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure24 Apr 2002
 Parcial Summary: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure19 Apr 2002
J. Alexander Jacocks
 Cron Problems SOLVED! (Summary)04 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: how to turn off inetd06 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Monitoring power supplies14 Jun 2002
Jack Burton
 SUMMARY: Can't send email as a normal user22 Jan 2002
Jacob Ritorto
 SUMMARY: pkgs in cluster23 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: sysidcfg for solaris 8 2/02 (fwd)15 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: multi-slice cd dumping18 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: 551 jumpstart14 Feb 2002
Jadrian S. Johnson
 SUMMARY: SSH/NIS (w/passwd.adjunct) on Solaris 914 Jun 2002
Jaime Menendez
 SUMMARY: nfs and su - question09 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: console port01 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: delete files10 Sep 2002
James Greer
 Summary: Maximum subdirectories in a directory26 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Neutering .rhosts in PAM or RBAC?20 Oct 2002
James Zhao
 SUMMARY: virtual ip problem31 Oct 2002
Jan-Olaf Droese
 SUMMARY-2: df displays wrong numbers19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: df displays wrong numbers19 Sep 2002
Janis Lykakis
 SUMMARY: ClearCase VOB server memory requirements11 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Kerberos 5 SEAM W2K ADS question14 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Kerberos 5 SEAM W2K ADS question14 Jan 2002
Jason Feilbach
 [Summary] SVM metadevice rename (used to be SDS)27 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Maximum UFS file system size13 Mar 2002
Jason McIntosh
 Update of SUMMARY: Systems Administration Tools08 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Systems Administration Tools08 Nov 2002
Jason Premo
 SUMMARY:Video Specs11 Jul 2002
Jason Wood
 [Summary] Sendmail question30 Aug 2002
Jasper Wallace
 SUMMARY : Problems netbooting/jumpstarting a Netra t1 10511 Jun 2002
Javier Fernndez Landa
 SUMMARY: Undelete files in Solaris 827 May 2002
Jayashankar Nelamane Srinivasarao
 SUMMARY: E250 vs U1021 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: JASS and Jumpstart20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart/Network Problem13 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart/Network Problems07 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: rc.local06 Mar 2002
Jeff Claunch
 SUMMARY: Identifying Hardware30 Aug 2002
Jeff D. Allen
 SUMMARY: Installing from Flash Archives29 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SunPCi II won't boot17 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: SunPCi II with External Monitor21 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: UFS Block Size and JFS options17 Jun 2002
Jeff Germain
 [SUMMARY] translating pfile output17 Oct 2002
Jeff Hunter
 SUMMARY: CD Burner Recommendation10 Jan 2002
Jeff Kennedy
 SUMMARY: Solaris and >1TB filesystems20 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: file handles22 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: telnet problem15 Jul 2002
 Summary: tar checksum error on tape11 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: tape copy capability10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY - 2nd: growing a ufs drive24 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: most efficient method to transfer disk-to-disk21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: growing a ufs drive21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: network stats13 May 2002
 SUMMARY: patching the ge driver27 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: hvd scsi or not?13 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart - complete05 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart04 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Visio-like program for Solaris07 Jan 2002
Jeff Lucas
 SUMMARY: How to script labeling of new disks to avoid manually using format?24 May 2002
Jeff Putsch
 SUMMARY: How to determining where a partition was last mounted.28 Feb 2002
Jeff Wellens
 SUMMARY: Problems adding a disk to Veritas25 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Setting up Canon Network printers in Solaris02 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Replacing a mirrored primary boot disk in disksuite06 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: swap device truncated message24 May 2002
 SUMMARY- Disksuite problem.08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: boot 2.6 CD on a Ultra 1029 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY- Bad /etc/vfstab22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: FW: What is starting this process?02 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY - What is starting this process?02 Apr 2002
Jeff Welsch
 SUMMARY: Am I having a hardware problem, or am I misinterpreting data?06 Aug 2002
 Summary: Help with YP/NIS25 Jun 2002
Jeffrey Liu
 SUMMARY: CA Products on Solaris 820 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SRM - how many of you use it? (sunmanagers)11 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: tmpfs - mirrored swap with vxvm = mirrored physical ram? performance question - Iplanet Directory Server26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris boxes in a DMZ have arp table problems - CISCO PIX keeps populating Solaris boxes arp tables (fwd)07 Feb 2002
Jeffrey Tay
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire with direct-attached Compaq MSL5026 Library03 Feb 2002
Jennifer Peterson
 SUMMARY: slice 2 doesn't refer to whole disk30 Sep 2002
 Summary: location13 Sep 2002
Jenny Cook
 SUMMARY: Recursive call to mutex28 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: filesystem28 Apr 2002
Jeremy Przygode
 SUMMARY: LDAP authentication using netgroups.04 Jan 2002
Jeremy Rodriguez
 SUMMARY:Raid V disksuite11 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: logging of an IP07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY:CC: Sun WorkShop 6 2000/04/07 C++ 5.127 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: reboot loop23 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: file system full19 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:adding IDE disk to Sun Blade16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: ssh x8611 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: A1000 RAID29 May 2002
 SUMMARY: adding disks20 May 2002
 SUMMARY: firewall09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Rackmount Ultra 2 desktop03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Really large memory models and i/o performance26 Apr 2002
Jesse Deboi
 SUMMARY: big file17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris, Sparc vs. Intel31 Jan 2002
 Summary: Disk Serial Number22 Jan 2002
Jez Ahl
 SUMMARY: Spotting NFS server load19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Cannot execute lsof26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Spammers monitoring this list11 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Creating IDN links - NOT SUPPORTED ???14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: How many UNIX systems per HDS port via SAN?12 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Tool to see per-process IO stats08 Jan 2002
Ji, Richard
 SUMMARY: swapfile, SAN and kernel panic (update)11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: swapfile, SAN and kernel panic10 Sep 2002
Jim Hoerber
 SUMMARY: xterm ignores ctrl-c on Netra AC20006 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: nis hosts.time error31 Jan 2002
Jim Southerd
 Summary: how to run an interactive command from one host and take over the control from anther19 Dec 2002
 Summary: Simple question ... (getting status)09 Dec 2002
 Summary: Simple question ... (Correction)06 Dec 2002
 Summary: Simple question ...06 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Enterprise Server Paths interpretation04 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Need to capture PID in a script23 Apr 2002
 FOLLOWUP: 64 / 32 bit boot up...01 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Host name....11 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: What am I doing wrong? (cpio)04 Jan 2002
Jim Winkle
 SUMMARY: Get all names associated with a numeric IP address14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Network and netstat are broken29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: daemon.error with Solaris accounting06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Live Upgrade synclist: OVERWRITE vs. APPEND06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Specifying options for a print queue18 Nov 2002
jimi beyylorn
 SUMMARY : problem two lun in Disk array07 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] (O-T) reverse proxy16 May 2002
 Summary: freeware NMS comparison22 Apr 2002
Jody L. Baze
 SUMMARY: V880 fan speeds13 Aug 2002
Joe Crawford
 SUMMARY: NIS to NIS+31 Jul 2002
Joe Fletcher
 SUMMARY: Changing hostname24 Jul 2002
 Summary: Netmask problem02 Jul 2002
Joe Moorman
 summary: GCC on Solaris 808 Oct 2002
Joe R. Jah
 SUMMARY: Updading Recommended Patch Cluster08 Dec 2002
Joe Reid
 SUMMARY: diskless clients21 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: usb audio19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: mass password changes08 Aug 2002
Joe Rice
 SUMMARY: Adding maps to NIS17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: mount loop17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: sunblade 100 disk sleep19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Emulex Lightpulse in Blade200006 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY :SSH2 System Logging12 Mar 2002
Joey Dowana
 SUMMARY: devices to monitor via iostat13 Sep 2002
 pre-SUMMARY: quick howto for LDAP client setup09 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: dump on swap device12 Aug 2002
Johan Hartzenberg
 SUMMARY Can not mount vxfs volume07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Lost Disk19 Jul 2002
Johan Soderberg
 SUMMARY: prtconf -vp not showing correct disk/slot info on an E45002 Jul 2002
John B. Spindler
 SUMMARY: Swap space26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Restricting Access20 Feb 2002
John Birtley
 SUMMARY: Network Printing15 Apr 2002
John Elser
 SUMMARY: Determining Speed of Nic Card14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: File System Minimum Available Threshold09 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY Resotring /var13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY - Symbolic Links01 Aug 2002
John Gibson
 SUMMARY Re: Performance Tuning on Solaris 826 Feb 2002
John Herlihy
 SUMMARY: Need help running a cmd containing double-quotes via a v ariable08 Apr 2002
John Horne
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 - logadm and quotes12 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: gupdatedb fails - Solaris 926 Jun 2002
John Lee
 SUMMARY: Where to get the source code of fuser ?28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun Cluster vs Veritas Cluster16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: iostat output & disk distribution problem20 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: CPU extremely busy with high percentage of system processes28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Will "ndd -set adv_autoneg_cap 1" ignore the other ndd commands running before it?20 May 2002
