SUMMARY: Trying to select paper tray when printing

From: <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 15:26:28 EDT
A thousand thanks to who got me on the right track, I needed to update the net_ljcolor so it would recognize the 11x17 option for the HP8500 series printers from lp command.

system administration account <> wrote:

If you're using the /usr/spool/lp/model/hpnpl/net_ljcolor script to
drive your 8500's print queue (as you should), it may be enough to
   lp -o 11x17 -d queue ...
   lp -o tray2 -d queue ...

The former depends on the printer knowing which tray contains the right
size of paper. In principle that can be autodetected by the hardware,
especially in newer/upscale printers. May or may not work in your case.

The latter depends on your knowing which tray name (there is also tray1
tray3 and tray4) corresponds to which physical tray. Also amenable to
empirical determination.

If in doubt, read the model script (or modify it to suit your needs;
I did just that when I had to add support for an OKI printer which
was mostly but not exactly HP-compatible...)

The ORIGINAL post was:

We are have ton of Sun workstations & a dedicated Sun print server running Jetadmin's replacement software HPPI.  I now have a group of users that need to be able to print to 11x17 paper on HP8500's. So I either want to build a dedicated queue & somehow associate tray 2 as the "default" tray, OR, if I have to, write a wrapper script that would put the proper arguments into lp.   I can't seem to figure out how to make the lp command tell the printer which tray to grab.  

Via the hppi menu I CAN specify which tray to print the 'Banner' page with, but not a regular print job!  

I'm sure I'm overlooking something easy here, please advise!

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