SUMMARY: L20 LTO autloader barcode help

From: Allan West <>
Date: Mon Dec 02 2002 - 20:08:31 EST
I love this list! I got several problems solved at once...

David Eisner <> wrote:
> See page 4-9 (acutally page 61) of this manual:
> I think the bar code format is part of the Ultrium spec.  This doc
> is for the L9 drive, but I think it should apply tot he L20 LTO as well.
> -David

and Jay Lessert <> wrote
> > We have no documentation on the unit, nor
> That's easy to fix, right?


> FWIW, the following script (grabbed off the HP support site, found
> with Google) and sample postscript work.
> I'm just dumping them on plain stock, cutting them out by hand, and
> taping them on; these particular tapes get handled very little and
> almost exclusively by me, so I'm not too concerned about wear & tear.
> Serious pre-cut sticker stock is available for LTO, of course, but
> not at Office Depot, and I didn't have time.
> The postscript is not as well parameterized as it should be, but is
> a lot better than when *I* got it.  :-)

I'm posting the tar file he sent me on my web page rather than attaching

Thanks very much to both respondents. I'll be printing barcodes in the
morning. >8^)

On Mon, 2 Dec 2002, I asked the list:

> Greetings,
> Does anyone know from experience what the specs are for barcoding tapes in
> a Sun L20 LTO tape autoloader? We have no documentation on the unit, nor
> did we receive example barcode stickers with it. We're looking for the
> barcode format and physical dimensions for the label.
> Thanks, Allan

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