 SUMMARY: ndd Sun Quad interface to "100Mbps & half-duplex"16 May 2002
John Malick
 SUMMARY: A5200 Distance Issues11 Nov 2002
John Martinez
 SUMMARY: console on RSC on SunFire 88031 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS performance: Solaris servers and Linux clients17 May 2002
John P Connor
 SUMMARY: NFS performance problem22 Mar 2002
John Rams
 SUMMARY: urgent-nologin, no direct root with SSH, only remote console09 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY:Patch Automation tolls: patchdiag, patchcheck11 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Forgive me, BUT, please lead to SOLARIS JOB resources15 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: SunPCiIIpro Card Evaluation11 Feb 2002
John Surveyor
 Summary: Solaris as shipped by Sun11 Dec 2002
John Tan
 Summary: sendmail not sending06 Feb 2002
 Summary: StorEDGE L910 Jan 2002
Johnny Hall
 [SUMMARY] st.conf and sd.conf]02 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem compiling GNU stuff..07 Mar 2002
Johny Smith
 SUMMARY : Sendmail vs other smtp07 May 2002
Jon Haworth
 SUMMARY: Packages on install08 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Driver for D-Link DFE-580TX10 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY II: Problem with the environment variable PATH05 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem with the environment variable PATH05 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Non-printable characters in directory name30 Oct 2002
Jonas Blberg
 SUMMARY: why is lsof so slow on solaris 8?04 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: files in /dev missing causing dmesg to fail05 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: oracle hang20 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: disksuite: where to put meta databases?27 May 2002
 SUMMARY: HW error on my E250?08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: disksuite: deleting master replica10 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Problem cloning a disk using different bus-systems10 Jan 2002
Jonathan A. Zdziarski
 SUMMARY: Routing with two NICs02 Jan 2002
Jonathan Burelbach
 SUMMARY: SAN management - growing filesystems19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: unable to install patch 11243818 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: how do I set sunblade eri interface?17 Apr 2002
Jones, Elizabeth
 SUMMARY: as error when running make06 Mar 2002
Jones, Elizabeth (NMCC)
 SUMMARY: corrupted Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: converting workstation from dhcp to static IP07 Mar 2002
Joohyun Cha
 SUMMARY: Solaris source code.09 Aug 2002
Jordan Gaston
 [Summary #2] Solaris benchmark11 Feb 2002
 [Summary] Solaris benchmark05 Feb 2002
Jose Vicente Nunez Zuleta
 SUMMARY - problems adding a metadb back on a slice (long post)08 Aug 2002
Josh Glover
 SUMMARY: StorEdge A1000 drive replacement18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Network degradation with a dual-homed E450017 Jun 2002
Josh Lukens
 SUMMARY: OS level equivalent command to probe-scsi-all?01 Feb 2002
Josh McCormick
 SUMMARY: CPU manufacture info through OBP18 Sep 2002
Joshua Symons
 Summary: Sunpci II 600Mhz Max Res25 Sep 2002
Joy Locke
 SUMMARY: Odd NFS kernel notice in /var/adm/messages02 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Printing pdf in Solaris 807 Oct 2002
 [Summary]: Script for cksum all directories and files22 Jan 2002
Juri Haberland
 SUMMARY: Can Solaris do source routing like Linux with advanced routing?22 May 2002
K. K. Mookhey
 (Summary) Not able to login27 Nov 2002
Kai Riasol Gonzalez
 SUMMARY: e250 with 2 nic04 Mar 2002
Kale, Nandkishor
 SUMMARY NTP configuration23 Apr 2002
Kamalan Govender
 SUMMARY: Faulty network Card04 Oct 2002
 Summary : no such aliasmyb isn't unique05 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] Boot load failed : The file just loaded does not appear to be executable17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY Restoring Boot Disk after hard drive crash06 Apr 2002
Karl Amrhein
 Summary: how to configure rpc.ttdbserverd to use a specific port23 Sep 2002
Karl Devitt
 Summary: nis help20 Feb 2002
 Summary: Formmail06 Dec 2002
Karoly VEGH
 SUMMARY: JumpStart autoinstall03 Oct 2002
Karyn Williams
 SUMMARY: Attachment sizes07 May 2002
Kathleen Ellis
 SUMMARY: Re: /usr/ccs/bin/as errors in GNU make07 Mar 2002
Kathleen Ellis-Lasser
 SUMMARY: NetWorker: "SJI driver not loaded" "Bad File Number" error, can't drvconfig13 Nov 2002
Kathy Ange
 Summary 3rd Party Memory31 Dec 2002
 Summary Amanda Install question30 Oct 2002
 Summary Secure FTP02 Oct 2002
 Summary An su and prompt question13 Aug 2002
 Summary Shared Memory/IPC settings19 Jun 2002
 Summary - Determining the default character set03 Jun 2002
 Summary: Sun Fire 280R how to Disable ttya16 Apr 2002
Kavitha Kuppuswamy
 SUMMARY : messages in /var/adm/messages file (Kavitha Kuppuswamy)19 Dec 2002
Kazeminejad, Kayvan
 SUMMARY: problem with g++20 Feb 2002
 Summary: Longer than 8 character passwords under Solaris.29 Jan 2002
Kendall Lloyd
 SUMMARY: Cluster Console for Linux04 Oct 2002
Kennedy, Jeffrey
 SUMMARY: HighGround or something like it01 Nov 2002
Keplinger, Michael A
 SUMMARY: Sparc Boot PROM problem10 Jul 2002
Kevin Butters
 Summary: OpenSSH question27 Dec 2002
 Summary: OpenBoot question27 Dec 2002
 Summary: NICs setting to Dec 2002
Kevin Colagio
 Summary: Strange DNS problems.17 Nov 2002
 Summary: Changing system's identity without a reboot....04 May 2002
Kevin Metzger
 SUMMARY: memory size for disk management (fwd)09 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: wrench light22 Apr 2002
Kevin Tsay
 SUMMARY: can't run some of the basic unix commands30 Jul 2002
Kevin Van Der Hart
 Summary: ultra 10 keeps crashing01 Apr 2002
 Summary: Fiber Channel HBAs in a SAN Fabric22 Jan 2002
 Summary (Corrected): 18GB Drives in D1000 and E45021 May 2002
 SUMMARY: 18GB Drives in D1000 and E45020 May 2002
 SUMMARY Re: Messages flooding logs15 May 2002
King, Brooke
 SUMMARY: reading Solaris-created cpio archive on AIX19 Nov 2002
Kirkland, Mike # IHTUL
 Summary: root can not change user's passwd, or user cannot change passwd only changes are made thru admintool16 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Device naming mismatch19 Sep 2002
 Partial Summary: Time on an Ultra 1025 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Blade 100 with no output18 Mar 2002
Kohler Benjamin
 SUMMARY: Solaris close/stop all script14 Jan 2002
Konstantin Rozinov
 SUMMARY: block size and kbytes and also perl.04 Jan 2002
Koonz, Jay
 Summary: Adding a 2nd interface to a Netra-T125 Apr 2002
Kruse, Jason K.
 SUMMARY: SSH/SFTP lockdown15 May 2002
Kumar Shravan
 SUMMARY: problem when applying a patch.20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY : capturing the screen output at ok prompt.01 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: How to run windows manager in a native mode.12 Feb 2002
Kumar, Rakesh
 SUMMARY: permissions denied from Solaris8 to NT using sysopen sys tem call28 Feb 2002
Kwan, William
 SUMMARY: force Netra T1 eri full duplex31 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Moving Disk Suite devices from one controller to another09 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Your OpenSSL headers do not match your library05 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Your OpenSSL headers do not match your library05 Jul 2002
Kyle Bresin
 Summary: Solaris 8 tail bug17 Jan 2002
Kynaston Roger
 SUMMARY: problem with ftp18 Dec 2002
Ladislav Kostal
 SUMMARY: driver for AC'97 sound08 Jan 2002
laloo yadav
 SUMMARY: Sendmail question05 Mar 2002
 Summary Nic problem25 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: again NFS crash21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS question19 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY : stealth mode18 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:trivial question20 Jan 2002
Lars Hecking
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 02/02 and MentorGraphics11 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] Strange shared library/compile problem29 Aug 2002
 gnuplot (Was: Re: SUMMARY: Solaris performance monitoring)17 Apr 2002
Laszlo Ernesto de Miranda Pinto
 SUMMARY: Sparc5 doesn't boot without a keyboard (fwd)22 Feb 2002
Lawrence Cheong
 summary: E220R missing hme004 Jul 2002
Lee, Bin
 Summary: Huge Xsun process11 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Xserver crash when running Cadence simulation22 Feb 2002
Lee, Elizabeth
 Summary -- locking accounts after 3 unsuccessful login attempts11 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: dtlogin conundrum27 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY : boot-problem on E400011 Dec 2002
Lennon, Padraig
 Summary: Flash Software23 Aug 2002
 Summary: Serial access to E450 using Hyperterminal08 Jul 2002
 Summary: Memory problems on E45014 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Local X-windows display without monitor?28 Jan 2002
 Summary: Stale NFS Handle15 Jan 2002
Leslie Connally
 SUMMARY: netra t1 serial port login oddity18 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: A5000 max drive size supported20 Jun 2002
 Non-Member Post Submittal SUMMARY :-) SUMMARY D1000 -> A100014 Mar 2002
Levent Demiroers
 SUMMARY: Problems with the naming service....01 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Problems patching sun Blade 100017 Sep 2002
Levi Ashcol
 [SUMMARY] Security login banner- How ?04 Dec 2002
 [SUMMARY] NTP Multicast/Broadcast14 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] OPB variable powerfail-time ?06 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] NFS - strange .nfsXXXX files02 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] Solaris SPARC/x86 differences07 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY-II] OT: Veritas (Solaris/Linux) Evaluation ?28 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY] OT: Veritas (Solaris/Linux) Evaluation ?20 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY] POSIX Compliance19 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY] ACL Recursively05 Jun 2002
Li, Zhen
 SUMMARY II corn jobs19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: cron jobs18 Mar 2002
Lin Feng
 SUMMARY: getpwd: permission denied for D1000 disks16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Installing a D100023 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite vs. Veritas22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Starting a workstation without a monitor/keyboard13 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: 6800 Partition and Domain Cfg05 Apr 2002
Lisa Weihl
 SUMMARY:Ultra 5 - add second hard drive question05 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: kernel patch question (long)01 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:server resource monitoring23 May 2002
Lito A. Lampitoc
 SUMMARY: imap errors18 Apr 2002
 summary:ftpchroot12 Apr 2002
 summary: ELF error on ssh14 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: dump18 Feb 2002
 summary: no shell12 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: web mail29 Jan 2002
 summary: e-mail relaying22 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: ps2pdf04 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY:SS20 with solaris 726 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Part No. of SUN RAM SIMMs04 Apr 2002
 Summary: Oracle thin driver for Forte for Java version 4 on SUN Sparc31 Aug 2002
 Summary: VPN for Solaris < 828 Jul 2002
 Summary: unix speak30 Jun 2002
