SUMMARY: Sparc5 doesn't boot without a keyboard (fwd)

From: Laszlo Ernesto de Miranda Pinto <>
Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 07:36:33 EST
   The problem was solved by setting 'ttya-ignore-cd true' in the
EEPROM. As the terminal was working (I could see the messages and
I could break into OBP normally), I didn't thought the configuration
could be wrong. Thanks to Tony Walsh (Sun) and
"Mike's List" also suggested resetting the EEPROM to the defaults.

   I also received some answers with suggestions on trying "boot -v",
"boot -s", "boot cdrom" -- I already tried to boot from the installed
Solaris 7, and a Solaris 8 CD without success. Other suggestions
included checking the cables, and disabling the keyboard from within
the OS.

Thanks to:
   Mark McManus
   Bertrand Hutin
   Mike's List
   Sergio Novaes
   kk downing
   Jacob Ritorto
   Tony Walsh

-- Laszlo

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   I have a Sparc5 I'm trying to setup to work without a monitor.
However, it doesn't boot without a keyboard. I connected a terminal to
ttya, the Sun recognizes it, starts the boot sequence but the spinner
stops. A <CTR-BREAK> on the terminal at this point gets me the OK

   I tried to set the input-device and the output-device to ttya in the
EEPROM, but it didn't work. A 'boot -v' stops after 'zs1 is /obio/zs@0,0'.
Setting 'input-device keyboard' and 'output-device ttya' works without a

   A check in google turned up:

>I've got an IPC that does the same thing.  If you look in the
>threads with kadb at this time, it's just spinning happily
>amongst its threads,  waiting for some event.  Mine, at least
>isn't hung, its just raced out.

   Does this means that I'm SOL and I'll have to find a place for
the Sun keyboard in my rack ?


   Laszlo de Miranda Pinto
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