SUMMARY: nfs and su - question

From: Jaime Menendez <>
Date: Wed Oct 09 2002 - 06:56:48 EDT
Thanks to everybody and specially to Darren Dunham. > Hi all,I have a
strange problem. I have a machine with an nfs file system
> mounted, if i do # su - xxxxx, it anwers me for password and when i put
> password it take one minute to send me the prompt. If I dismount nfs
> system and do # su - xxxx and put password I receive prompt inmediatly.
> When I have mount nfs file system the machine relay 'su -'
> knows what is the problem. Both machines are separated by firewall and
> permit nfs between machines. When i try to do 'su -' in firewall log i
> see an rpc packet forbid but i do not understand why i have to permit
> between machine to mount an nfs file system. I know my english is not
> very good, but i hope you understand my question. Thanks in advanced.

Very likely this is a 'quota' problem.

When a user is logged in, the shell usually runs 'quota -v' to see if
the user is overquota on any filesystems.

If there are nfs mounts, the machine must contact the remote server via
an RPC QUOTA call and wait for a response.  If no response comes in 60
seconds, the call will time out.

You should be able to mount the filesystem with the 'noquota' option to
signal that quotas should not be checked on the filesystem.


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