 Summary: AUI and 10BaseT30 Jun 2002
 Summary: SS5 uses only 32MB out of 128MB Memory02 May 2002
 Summary: Memory fault.01 May 2002
 Summary: sharing tape drive across network.01 May 2002
 Summary: More on tape drive26 Apr 2002
 Summary: panic: read_binding_file: /etc/name_to_major file not found10 Apr 2002
 Summary: pkgmk08 Apr 2002
 Summary: dhcp problem17 Mar 2002
 Summary: Sun on DSL14 Mar 2002
 Summary: Sun secondary interface14 Mar 2002
 Summary: 64 bit C compiler for Solaris 2.602 Mar 2002
 Summary: sparcv9 binary on a sparcv8/v702 Mar 2002
 Summary: Sun NAT / Firewall01 Mar 2002
 Summary: 32 bit on a 64 bit28 Feb 2002
 Summary: Ultra 5 internal speaker volume setting18 Feb 2002
 Summary: SunPCi not booting up16 Feb 2002
 Summary: Ultra 5 Motherboard additional slot.08 Feb 2002
 Summary: ctrl-alt-delete in SunPCi08 Feb 2002
 Summary: SunPCi X-window export through network.06 Feb 2002
 Summary: Ultra 5 booting stops halfway.04 Feb 2002
 Summary: Telnet problem01 Feb 2002
Luc I. Suryo
 [SUMMARY] boot net with option03 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] : Solaris 9 & NIS28 Sep 2002
Luisa Jorge
 SUMMARY: Change failed disk RM6 & SDS29 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas Volume Manager - 1disk13 Mar 2002
Luke Purcell
 Summary - Printing from Star Office21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY SunPCI2 card20 Feb 2002
 Summary: Sun PCi II card28 Jan 2002
Lumpkin, Buddy
 SUMMARY: Opinions Needed: How important is an understanding of C Programming and Internals to a UNIX System Admin?19 Mar 2002
Lupe Christoph
 SUMMARY: There is no block size that can support this disk05 Jun 2002
Lyndon Tiu
 Summary2: No serial console connected - boots up but stays in ok prompt ?09 Oct 2002
 Summary: No serial console connected - boots up but stays in ok prompt ?09 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY : Partnumber of serial cable Netra T1 <-> Annex terminal concentrator18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: lmgrd license manager produces error messages22 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Script for temperature monitoring12 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: a day in the life of a sysadmin.....21 Jan 2002
MacDonell, Dennis
 Summary: Compile of apache/php/mysql problem with missing symbols from zlib.21 Jul 2002
Maddox, Andrew
 SUMMARY: dev/pts error21 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: solaris filesystem recommendations06 Jun 2002
Maggie Smith
 Summary: Display Problem07 Sep 2002
 Pre-summary: DISPLAY problem20 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY - network problem03 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY:Re: New H/D07 May 2002
 Summary:New H/D08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: E250 Password recover10 Mar 2002
Malloy, Jim
 Summary: Centralized log file server15 Jan 2002
 Summary : CPU01 May 2002
 Summary : CPU01 May 2002
 Summary : Filesystems01 May 2002
 Bit:Summary04 Apr 2002
Marc Alvidrez
 SUMMARY: S.M.A.R.T. temperature info03 Oct 2002
Marcelino Mata
 SUMMARY: SUN warranty period30 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Blade 1000 / Solaris 8 beeping30 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: PCI 400Mhz card with Windows2000SP230 Jul 2002
Marco Greene
 Re: SUMMARY A5200 Disk Array07 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Digi PortServer II Rack01 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Blank filenames05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY Multipathing - Solaris 821 Jan 2002
 Summary: Monitoring18 Jan 2002
Marcus Groff
 SUMMARY: set eri interface to 100/full13 Feb 2002
Maria Aurora VT de la Vega
 Summary: CPU's09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: avoiding jumpstart automated reboot02 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: having problems with JumpStart01 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Net install of Netra X1, Solaris 8 2/0228 Mar 2002
Mark A. Bialik
 SUMMARY: Off-line it, or Detach it?28 May 2002
Mark Butscher
 [SUMMARY] Solaris software install levels?12 Feb 2002
Mark Cohen
 SUMMARY Uptime Problems04 Nov 2002
Mark Farone
 SUMMARY: sol2.6 /dev/ksyms woes?28 Mar 2002
Mark Gosselin
 Summary: Any sendmail experts out there??13 Aug 2002
 Summary: Moving NIS master server30 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY:TBD problem with ps204 Jan 2002
Mark Hargrave
 Summary: NFS Mounts Intermittently Slow on Solaris 2.727 Jun 2002
 Summary: 2D Templates for E6500, A3500, D100020 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris/Veritas Not Reporting Bad Blocks22 Apr 2002
Mark Harrington
 SUMMARY: Is there a size limit on files to be zipped or bzip2ed?13 Feb 2002
Mark Lin
 Summary: Running out of space in /tmp - (with one puzzle question at the end of this summary)06 Feb 2002
Mark Montague
 SUMMARY: A1000 serial port information05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: 280R stuck at prom - no response15 Jan 2002
Markham, Richard
 SUMMARY: returning ~specific~ text pattern from files19 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: open file descriptors20 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: ex. top in oracle environment18 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: printing to Formscape/WinNT16 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: setuid? || su?20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY #2: Sendmail - Where is relay host defined? OR Ah Ha!! Sendmail relayhost mystery solved!16 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Sendmail - Where is relay host defined? OR Ah Ha!! Sendmail relayhost mystery solved!16 May 2002
Martin Buchan
 SUMMARY: chgrp a file to a group i am not a member of?16 Dec 2002
Martin Meadows
 Summary: Failure of SNMP patch 106787 Solaris 2.608 Jul 2002
Martin Schmitt
 SUMMARY: Handhelds for administration06 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: The evil LD_LIBRARY_PATH28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: MI:3 - Installing Mailman on Solaris17 Apr 2002
 Summary: Netra X1 RAM Upgrade21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Transfering install image to Linux17 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Viewing man pages + Using SDS on Netra X111 Feb 2002
Martynas Buozis
 SUMMARY: Problems while compiling sendmail 8.12.624 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Is it possible to convert volumes without copying data with Veritas VM ?24 Apr 2002
Mas Haris
 SUMMARY Re: transparant proxy06 Mar 2002
Mathias Kanstrup
 SUMMARY : sftp restricting directory access05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: SunFire 280R - CPU Temperature04 Jan 2002
Mathieu Nantel
 SUMMARY: Sunray remote control23 Aug 2002
Matt Bolt
 Summary: T3 COM port pinout28 Jan 2002
Matt Glaves
 SUMMARY: Increasing file handles15 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: U5 and Large IDE Disk18 Jan 2002
Matt Harris
 SUMMARY: List of 'unix' variables03 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Cyclades serial concentrator/network enabler29 Aug 2002
Matt Wells
 SUMMARY: network prob on Netra X121 Aug 2002
Matthew Brown
 SUMMARY: SCSI controller numbers differ on two identical servers?20 Dec 2002
Matthew Hannigan
 SUMMARY: a1000 vs d100011 Sep 2002
Matthew Harris
 Summary..questions on the Sun Fire 6800/480006 Feb 2002
Matthew Mauzy
 SUMMARY: Determing what application is using a port09 Jul 2002
Matthew Stier
 SUMMARY: A5000 Serial Number17 Dec 2002
matthew zeier
 SUMMARY: Solaris CIFS client16 Jan 2002
Matthias Kurz
 SUMMARY: Debugging boot process05 Apr 2002
 [SUMMARY] How to determine CPU cache size ?18 Jan 2002
Max Gribov
 SUMMARY Strange network stuff07 Aug 2002
Max Kartsev
 SUMMARY: UseErrorsTo option in sendmail10 Oct 2002
Max Trummer
 (forgotten) SUMMARY: mkdir: Failed to make directory <dirname>: Invalid argument (fwd)18 Mar 2002
McCaffity, Ray (Contractor)
 SUMMARY: How to kill sockets?04 Dec 2002
 RE: SUMMARY: Reset BIOS password17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Reset BIOS password17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: tcsh prompt06 Sep 2002
 Partial Summary: Cannot start DCOPserver29 Aug 2002
 NEW SUMMARY: the secret to plumbing qe interfaces18 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: the secret to plumbing qe interfaces17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: SparcStation20 internal NIC devices?07 May 2002
 SUMMARY: manually mount cdrom in 2.524 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: pkgadd pre or post install scripts.13 Mar 2002
McCormick, Wayne
 SUMMARY: Solaris and Linux filesystems11 Jun 2002
McEwan, Ryan
 Summary: Solaris 8 and Sun 280R09 Sep 2002
 Summary:: Netra T1 AC200 anomoly21 May 2002
McGuire, Daniel C
 Summary: NIS+ Removing Non-Root Master07 Mar 2002
McIntosh Alan-R54071
 SUMMARY: Perl scripting problem using tar...27 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Configure system as an SSP for an E1000017 May 2002
 SUMMARY - Data Overwrite09 Apr 2002
McIntyre, Jennifer
 SUMMARY: speed of ufsrestore14 Jan 2002
Meg Wall
 SUMMARY: Workstation Console08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ps command checking memory usage13 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Patch update changed sendmail.cf13 Mar 2002
Merchant Rizwan
 Summary: Gigabit ethernet cards.19 Jul 2002
Michael Bartosh
 summary: Can't get out of OpenBoot10 Apr 2002
Michael Cunningham
 SUMMARY RE: Where is SUNWmdi?27 Oct 2002
Michael DeSimone
 SUMMARY: tar issue07 Nov 2002
Michael Fernando
 SUMMARY: PCI device assignments08 Nov 2002
Michael Hase
 SUMMARY: kernel memory usage, strange kmem_alloc_112026 Jun 2002
Michael Kalus
 SUMMARY: Forceful unmount of Filesystem.18 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Strange Messages.21 Mar 2002
 [Summary] Growing VxFX over two LUN's22 Jan 2002
Michael Maciolek
 SUMMARY: T3 disk array LUNs & redundancy04 Feb 2002
Michael Pye
 SUMMARY Re: Legato mailling lists12 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY Disksuite mirroring13 Feb 2002
Michael S. Peek
 SUMMARY: Programs hang that access /etc/.name_service_door?08 Aug 2002
Michael Styer
 SUMMARY: crontab -e with auditing via ssh26 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 7 won't take /etc/defaultrouter09 Jul 2002
Michal Wellum
 SUMMARY- Laptop driver issues05 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Automating Pkgadd25 Mar 2002
Miguel Ribeiro
 SUMMARY: SUNWsprot (.virtual_packages)13 Jun 2002
Mike Barnett
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 video settings28 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Environment issue, long $CLASSPATH and such.09 Mar 2002
Mike Box
 Summary: Weirdness with CDE and other GUI applications17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 - UFS logging or logiing via DiskSuite Trans Metadevices01 May 2002
 SUMMARY: CDE and reverse video20 Feb 2002
Mike Demarco
 SUMMARY: Looking for a GUI mail do everything package03 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun support through Grumman06 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: lotsfree tuning with adb01 Mar 2002
Mike Ekholm
 SUMMARY: DLT7000 question05 Feb 2002
Mike Fletcher
 SUMMARY: HP2200 duplex printing15 Feb 2002
Mike Fuller
 SUMMARY: Patch for "Buffer Overflow in DNS Resolver Libraries"19 Jul 2002
Mike Myers
 Summary: Netra T1 105 I/O Interface Board Replacement Question13 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Gray Market! (Long Over due, Sorry)19 Aug 2002
 Summary: L3500 and SuperDLT07 Aug 2002
mike n.
