SUMMARY : No keyboad input through serial port

From: Nair, Pravin <>
Date: Tue Feb 12 2002 - 16:50:59 EST
Thanks to everyone who replied to my update - Stephen Luxmoore,Thomas
Barth,Michael Horton ,Jayadevan Chembakassery ,Dave Harrington,Steve Camp
Mike'slist and
I have still not been able to resolve the problem on the E420. Jay suggested
recreating the console device :
#ls -l /dev/console
/dev/console -> ../device/pseudo/cn@0:console
#cd /devices/pseudo/cn@0:console
#ls -l cn@0:console
crw--w----   1 root     tty        0,  0 Feb  8 15:52 cn@0:console
#rm cn@0:console
#mknod  cn@0:console c 0 0
Now kill your console login process ie, "/usr/lib/saf/ttymon -g -h -p ..
console login:  -T sun -d /dev/console -l"
The login service will restart automatically
In my case, I have only /usr/lib/saf/ttymon process running (no child
process ,even though /etc/inittab entry is the same )and killing it doesn't
automatically start the ttymon process.I tried  recreating the device tree
and checked the files under /dev/term and /etc/saf/zsmon/ . pmadm -l lists
both terminals.On rebooting ,it displays "No keyboard present ,ttya is being
used as input and output" . Till I am able to figure out , the workaround
seems to be providing input 
through Sun keyboard and seeing output on Hyperterm/Procomm plus window.
On the E220 ,Michael and geoffr were right in pointing out to unplug the Sun
keyboard.Then I am able to use the laptop keyboard. As a sidenote, even
though win2k laptop keyboard with hyperterm works on the E220,desktop
Keyboard does not work.
Thanks again ,
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I got suggestions from  Padraig Lennon ,Kevin Reichhart,Todd Fiedler,James
Richardson and Ken Zachmann suggesting that I set my OBP input-device and
output-device values to ttya . I forgot to mention that I had already tried
that .I am using a win 2000 laptop to connect to the serial port A of the
SUN E220. The E220 has a graphics card ,so  I could change the eeprom
settings of input/output device to ttya ; On reboot ,I see the output
correctly directed to the hyperterminal window of the laptop instead of the
console screen, but it doesn't accept any keystrokes from the laptop. I had
to do a stop-N to reset the nvram settings so that I could redirect the
output back to the console screen and accept entries from the local
keyboard. The E420 does not have a graphics card , so I can't  even do a
break to bring to the ok prompt since as I said no keyboard strokes are
sensed .I even tried Teraterm and procomm plus but ,no luck.
By the way , I checked the eeprom settings on headless systems that I
have,and all systems show output-device=screen and input-device=keyboard
,But I can still plug my laptop to the port A and it works fine .
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Subject: No keyboad input through serial port
Hello Managers,
I am trying to connect to a SUN E220R  serial port A using Hyperrterminal .
When I boot the system I can see the output in the hyperrterminal Window
,but it doesn't accept any keyboard input . The Null modem cable is ok
,since with the same setup (9600 ,8,N,1) and this cable ,it works on other
E220s and Netras. The OS is Solaris 8 with latest patches. I have a similar
problem on a E420R .The only hardware change I did was to take out a Ultra
SCSI diff card from the E420 and put it in the E220. I don't  know how that
would be related to this problem. Any ideas ?
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