Summary -- locking accounts after 3 unsuccessful login attempts

From: Lee, Elizabeth <>
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 19:23:03 EDT
I received some useful feedback -- along with dozens of glib replies from
folks who think that the RETRIES variable in /etc/default/login is the
answer -- which, of course, it isn't -- and one snide remark about my
failure to catch a typo.

One of the replies was from Darren Moffett of Sun, who said just such a
product was being developed. Sun forward compatibility and support is an
important feature for us. I also received this link: 


which are PAM modules for Solaris 7 and 8 freely distributed by a software
firm; I have downloaded them, but have not had the opportunity to look at
the documentation yet. I also received suggestions about Novell's
E-Directory, Symark's PowerPassword, CSE package from Sterling Software,
Pitbull from Argus Systems Group (
<>), Guardian from
<>, along with many suggestions to use GNU login,
recompile LINUX PAM modules, etc., etc. 

We will probably go with the Sun solution if we can get it in a timely
manner. I would also be interested in seeing the Sterling Software package
and the Symark package. Currently this requirement is for a small,
highly-specialized environment, but times being what they are, security
guidelines may soon include this for all systems.
If anyone has an active interest in the actual replies, I will forward upon

My original question:
I am looking for a 3rd party package that will allow us to LOCK an account
after 3 unsuccessful login/dtlogin attempts on Solaris 6 and Solaris 8.  I
think Solaris itself does not offer that capability, and it is a hard
requirement of an emerging environment at this site.  Fortunately we are
willing to pay for a package so cheap does not have to be keyword.

Annette Lee, aka Elizabeth
Northrop Grumman/US Navy
FNMOC,  Monterey California

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advisors to rich men.
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