 SUMMARY: dos2unix question17 Jul 2002
Mike van der Velden
 SUMMARY: How do I disable syslog message summarization?09 Aug 2002
Mike Whorley
 Summary - Connecting External Hard Drives11 Dec 2002
Mike's List
 SUMMARY: cannot fsck or boot cdrom17 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY(2): scp weirdness27 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: scp weirdness27 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: screen/vt10021 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: patch snafu?22 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: rr file22 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: deciphering adb15 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: user/group named17 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY[2]: PATH in shell script07 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: PATH in shell script07 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 Update04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: multi-threaded applications30 May 2002
 SUMMARY: showrev -p28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: /etc/mail/access file24 May 2002
 SUMMARY: chown script14 May 2002
 SUMMARY: SDS RAID-513 May 2002
 SUMMARY: SUNWadmap03 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Disk Error26 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Differential SCSI Terminator23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: UPDATE: Patch 112438 confirmation required22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY[2]: uninstall software17 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: uninstall software16 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Patch 112438 confirmation required15 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: OBP weirdness14 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: target memory error08 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun Screen Lite26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: find command displays (take two)21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: find command displays21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: openssh 3.0.2p113 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: syslog m4 process07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: /etc/vfstab update07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 (x86) Optimize18 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris Web Based E-mail17 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Keeping critical files aligned in a multi-node cluster22 Feb 2002
 Subject: Summary: disabling logins28 Feb 2002
Miller, Anthony, A, Tech Dev, VF UK
 SUMMARY: After your opinion: VxFs v ufs+logging & Disk-suite22 Aug 2002
Min Oo Tint
 SUMMARY: changing SB100 and display resolution18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: *nux and antivirus software02 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: .nfs files causing system disk space to increase18 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY]: no | or \ from keyboard with KVM switch + PS2 keyboar d23 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY]: shutdown script for Solaris 816 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: couldn't set locale correctly27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: couldn't set locale correctly27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: HP designjet 500 and Sun18 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: showmount: **** : RPC: Program not registered28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: command get serial number of your sun24 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Should NIS master be also NIS client?05 May 2002
 SUMMARY: perfmeter and what are the measuring units and more and LSF03 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Measuring performance/load on server09 Apr 2002
 [SUMMARY] Timeout waiting for ARP/RARP packet28 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 2.5.1 Op Env CD problem29 Mar 2002
Misbakhul Munir
 Summary : sun cluster part number and configuration29 Jan 2002
Mitchell, John
 SUMMARY: getting the OPB version from command line03 Dec 2002
 Summary: Sendmail problems after recommended patch cluster instal l30 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: re-run vxinstall24 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY Anonymous ftp, with sub-logins.03 Sep 2002
Modrego K. SBD
 SUMMARY: IMAP Server14 Jan 2002
Mohamed Lrhazi
 SUMMARY: Why does my qfe show up as hme?29 Oct 2002
 Summary: E4500 Reboots on fatal error11 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Sol9 : df reports double my swap size!08 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Sol9 : df reports double my swap size!08 Oct 2002
Mohsin, Moamer O, CSCIO
 SUMMARY: maximum async i/o31 Jul 2002
Moore, L. Bryan
 SUMMARY: SSH for Terminal Servers12 Mar 2002
Mossey Fahey
 SUMMARY:Tool/command for testing/probing memory slots26 Jul 2002
Moughan, Laurence
 SUMMARY - RE: vi :s/r07 Oct 2002
 RE: Tape Query SUMMARY18 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Cron aborting due to FIFO27 Feb 2002
 external disk pack problem SUMMARY28 Jan 2002
mr ayie
 SUMMARY:need information reference to volume manager quick guide29 Oct 2002
 Summary: V100 question12 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:how to change back my device links w/out reboot18 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Solaris 7:E450:Raid Manager 6.22:A100022 Mar 2002
Mt Dew
 Summary: turn on logging for / after jumpstart23 Oct 2002
 Summary: How to login without being ask for password23 Sep 2002
 Summary: Command to find disk size19 Aug 2002
 Summary: LOM question15 Aug 2002
 Summary: mirror root disk with Disksuite, and logging question19 Jun 2002
 Summary: swap space on Solaris 811 Jan 2002
Muhammad Kashif Siddiqi
 SUMMARY:NO SHELL for root14 Oct 2002
 Summary: error compiling sendmail using "-DNEWDB"13 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY; Memmory Banks08 Jan 2002
Muhammad Mughal
 Summary 32-bit to 64-bit conversion18 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: L9 Autoloader management software15 May 2002
Murtuza Bekhushi
 SUMMARY: Domain name.10 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Freeing a Port on Solaris.02 May 2002
Nair, Pravin
 SUMMARY : partial : creating jumpstart CDs27 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY : No keyboad input through serial port12 Feb 2002
Nancy Fisher
 SUMMARY How to set up non-root user to run shutdown23 May 2002
Nasiadek, Jedrzej
 SUMMARY: mutexes and heavy load07 Jan 2002
Nate Campi
 SUMMARY: backing out solaris upgrade06 Feb 2002
Neil Calton
 SUMMARY: Unable to install openssh-3.2.3p1 on Solaris 814 Jun 2002
 INTERIM SUMMARY: Unable to install openssh-3.2.3p1 on Solaris 814 Jun 2002
Neil Hunt
 [SUMMARY] Possibly OT: Memory/CPU boards17 Jun 2002
 Summary: Urgent: Sunfire V880 down16 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY} Upgrade of Solaris - Oracle server14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: weird find permission errors05 Feb 2002
Neil Schellenberger
 [SUMMARY] OBP setting for full duplex NIC?15 May 2002
Neill, Mark (MBS)
 SUMMARY: Users changing passwords _without_ telnet access03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: mapping e450's drives to physical locations10 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: moving few million small files over NFS19 Nov 2002
Newton, David
 SUMMARY: RSC Console question08 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:ce.conf of full duplex on V48023 Oct 2002
Ng, Yatsen
 SUMMARY: disable disksuite09 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: disable disksuite09 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: nvunalias doesn't work08 Jul 2002
Nick Tchoudinovskikh
 SUMMARY :D'not see new logical drive02 Sep 2002
Niclas Sodergard
 SUMMARY: Transtec 5012 RAID (Zero-D)15 May 2002
Nico Wieland
 SUMMARY - BIND 8 patches / sol914 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY2: sol9/disable RPC?16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: sol9/disable RPC?15 Jul 2002
Nicolas Cartron
 SUMMARY 2 : Mounting a CDROM]08 May 2002
 SUMMARY : Mounting a CDROM08 May 2002
Nicolas Dorfsman
 SUMMARY: Networker vs Netbackup14 May 2002
Nicole Skyrca
 SUMMARY: solstice backup21 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstart error: mismatched version of /boot19 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: solstice backup 5.5.3 problem restoring from clone10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: RM6.22 Raid Event mail messages01 Mar 2002
nicole sue
 SUMMARY: nic failover25 Jul 2002
Niedzialek, Brian, CSCIO
 SUMMARY: OS and df -k report file system full, du -sk says otherwise18 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY /kernel/genunix bulding the kernel04 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Disk IO, what is and okay avserv26 Feb 2002
Nikul Raval
 SUMMARY:exec exit fault on xerox printer09 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: which Solaris 8 server to run Oracle8.1.728 May 2002
 Summary: Port 240105 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun NFS & RedHat 6.227 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY:date problem10 Oct 2002
O'Neill, Paul (IT)
 Summary: Can I attach a Sun Storedge Multipack-FC device to a Fib re switch?19 Nov 2002
 Summary: Sun Storedge T3 Array for the Workgroup and multiple ho sts.13 Nov 2002
Ole Martin Refvik
 SUMMARY: 420R not booting, no OK prompt19 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: sawfish window manager09 Oct 2002
Oliver Butanowitz
 SUMMARY: Performance problem04 Nov 2002
Oliver Hemming
 UPDATED SUMMARY: E220R multiprocessors and crashing04 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: E220R multiprocessors and crashing02 Aug 2002
Ollie Fagan
Olson, John C
 SUMMARY: V480 with ce NIC's26 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SAR Data Presentation06 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: email without sendmail12 Mar 2002
Ondrej Florian
 SUMMARY: screen20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: redirecting I/O from shell20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Date Weirdness14 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Changing Date26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Printing Issue11 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Sectors could not be read error10 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Cloning drives09 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Changing Host ID09 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Fcode sequence error08 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Changed shell - can't login - UPDATE06 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Changed shell - can't login06 Feb 2002
Orcutt, Bruce
 SUMMARY: IP address aliasing14 Mar 2002
Osama Ahmed
 [SUMMARY]How to know the trap reason ? ST_DIVO trap15 Nov 2002
 [SUMMARY] E4500 Hardware Watch Dog message15 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] Change 60 users quota !18 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] WebFlash: Could not extract flash archive29 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] Jumpstart: Could not update system for automatic rebooting28 Feb 2002
 [SUMMARY II] How to Disable SUNBlade 1000 standby mode ?!19 Feb 2002
 [SUMMARY] How to Disable SUNBlade 1000 standby mode ?!15 Feb 2002
 [SUMMARY] Jumpstart: Unable to Connect to X srever12 Feb 2002
 [SUMMARY] OT: NT/Cisco Mailing lists08 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:UFS logging dark sides ?19 Jan 2002
Oscar Knight
 SUMMARY: need to replace hard drive in ultra 120 Aug 2002
Owens, Blaine C - Eastman
 SUMMARY: POP3 server for Solaris22 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 - 105 Serial Number18 Jan 2002
Ozgur C. Demir
 SUMMARY: Disk ID30 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Finding pid which listens a specific port07 Jan 2002
