SUMMARY: /dev/urandom device

From: Ed Sanborn <>
Date: Fri Jul 19 2002 - 14:13:47 EDT
Hi folks,

  Patch 112438 was needed as I am running Solaris 8.
Solaris 9 has this patch included from what I hear.


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>Hi folks,
>  I am building a Jumpstart profile for a Netra.  I am using
>Solaris 8 version 2/02.  My post scripts start sshd and sshd
>complains that it cannot find /dev/urandom.  Does anyone know
>which Solaris package I need to have loaded so that the urandom
>device is created?

You need to install a specific patch:

112438-01: SunOS 5.8: /kernel/drv/random patch
112439-01: SunOS 5.8_x86: /kernel/drv/random patch
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