SUMMARY: SUN Storedge PCI DUAL Ultra3 connected to 2 IBM 3580

From: Boris Gegenheimer <>
Date: Mon Dec 23 2002 - 04:24:58 EST

Here comes the summary.
Well I tried everything I thought with boot -r /reconfigure and devfsadm and
none of it worked so I thought of downloading the the other parts of the
The packages which was called SUNWqus SUNWqusu I did not think I would need
these because it said they were 32 bit and I though  I had a fully 64-bit
system .
Apparently not so I added the four packages and applied the patch reboot
with /reconfigure and it worked .
So my mistake but thx for all your help.

Greit list this.

Regards Boris

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Subject: SUN Storedge PCI DUAL Ultra3 connected to 2 IBM 3580

Hello sunmanagers
I have just installed this card and connected it to those drives .
And i cant seem to see the drives i have installed the SUNWqusx and
SUNWqusux packages and applied the latest patch on that and still i cant see
them . But when i go in the bootprom and do a probescsi all i can see the
drives .
Do you have any hints on what to do commands i can use to verify that i have
installed everything i need?
thx Boris
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