P Sharma
 SUMMARY: Server Upgrade from solaris 7 to solaris813 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Changing ip address on server13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:Max. Hard Drive Compatible for ultra1019 May 2002
 SUMMARY: VNC like remote access06 Feb 2002
 Summary: DHCP Server04 Nov 2002
 Summary: Unable to telnet25 Jun 2002
 Summary: TCP/IP settings03 Jun 2002
 Summary: Errors in /var/adm/messages25 Apr 2002
 Summary: Sorting the last command20 Feb 2002
 Partial Summary and problems with Writting to mounts as root02 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: How to remove a file with a _very_ weird name?29 Apr 2002
Palmer, Scott
 SUMMARY: Ram Disk under Solaris 801 Mar 2002
Pamarthi Venkata Naga Vara Prasad
 SUMMARY Problem with NIS Setup11 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY Re: Solaris 8 and Portugese11 Jan 2002
Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
 [SUMMARY] Extending monitor/keyboard/mouse20 Dec 2002
 [SUMMARY] DVD-R/RW/ROM/CD-RW drive10 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY-2] Third party multi-host RAID5 array08 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] Third party multi-host RAID5 array08 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY-2] High Availability Cluster for NFS17 Jun 2002
 [SUMMARY] High Availability Cluster for NFS17 Jun 2002
Pardy, Brian
 SUMMARY: Inaccessible Subsystem?11 Jul 2002
 Summary: Slightly OT: Depreciating Sun Equipment29 Oct 2002
Patricia Max
 Summary - Re: Solaris 8 printing problem20 Oct 2002
Patricio Mora
 SUMMARY: script quest12 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: SSA 110 fans failed14 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Trivial swap question15 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Storedge 6960 configuration for backup05 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Semaphores/Oracle related one13 Mar 2002
Patricio Mora Lpez
 SUMMARY: URGENT restore issue22 Nov 2002
Patrick L. Nolan
 SUMMARY: X causes panic16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Can SunPCi use Win2k Service Pack 2?17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Bad block on an IDE disk15 Jan 2002
Patrick Li
 Summary: How to delete metadb replica in non-existent hard disk07 Feb 2002
Patrick Novak
 SUMMARY: dns failover problem30 May 2002
Patrick O'Reilly
 SUMMARY: Sun Ultra-10 Bandwidth Usage25 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Cannot bring up Ultra-1024 Jul 2002
Patrick Pohlmann
 SUMMARY: E450 got stuck with fault in glm008 Nov 2002
Paul Adair
 [Summary] ARP/RARP error on a Ultra 115 Feb 2002
Paul Galjan
 SUMMARY: Firmware updates for Sun E400030 May 2002
Paul Greidanus
 SUMMARY - 3d Lite Graphics Card problem05 Jun 2002
Paul Hedgepeth
 SUMMARY: Routing question09 Apr 2002
Paul Keller
 SUMMARY: booting off alternate veritas disk07 Jun 2002
Paul LaMadeleine
 Summary: Backing up a veritas file system questions17 May 2002
 Initial Summary: OK, which secure ftpd do you like, Proftp, wu-ftp, ncftp or other06 May 2002
 Summary: Another question on veritas - this time with support18 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: problem installing Veritas Foundation Suite 3.416 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: memory problem with vmstat and tail18 Feb 2002
Paul Rae
 Summary: Suspicious Kernel Panic08 Aug 2002
Paul Richards
 SUMMARY: SunPCi in an Ultra5 with other cards17 Feb 2002
Paul Timmerman
 SUMMARY: EMC Mailing Lists12 Jul 2002
Paul Wilkinson
 SUMMARY: 10,000 RPM Cheetah in Ultra-1 ??09 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: sed script help414 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: sed script help327 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: regedit requires X21 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: tar | ls | grep21 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: sed script help02 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: loghost explained22 May 2002
 SUMMARY: kern warning explained14 May 2002
 SUMMARY: lo0 loopback usage explained14 May 2002
 SUMMARY: init and shutdown don't work16 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: priority_paging=112 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: WARNING: se0: Buffer overrun04 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: WARNING: se0: Buffer overrun26 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY2: ps all kill all04 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: ps all kill all04 Mar 2002
Perttunen, Bruce
 Summary : Creating multiple aliases on a qfe card29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 and Ultra 5 issue27 Dec 2002
Pete Geenhuizen
 SUMMARY:Apache and SSL10 Feb 2002
Peter Gurney Wickett
 SUMMARY Sybase & Oracle together03 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY - vfstab question29 Apr 2002
Peter Kunst
 PARTLY SUMMARY: Ultra1 flash update failed - how to recover ?01 Apr 2002
Peter Laws
 SUMMARY: SWEXPERT (nee Sun Expert)22 Mar 2002
Peter Leicht
 summary: small os16 Jun 2002
 half a SUMMARY: SunMC documentation30 Jan 2002
Peter Ondruska
 SUMMARY: blade 100 questions02 Jan 2002
Peter Raftery
 SUMMARY:4800/6800 slots and /etc/path_to_inst25 Nov 2002
Peter Stokes
 SUMMARY: L280 software support?28 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY - Veritas Licence for A500021 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Sol 9 Hardware support17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: What packages for SunPCi?10 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Patch installation problem addition06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY:Patch installation problem06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Getting TLZ09 to work on U527 Jan 2002
Peter Strickx
 [SUMMARY]: Network problems SunBlade100/Ultra2/Dell/Netgear FS51622 Jan 2002
Peter Watkins
 SUMMARY: Xsession/CDE/OpenWindows problem06 Mar 2002
Peter Whelan (EEI)
 summary: system updates08 Apr 2002
Petersen, Dwight
 SUMMARY: Solaris & SVR4 login features09 Jul 2002
 Summary: Trying to pipe TAR job through openSSH03 Jun 2002
Piotr G Wolak
 [SUMMARY]: processor model27 Feb 2002
Please Sun
 [Summary] NAS or Direct-attached Storage11 Sep 2002
 [Summary]Viewing/Sharing X application to two user20 Aug 2002
 [Summary]nisplus to nisplus with compatibility mode05 Aug 2002
 [Summary]Resources for heterogeneous unix environment05 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY]Xterm Problem08 Jun 2002
Pleszko, Alex
 SUMMARY: Parameter for reduce I/O Buffer29 Jul 2002
Powers, William
 SUMMARY: Cloning Solaris Disks03 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Clonning Solaris Disks03 Jan 2002
Prabhala, Rama
 FW: Summary -How to install GCC08 Mar 2002
 Summary - changing hostname with VVM05 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: How to make write cache enabled permanent13 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: VxFS vs VxVM26 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS: solaris & linux08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Answerbook2 in Windows23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Moving users from Solaris 7 to SOlaris 809 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Date of OS installation27 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: jumpstart fails14 Jan 2002
Qing Chang
 SUMMARY: weird DNS and NFS problem29 Jul 2002
Quinn, Richard C. - Collinsville IT
 SUMMARY: Upgrade from Solaris 6 to Solaris 820 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: X6541 Alternative16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: alternative filesystem30 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: booting Ultra 1030 Oct 2002
R Stone
 SUMMARY: No /dev/rmt entries for DLT800026 Jun 2002
R. Marc Baldus
 Summary: Firewalls19 Jun 2002
 Summary - Expect Script29 May 2002
 Summary: Remote Access and Headless18 May 2002
 Summary: NAS as a second backup option27 Mar 2002
 Summary: OpenWindows & CDE09 Mar 2002
 Summary: Crack 5.0a install problems Part II14 Feb 2002
 Summary: Crack 5.0a install problems12 Feb 2002
Radhika Sambamurti
 summary: login file for sh05 Nov 2002
 summary: login file for sh05 Nov 2002
Rafael Angarita
 SUMMARY: Syslog rotation (howto customize)04 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Efficient file synchronization23 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: X client for windows16 Sep 2002
RaghuNath L(Raghu)
 Summary: Veritas problem after upgrade from 2.6 to 2.807 Aug 2002
 Summary Re: How to use ssh to connect to remote server23 Jul 2002
 Summary:Veritas VXVM daemon12 Jul 2002
 Summary:Cvs client server21 Jun 2002
 Summary:Pam.allow18 Jun 2002
 Summary: logging in vxfs22 May 2002
 SummaryRe: Nfs version15 Apr 2002
Rahul Parasnis
 Summary : Gigabit Interface problems and BSA_RC_ABORT_SYSTEM_ERROR25 Jun 2002
 Summary : Printing from NT Machine outside Firewall using Solaris Machineas gateway.30 Apr 2002
Raj, Dilip (SD-EX)
 SUMMARY::sar data collections on solaris 2.5124 Apr 2002
raji kuruganti
 Summary:umount not unmounting the file system01 May 2002
Rajnish Gupta (SSD-DELRO- SIP)
 Summary: User Creation05 Mar 2002
Rajput raj
 SUMMARY: multiple log servers in syslog.conf21 Oct 2002
 Summary: Re: Weird last command information12 Mar 2002
Ramaswamy, Satish
 summary: extracting a specific file from tape using dd06 Dec 2002
 summary of automatic starting of tomcat03 Dec 2002
 summary of automatic starting of tomcat03 Dec 2002
 summary of automatic starting of tomcat03 Dec 2002
 summary : problems with ufsrestore02 Dec 2002
Ramesh Naidu
 SUMMARY: SSH Installation10 Jun 2002
 Summary: SSH Installation10 Jun 2002
Rami Aubourg
 SUMMARY: Installing SunFire V100 with Solaris 816 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: trailing space08 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Slow Samba on Solaris on certain Network cards17 Jan 2002
Randy Romero
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart issue10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart problem----long09 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY:dismantling a jumpstart server question03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY:280R unable to see A520022 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: E6500 locks up for no reason12 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY:netstat info01 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: HSSDC port on a 280R14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Sunfire 280 won't see network05 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Question10 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Sendmail always send to MTA server07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: finish script to include map files24 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: disks un-labeling themselves.08 Aug 2002
Rasmussen, Thorfinn T
 SUMMARY: root audit04 Sep 2002
Raul Garcia Martin
 SUMMARY: Network Installation21 Mar 2002
Ravenwood, Tyler
 SUMMARY: Serial Numbers on Sun boxes13 Feb 2002
Ray Hillman
 SUMMARY: Can't login as root on console terminal05 Mar 2002
Ray, Mike
 Summary->RE: Increasing a partition size21 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Migration of NIS from HP-UX to Solaris16 Apr 2002
Redondo Escobar, Alejandro
 SUMMARY: Which package to install the C pre-processor on Solaris816 May 2002
 SUMMARY: How to know the Kb/s for each NIC?25 Feb 2002
Reichert, Alan
 SUMMARY: Netra Drives - Part Request29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY - snmp213 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY - Release TCP/IP PORT13 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY : sar -d for cluster volume manager disks21 Mar 2002
 Summary - sar -d for cluster volume manager disks20 Mar 2002
 Summary - High I/O Wait but can't find which process is doing it06 Dec 2002
Ric Anderson
 SUMMARY: Alternatives to Sun tape Libraries?08 Oct 2002
Richard Grace
 SUMMARY: cdrom not configured21 Mar 2002
Richard Mackerras
 SUMMARY: 3910 or 691003 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Net App Filers and Oracle Databases on Sun07 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Sun Fire 6800 - PCI or cPCI07 Nov 2002
 Summary: Which is faster: SDLT or 100BT Ethernet Full Duplex?31 Oct 2002
 Summary: Which is faster: SDLT or 100BT Ethernet Full Duplex?31 Oct 2002
 Summary: Which is faster: SDLT or 100BT Ethernet Full Duplex?31 Oct 2002
 Summary - LX5020 Sep 2002
 Summary: Sun Grid Engine and Ingres08 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Ingres performance on a Sun Blad e 10029 Jul 2002
Richard Russell
 SUMMARY: [2] iPlanet password security06 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: iPlanet password security06 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: DHCP problem24 Nov 2002
Richard Williams
 summary NIS04 Dec 2002
 RE: vfstab file solaris8 Summary03 Oct 2002
Richard Zinar
 SUMMARY: Running an X server on a headless Sun server13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: NFS mount succeeds, but no files visible07 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: How can I log console output via a DigiLite EL-32 ?05 Sep 2002
Richardson, Robert
 SUMMARY: Problems configuring a remote printer18 Nov 2002
Rick Crelia
 SUMMARY: Help building sendmail 8.12.626 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Data on remanufactured vs. new disk drives12 Jun 2002
Rick Dipper
 SUMMARY: setmnt11 Jan 2002
Rick Fincher
 Summary: Solaris 8 Boot from CDROM Problem31 Dec 2002
 Summary: SunOne App Server 7 under Solaris 807 Nov 2002
 Summary: Solaris 9 End of Life?23 May 2002
 Summary: What is Sun part Number 599-2147-01?25 Apr 2002
Rick Francis
 SUMMARY: usable password length07 Mar 2002
Rick McKinney
 Summary: NIS and Local09 Apr 2002
 Summary: Per User Login restictions26 Mar 2002
Rick von Richter
 [SUMMARY] SDS metaset "lock" problem18 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] X display to a null device18 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] SDS metaset "lock" problem07 Oct 2002
 [SUMMARY] Invisible directory name.08 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] 'set' vs 'env'20 May 2002
Ricky Kris
 Summary: disabling logins27 Feb 2002
Riddoch, John E SITI-ITDSEP3
 RE: Attaching IBM 3590 to Ultra 60 - LATE SUMMARY30 Sep 2002
Rierson Robert Civ OC-ALC/MASLA
 SUMMARY: Disksuite configuration question - and follow on questio ns20 Dec 2002
Rikard Stemland Skjelsvik
 Summary : A question about /root06 Feb 2002
ritesh patel
 Summary : SDS and sendmail05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY : SDS and sendmail questions05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: prom messages about scsi bus26 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: network card for sparc/solaris ?20 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Western Digital 100GB disk?03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY erasing dacstore04 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY:RE: ufsdump many systems to one tape02 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Script on Solaris 821 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:Ufsdump over the Network?18 Sep 2002
 [SUMMARY] shell script to change hostname28 Aug 2002
Rob Gibson
 SUMMARY: iostat -n in Solaris 2.818 Dec 2002
Rob Helmer
 SUMMARY: maximum number of IPs aliased to one interface04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: mounting NFS at boot time26 Feb 2002
Robert Banniza
 SUMMARY: SSH Communications client talking to OPENSSH server using keys for auth26 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra T1 AC200 won't boot with Jumpstart image06 Mar 2002
Robert Brockway
 SUMMARY: Custom Jumpstart going interactive.31 Oct 2002
Robert L. Harris
 SUMMARY: Console Card in a 280?06 May 2002
Robert Legate
 SUMMARY: 280r won't boot from cdrom23 May 2002
Robert P. Weaver
 SUMMARY: Looking for patch/driver file for Netra X113 Jan 2002
Robert Towster
 SUMMARY: many sun boxes.. one group of printers..28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: dd copy not working?26 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Sendmail Stuck in Queue26 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: SED or AKW statement18 Feb 2002
Roddy McColl
 SUMMARY: Sparcstation-20L and VSIMM / SX graphics14 Nov 2002
Rodrigo G
 SUMMARY: panic21 Jun 2002
Ron McKeever
 SUMMARY: Ufsrestore from remote tape27 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: SAN - HDS - JNI HBA - SCSI tran_err29 Nov 2002
Roy White
 SUMMARY: Non Sun Drives29 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY:in.named: symbol __res_dnok: referenced01 Feb 2002
Ruben Alvarez Timon
 SUMMARY: ufsdump/ufsrestore problem11 Jul 2002
Rudi van Houten
 SUMMARY: USB Flash disk on a Sun workstation24 Dec 2002
Rugman, Rob
 SUMMARY: IP flaky following a reboot.21 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] E450 - disks visible under Solaris 8 aren't under 2.618 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Following recovery from backup, system fails during boot -up26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY:(partial)How to setup alternate path with JNI FCE-646012 Apr 2002
Ryan A. Krenzischek
 SUMMARY: Sun Blade 150 Memory...09 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Possibly O/T: Commercial Support for IP Filter on Solaris...18 Jul 2002
Ryan McEwan
 Summary: Problem with jumpstart14 May 2002
s chitta
 SUMMARY : Unable to bring up eri1 interface on a 280R31 Dec 2002
Sabrina Lautier
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore in a fully "non-interactive" mode16 Dec 2002
sajeev nv
 SUMMARY:EOD23 May 2002
 SUMMARY:solaris 2.6 -to 813 May 2002
Sajesh Singh
 SUMMARY: Max File Size22 Jul 2002
Sal Serafino
 SUMMARY: Cross platform DHCP01 Aug 2002
Salum, Felipe
 SUMMARY: sun server17 Apr 2002
sanjim jaike
 Summary:Deleting files with strange names04 May 2002
Santhakumar Sivasingam
 Summary: Apache htaccess09 Dec 2002
 Summary: Hardning Sol 705 Dec 2002
Santos, Ramiro
 SUMMARY: Corrupt VTOC14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: How to find or a method to find duplicated d evice paths27 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: wrong IP from the installserver28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Ximian Gnome on Solaris 912 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Usable IDE DVD-ROMs with Sun Solaris17 May 2002
 SUMMARY: How to interpret the prtconf output13 May 2002
 SUMMARY: DMA (IDE) on Solaris06 May 2002
 SUMMARY: typeset: not found error30 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: UFS Filesystem properties27 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: machine panic while installation13 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: machine panic while installation12 Mar 2002
Santosh Rangdal
 SUMMARY: Housekeeping Logfiles09 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: kernel parameter30 Jul 2002
Sarah Eckhause
 SUMMARY: mounting and reading ISO CD image files26 May 2002
Saravanan C S
 ****Summary:- Trunking Quad Ethernet Ports***17 Jul 2002
 Summary: SENDMAIL PROBLEM04 Apr 2002
Sathish Kumar Udupi
 SUMMARY Re: Panic error during JumpStart on Netra T1 105 ( sol8)20 Feb 2002
Sawasy, Matthew
 SUMMARY: Setting time back (was time questio)22 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Time question22 Jan 2002
Scot Needy
 SUMMARY: SUMMARY: Loading perl modules bassed on Solaris uname15 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Loading perl modules bassed on Solaris uname15 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Perl Kstat: Module won't compile.30 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: SUMMARY: Loading perl modules bassed on Solaris uname16 May 2002
 UN-SUMMARY: Loading perl modules bassed on Solaris uname15 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Loading perl modules bassed on Solaris uname15 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Perl Kstat: Module won't compile.01 May 2002
Scott J. Buecker
 SUMMARY: ssh in clusters27 Dec 2002
Scott Kapel
 [SUMMARY]: SunFire 280r interface oddness (jumpstart)21 Mar 2002
Scott Palmer
 SUMMARY: Slow server response31 Jul 2002
Scott Pham
 Summary: Finding out how much cache on a CPU01 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Performance Monitoring On SUN Systems01 Feb 2002
Sean Walmsley
 SUMMARY: wanted: PCI slot probe order for Sun V88003 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: recovering data from corrupt SunOS bar format floppies30 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Openboot upgrade06 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Php4 loading module error in apache02 Sep 2002
Separovic, Jason
 SUMMARY: Detecting a power supply failure on an E220R.09 May 2002
Sergio Edo. Miranda
 SUMMARY: NIS+ problem "can't add entry: Generic system error"30 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Recovery OSF HD14 Feb 2002
Serkan Berk
 Summary: Elite3D pkgs08 Apr 2002
Seth Rothenberg
 SUMMARY: timestamp09 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Corporate LAN vs Private network14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: A350005 Jul 2002
Shah, Alay
 SUMMARY: Questions about 4800's13 Jun 2002
Shane Pitman
 SUMMARY: Drivers for Gigabit Ethernet 1.027 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY Vendors27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY Vendors27 Jun 2002
 3rd party memory summary02 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY V880 / E45022 Jan 2002
Shannon Wimberly
 SUMMARY: /home drive not writeable18 Mar 2002
Shawn Tagseth
 [SUMMARY] tuning timeslice15 Feb 2002
Sherman, Gary
 SUMMARY: CVS Error upon login with pserver28 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: CVS server migration27 Aug 2002
Shyam Kumar
 Summary:Problem with Solaris linker after applying the latest Solaris patches15 Nov 2002
Sid Wilroy
 SUMMARY: Dual hosting A1000's SCSI errors second v480 wouldn't boot13 Sep 2002
 RE :SUMMARY: Throughput Increase30 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: CDE - mounting partition29 May 2002
Sigbjorn Strommen
 SUMMARY: Backup server device problems [HP LTO]20 Mar 2002
Simon Crowther
 SUMMARY: Re: Solaris minimization on NETRA T113 Nov 2002
Simon Phillips
 summary - GCC INSTALL23 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Cron doesn't appear to be working07 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY - Reconfiguring st.conf14 Mar 2002
Simon-Bernard Drolet
 SUMMARY: SunFire V100 memory ???09 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: init script for ssh startup07 Nov 2002
sivaram hosavalika
 Summary :SBUS VS PCI05 Jan 2002
Sizemore, Joanna
 SUMMARY: Backup Hardware15 May 2002
 SUMMARY: E450 will not recognize new 18.2GB hard drives23 Apr 2002
Slamet Ahmad Fadilah
 SUMMARY (UPDATED): "The IDPROM contents are invalid"25 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: "The IDPROM contents are invalid"07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: SBus Board Swap (Off-Topic)22 May 2002
 SUMMARY: FW: Bulk passwd change using a "here" script20 Sep 2002
Smith, Kevin C
 SUMMARY: ssh problem01 Jul 2002
Spiro Harvey
 SUMMARY: SDLT1 st.conf parameters09 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: OT: MRTG compile problems w Solaris 801 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: luxadm output weirdness09 Oct 2002
Spurgeon, John P
 SUMMARY: Console problems when not using GUI packages17 Sep 2002
 RE Summary: Running out of space when backing up the OS to a DDS2 tape10 Apr 2002
 Summary: Running out of space when backing up the OS to a DDS2 ta pe09 Apr 2002
 Summary: can't display netmasks(4) man page (on Solaris 7)31 Mar 2002
 Summary: pkgmk doesn't recognize hard links14 Mar 2002
 Summary: Where did my command history file go?10 Mar 2002
Sreedharan, Anil
 Summary: 65533 cylinder limit on solaris for hardrives17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY : Sun Fibre channel HBA13 Feb 2002
Sreenivasa Rao Vadalasetty
 SUMMARY: Problem with jumpstart11 Jan 2002
sreenu reddy
 "SUMMARY: Need of a script"18 May 2002
 SUMMARY: nscd and local account login10 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: using rdist to clone system drive on a periodical basis02 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Re: Third A1000 on a E450 - daisy chain or put on a separate adapter card?22 Feb 2002
sridhara pk
 SUMMARY:ksh05 Sep 2002
Srikanth Muthyala
 Summary : Network Card Speed21 Nov 2002
 Summary: E250 hanging at boot24 May 2002
 Summary: E250 hanging at boot24 May 2002
Stafford, Kevin
 SUMMARY: /usr/ucp/ps fails11 Jan 2002
Stallings Mark E SSgt 53 CSS/SCN
 summary: Port prob24 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY 2.5.1 as a print server08 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: ssh port fowarding question14 Mar 2002
 Revised SUMMARY: Password generation16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Password generation15 Jul 2002
 Tentative Summary: Bootable Tape08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: FTPd Configuration question07 Jan 2002
Stanley, Jon
 SUMMARY: E220R lockup/memory problems22 Sep 2002
starfish524 DDong
 SUMMARY: malloc in Solaris 2.5.1, 2.6,7 and 816 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Error reading from connection: Bad file number08 Jan 2002
Stephen Kelly
 Summary: DNS update compatibility12 Nov 2002
 Summary: Jumpstart E450 problem18 Jun 2002
 Summary: Hostname problems04 Jun 2002
Stephen Ryan
 SUMMARY: 220R 2.6 possible memory leak?03 Apr 2002
Steve Bagdon
 SUMMARY: number days since last login25 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY - SUNWcsr missing pkginfo23 May 2002
 SUMMARY: HP 'web console' J3691A - Sun and 'send break'?06 Feb 2002
Steve Camp
 SUMMARY: panic - boot: mismatched version of /boot interface: new boot, old kernel15 Jan 2002
Steve Chapman
 SUMMARY: FTP transfer hangs in Solaris 810 Oct 2002
Steve Devine
 SUMMARY: Question about redirect30 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Jumpstart server .. Patches15 Apr 2002
Steve Edberg
 SUMMARY: Request comments on 3rd-partuy RAID arrays06 Nov 2002
Steve Elliott
 SUMMARY Re: new disk on 420R14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: install hangs (fwd)06 Mar 2002
Steve Jones
 SUMMARY: SC2.2 - Terminal Concentrator19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY : syslog(3) and openlog(3)28 Feb 2002
Steve Maher
 SUMMARY: jumpstart problem11 Sep 2002
Steve McClure
 summary:limiting a ftp users access to directories above home25 Jun 2002
Steve Mickeler
 SUMMARY: snmp / mrtg stats for trunked interface12 Feb 2002
Steve Sandau
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite 4.2.1 with non-Sun drives28 Aug 2002
Steven Aizic
 SUMMARY: Sun RSC Question12 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: 480R ce interface question21 Sep 2002
 Summary: SE Toolkit10 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: E3800 vs. 2 x V88015 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Another quick dd question15 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Problems with SUNWsan package install23 Apr 2002
Steven Hill
 SUMMARY: A script for mirroring disks with Disksuite.17 Sep 2002
Stoyan Angelov
 SUMMARY: A3500 failed controller(s)18 Jul 2002
 Summary: ent. 450, SYM22801 and A1000 problem03 Mar 2002
Stuart Kendrick
 SUMMARY: sftp & PAM27 Feb 2002
Stuart Little
 SUMMARY: Kernel rebuild fails after 101508-15 patch applied.05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Upgrading disks in E25021 Jan 2002
Stuart Whitby
 SUMMARY: inode -> filename mapping28 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: VxFS and lsof26 Jun 2002
Sue Thielen
 SUMMARY: Tape Drive issues16 May 2002
 SUMMARY : Flushing DNS in solaris26 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY : NetBackup Cleaning Tape Change14 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Recognizing disks without reboot28 Jan 2002
Sugan Moodley
 SUMMARY: format FLAG value - Solaris 8 2/02 (SPARC)21 Nov 2002
 Summary : Slow I/O on A100010 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY:- largefiles on VxFS17 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Questions regarding SDS vs VXVA08 Feb 2002
Sumair Mahmood
 SUMMARY: Formatting Numbers to be Comma Separated05 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: $SHELL Reports Incorrectly04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Finding Broken Links30 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Successful LS, Unsuccessful RM31 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: Safely Increasing Swap Space11 Jan 2002
Sun Fire
 Summary: unable to unzip file more than 2GB22 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: ps_data19 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: ps_data19 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY: SunRay compatible Smartcards04 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: counting common lines from file04 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra2, Solaris8, and 64bit18 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra2 serial port issues14 Aug 2002
sun_question question
 SUMMARY:creating disk images for solaris (like ghost)15 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: How to disconnect from tip...11 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: stop users su'ing on their workstations27 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: init 510 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY:Passive ftp on Solaris?22 Nov 2002
Sundaram Ramasamy
 SUMMARY:increasing swap space12 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY:Do the Certification in Solaris Very much Essential31 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Processes in Solaris Operating Env.23 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Any study material on Crash and Recovery23 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Migrate /usr to another slice02 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Finding disk usage05 Aug 2002
Surbeck Glen GS7 868CS/SCYMC
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Install Sol 8 ERROR: could not open file22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Jumpstart Install Sol 8 ERROR: could not open file18 Mar 2002
Surendar Dinkar
 SUMMARY: ultra60 reboots with memory errors16 Jan 2002
Surender Dinkar
 SUMMARY2: finger12 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: finger11 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY Non Sun-monitors15 Nov 2002
Taki, Mohamad
 [SUMMARY] Custom jumpstart installation with Web Start Flash Arc hive05 Mar 2002
Tamer A. Yousef
 SUMMARY:max benefits17 Jun 2002
Tan Tshun Kiat
 SUMMARY: Trunking software 1.2 for Sun Quad Fast Ethernet24 Jun 2002
Tandy, Jason - UK
 FW: SUMMARY: E250 - Stress Testing30 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Upgrading E450 hardware26 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Resource usage data collection11 Mar 2002
 [Summary] "core file size" problems?26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Multiple machines to maintain.13 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY of tftp problem03 Oct 2002
Ted John
 RE: Sun's SRC/P card, Solaris upgrade SUMMARY24 Feb 2002
Teklu, Daniel
 SUMMARY: RE: Jumpstart (2.6 to 8.0)19 Nov 2002
Terje J. Hanssen
 SUMMARY: EOL Solaris/Migration to Linux?15 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: EOL Solaris/Migration to Linux?16 Feb 2002
Thamara Wanigatunga
 SUMMARY: Backup15 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Shutdown permission only25 Jul 2002
The great Spirit
 [SUMMARY] SunBlade 100 Memory Upgrade28 Feb 2002
Thien Vu
 SUMMARY: CDE calendar not responding19 Mar 2002
 [SUMMARY] Live Upgrade poll14 Jan 2002
Thomas 'Mike' Michlmayr
 SUMMARY: truss -c for the kernel?07 Feb 2002
Thomas M. Payerle
 Summary: Anything special about partition #213 May 2002
 a port state question SUMMARY19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: terminal and/or console server opinions25 Apr 2002
 summary: capacity planning and fiber questions02 Apr 2002
Tim Carlson
 SUMMARY: Big IDE drive in a Blade-10031 Mar 2002
Tim Chipman
 SUMMARY: "Public" NFS Share not Mounted @ Boot, But Mounts OK "Manually"10 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: e250 <-> e450 Identity Swap ?09 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: Scaling Query: (4 x 450) vs (2 x 900)25 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra10 Problems (Clock Drift, MAC clobbered,etc)11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: NetBackup 3.41 Server Sizing21 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: RSH / RCMD Socket Errors on Solaris 8, Solaris 2.26 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Hypothetical Question: LTO Drives into L1000 robot ?06 Feb 2002
Tim Evans
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 DHCP Server and PC Default Router26 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Factory Password for L20 Tape Jukebox30 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Runaway Syslogd09 Jan 2002
Tim Gaastra
 SUMMARY: Booting from a StorEdge 331017 Dec 2002
Tim Hespe
 Summary - SDS question.06 Dec 2002
 Summary: Strange system problems.09 Sep 2002
tim mcginnis
 restoring systems SUMMARY02 Oct 2002
Tim Moran
 Summary: Jumpstart boot server issues on second network interface .07 May 2002
Timon, John
 Summary veritas on V880 solaris 8 problem19 Jul 2002
Timothy Lorenc
 SUMMARY: 120GB IDE HDDs in a SunFire V10005 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: SUN and Oracle performance design question29 May 2002
 SUMMARY: RAID Manager v6.22.1 and mirroring for A1000's30 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: RAID Manager v6.22.1 and mirroring for A1000's29 Mar 2002
Todd Urie
 SUMMARY - II: ufsdump question19 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsdump question18 Mar 2002
Toens Bueker
 SUMMARY: Man-pages, dev-packets, package mgt11 Jun 2002
Tom Hart
 SUMMARY: ufsrestore problem (Tom Hart)19 Jul 2002
Tom Jones
 Summary: Exabyte M2 Compression problem20 Sep 2002
Tom Kartanowicz
 SUMMARY: /var file removal question09 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Netra X1 and Solaris 8 Reinstall10 Feb 2002
Tom Kinter
 SUMMARY: Sun VideoPix on Solaris 2.728 Feb 2002
Tonny Verberk
 SUMMARY: Kerberos question24 Jul 2002
tony bourke
 SUMMARY: Speed differences for 2.6, 7, 8 and 920 Jun 2002
Tony Magtalas
 Summary: How to get a Sunsolve account for home use17 Oct 2002
 Summary: Software to run the old SunPCI card on Ultra 507 Aug 2002
 Summary: Replacement of A1000 RAID battery16 Jul 2002
 Summary: Memory Interleaving on the E4500 server16 Jul 2002
 Summary: Script to check for memory config on E420R/Ultra 8024 Jun 2002
 Summary: How to avoid spam mail (revisited)23 Jun 2002
 Summary: How to avoid spam mail18 Jun 2002
 Summary: Questions about Solaris 9?18 Jun 2002
Tony Tran
 Summary: Ecache parity problem on Sun Enterprise servers23 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: How to duplicate old 1/4" bootable QIC-24 tape cartridge20 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra 10 memory05 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: How do I know which disk is bad in a RMS tray for E300028 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: eri interface to full duplex for JUMPSTART24 Dec 2002
 Summary of:Summary (+question): OK -- I yield -- Solaris 8 DHCP client w/ NT DHCP server20 Sep 2002
 Summary (+question): OK -- I yield -- Solaris 8 DHCP client w/ NT DHCP server20 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Veritas File System Snapshots01 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 8 / Oracle 801 Aug 2002
 Summary: Verification of Plan (Veritas/Root disk failure)28 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: error "fru: Device busy"20 May 2002
 SUMMARY: DLT7000 with hardware failure10 Jan 2002
Trent Petrasek
 SUMMARY: out of date ls manpage?23 Apr 2002
Trinh, Linh [C]
 SUMMARY: user password error06 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Majordomo replacement22 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Running Linux on a SunBlade16 Jul 2002
U n d e r a c h i e v e r
 SUMMARY RE: user management, NT domain06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Compile problem with gd on intel25 Feb 2002
ultra two
 SUMMARY: Ultra1, netscape staroffice hangs03 Jun 2002
 Summary:password change with RBAC21 Nov 2002
 Summary (partial): password change with RBAC20 Nov 2002
 Summary: Script (awk) help14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: CPIO/GZIP script help27 Oct 2002
 Summary:Re: cpio > 2GB file in Sol 702 Oct 2002
Umesh Potbhare
 SUMMARY: Problem with fsck on big size ( 110GB) created using Veritasvolume Manager.22 Aug 2002
Unix Learner
 [SUMMARY]OpenSSH on multiple Servers26 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:Openssh and Solaris811 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Locking down access to workstations via Exceed05 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: NIS Problem? (printers information)28 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY(with question): NIS Problem? (printers information)25 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite RAID 0+1 growfs04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: ifconfig on Solaris 803 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Legato NetWorker27 Feb 2002
Urie, Todd
 SUMMARY: Xwindows & ssh port forward13 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: read() on closed pipe doesn't return EOF17 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: ufsdump with L9/DLT800011 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite on SunFire280R05 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite Mirror Failure Testing28 May 2002
utkarsh joshi
 SUMMARY: solaris jumpstart using linux laptop22 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris kernel tuning: process threads14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: sed variable substitution problem08 Feb 2002
Vaddadi, Sridhar
 Summary: Peculiar problem with Oracle on Solaris 820 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY : DISPLAY setting in profile12 Aug 2002
Vahid Moghaddasi
 SUMMARY: socket: All ports in use17 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris and spam control14 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Boot from A100008 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Server upgrade recommendation01 Sep 2002
 SUMMARYA1000 firmware upgrade16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: SSH 3.2 and password reset on Solaris13 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: mutex contention07 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Solaris 9 name change14 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: pmap and pmap -x output27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY:SZ and RSS column in ucb/ps24 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Slow performance on EMC20 May 2002
Valeriy Glinskiy
 SUMMARY:E4500 side covers01 Apr 2002
Vandevegt, James Matthew (Jim)
 [Summary] Performance 32- vs. 64-bit kernel02 Oct 2002
Vern Walls
 SUMMARY: Need KVM switch suggestions14 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Anti-Virus Software05 Feb 2002
Very Penguin
 SUMMARY: BREAK signal ( was X1 - LOM - Serial )25 Feb 2002
Very Pinguin
 [SUMMARY] SUNPCI w/ Solaris 926 Aug 2002
 [Summary] Writing device drivers13 Aug 2002
 [Summary] Ultra 5 and scsi controller12 Aug 2002
 [SUMMARY] Ultra 5 and Ide Cdrom10 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 and pci devices09 Aug 2002
 [Summary] Blade 100 and monitor21 Jul 2002
 [Summary] sparc 4 - sparc 520 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY] upgrade obp for sparc 5 [update]16 Jul 2002
 [Nearly summary] Re: Solaris 9 CD: invalid Boot for install server06 Jul 2002
 [SUMMARY] sparc 5, output when power-on13 Jul 2002
 [Summary] which one is good enough for Solaris 908 Jul 2002
 [Nearly Summary] Solaris 9 Invalid install boot06 Jul 2002
Vic Engle
 SUMMARY: SAN implementations17 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY Sun trunk performance09 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: DiskSuite29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: ftp transfer fails03 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: network traffic29 May 2002
 SUMMARY:Fast Data Access MMU Miss in E450 while booting from Cdrom04 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY : Sudoers error(not allowd to execute the command)29 May 2002
 SUMMARY: How to recover System from tape25 Apr 2002
Vijay ch
 Summary: how to get process status using pid25 May 2002
 Summary: mmap issue21 May 2002
vikram kashyap
 SUMMARY: Swap and mail command issue27 Feb 2002
Villn Pizarro, Julia
 How to start X-Windwos on boot (II) + vnc24 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Restoring OS permissions23 Jul 2002
Vinarsky, Boris
 Summary: Sun in coma05 Mar 2002
Vince Sabio
 SUMMARY: netmask problem13 Mar 2002
 Summary, Take 2: Need to connect Ultra-1 to USB & VGA05 Mar 2002
 Summary: Need to connect Ultra-1 to USB & VGA03 Mar 2002
Vincent Cojot
 SUMMARY: SC Firmware version for clock (not SC) failover on F4800/F6800 SC's. (fwd)27 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: SRM (Sun Resource Manager) competitors.. (fwd)27 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: What is patch 109888-16?24 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Upgrading Solaris on an e10k domain.. (OBP version)..24 Jul 2002
Vincent S. Cojot
 SUMMARY: SunFire F6800, four domains and the Media Tray story.26 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Moving disk from Ultra 2 to SB2000 (errata)12 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: Moving disk from Ultra 2 to SB2000.12 Jul 2002
 Summary: Solstice Backup 6.1 failing to backup large files27 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: Load Balancer04 Mar 2002
 summary: Solaris Security tool14 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: OT:Perl Script19 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:Perl script for pinging17 Jul 2002
 Summary: TCP timeout between hosts17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: easy mail, mailx question12 Jul 2002
 Summary: Power supply on Ultra 1020 Jun 2002
 Summary: FW-1 on Solaris15 May 2002
 SUMMARY : monitoring page loads19 Apr 2002
Vlade Ristevski
 Summary :Clearing entire arp table10 Jan 2002
Vu Pham
 [SUMMARY] upgrade obp for sparc 5 [update]16 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY Translation pseudo name to device name19 Nov 2002
Wallace Kha
 SUMMARY: scp directories01 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: Visio Stencils01 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: Building TFTP Server17 Jan 2002
Walse Chen
 [SUMMARY] Moving NIS master server31 Oct 2002
 Summary:where to put SDS state database02 May 2002
 Summary: Reboot with on reason01 Feb 2002
Walt Sullivan
 SUMMARY: NIS slave can't talk across router to NIS master?14 Apr 2002
Walter Heukels
 SUMMARY: Ultra 5 system type in NVRAM?28 May 2002
Wanke Matthias
 Summary: Global Counter for Number of Open Files?16 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Jails or the like under solaris?29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY:"sudo" on Solaris 5.416 May 2002
 [SUMMARY] users statistics03 Dec 2002
 Summary: How to change the name of a network interface device17 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: partition problem11 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY: Could not find the directory of /floppy17 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY What is tip line(2)10 Jul 2002
Werner Sinz
 SUMMARY: growfs-problem "Not owner"26 Jun 2002
Wesley Suess
 Summary: NIS / /etc/group / User Setup Question06 Mar 2002
 Summary: User setup question REVISED04 Jan 2002
 Summary: User setup question03 Jan 2002
White, Bob
 SUMMARY: HP DAT40 Tape Drive01 Jul 2002
 Summary: SCSI Addresses19 Jun 2002
 SUMMARY: What did I delete? Followup25 Mar 2002
Wianecki, Christopher
 SUMMARY: How to grep for \ ?20 Feb 2002
 SUMMARY: SCSI transport failed14 Feb 2002
Wildemann Markus
 SUMMARY: systeminfo09 Jan 2002
 SUMMARY increasing number of ptys31 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: PROM Doc08 May 2002
 SUMMARY: Increasing number of processes ?08 May 2002
William Enestvedt
 [SUMMARY] Grow slice 7 into empty cylinders?31 Jan 2002
William Geldhof
 SUMMARY : restricted login26 Aug 2002
William Lovins
 SUMMARY: E250 - Solaris 8 - Missing Processor from O/S02 Jul 2002
William Robertson
 SUMMARY: openssh on a Solaris 8 core cluster04 Mar 2002
William Yodlowsky
 SUMMARY: NFS Device naming15 Apr 2002
Wim Olivier
 SUMMARY: Disksuite performance (stripeset)01 Jul 2002
Wimmer, Jeffrey
 SUMMARY: CDRW and Plextor PW-12/10/32TSe06 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY: MU archives05 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY Language package missing...but gcc installed09 Apr 2002
 [Interim Summary] Security Login banner under CDE03 Apr 2002
Witold Paluszynski
 SUMMARY: (FAILED to) format a Seagate 9GB disk06 Aug 2002
Wolfgang Schwurack
 Summary: Console error message01 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY: Logging File Systems28 May 2002
 Summary - add two drive to one mount point03 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: NIS doesn't update changes in passwd table25 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Network problems06 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: SCSI ids of internal disks of an ultra 117 Jan 2002
 NOSUMMARY: Sharing SCSI-1 Disk between two hosts?16 Jan 2002
Wong, Ivan
 Summary: Storedge D2 split-bus problem17 Dec 2002
 partial summary: veritas netbackup05 Nov 2002
 summary: veritas netbackup problem09 Oct 2002
 summary: kernel parameters09 Sep 2002
 summary: xwin32 and solaris01 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: pkgadd from Sol 8 cdrom without pgkmap files21 Apr 2002
Wyatt Song
 SUMMARY-2: Processing of text08 Oct 2002
 SUMMARY: Processing of text08 Oct 2002
Yar Baily
 SUMMARY Re: httpd - does not start after new patch cluster applied27 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Throughput Increase27 Dec 2002
 SUMMARY:-2- Now Auto_Master does what I want !!18 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY : Auto_Master does not do what I want !11 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: How to Change Default PATH06 Nov 2002
 SUMMARY: Why can't I PING some computers......05 Nov 2002
Yong S. Yi
 SUMMARY: Device names19 Aug 2002
Yuan Lu
 SUMMARY: 'niscat auto_direct' shows nothing and automount doesn't work30 May 2002
 SUMMARY: market share of Tape drive technologies16 May 2002
Yura Pismerov
 SUMMARY: partitioning for Oracle24 May 2002
 SUMMARY: VxVM problem31 Mar 2002
 SUMMARY: prtdiag output for SCSI15 Feb 2002
Zaigui Wang
 Summary: how to run an interactive command from one host and take over the control from anther19 Dec 2002
 Summary: background a process: how to catch its output (error, standard out, etc)?05 Dec 2002
 Summary: substitution/replace a field in a file15 Nov 2002
 Summary: diskSuite quorum issue30 Oct 2002
 Summary: root mirroring with DiskSuite28 Oct 2002
 Summary: ldapadd: object class violation26 Sep 2002
 summary: intermittent ping issue09 Sep 2002
Zeev Fisher
 SUMMARY : print filter30 Sep 2002
 SUMMARY : managing lot of Solaris hosts24 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY : SMP scheduling issues03 Jul 2002
 Summary: sdXX -> cXtXdX29 Jul 2002
 SUMMARY: InfoServer04 Jul 2002
 Summary: 32bit or 64bit on Solaris 829 Apr 2002
 SUMMARY: Postfix+Mysql+Solaris8.004 Aug 2002
 SUMMARY:Postfix+Mysql+Solaris8.016 Aug 2002

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