SUMMARY: X server loading Problem in SUN E 240R

From: Ajith Kumar.G <>
Date: Tue Nov 12 2002 - 04:20:37 EST
Thanks to Michael Miller, Steudten Thomas, Gaziz Nugmanov, Gary Sherman
for the valuable information and quick response.

We do not require any X modules running on unix server in order to
connect using exceed.

Atlast the problem turned to be a firewall port issue. The Xwindows
ports were disabled. We have  enabled it and I am able to connect to
unix server using Exceed.

Thanks to all once again.


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Subject: X server loading Problem in SUN E 240R

Hi All,

I have a Sun E 240 R machine with out display adapter. I use serial
connection for the console.
Now, my project need to connect to this machine using  X windows.
We use Exceed as X windows client. However Xserver is not getting loaded
in the server.
When I give "/usr/openwin/bin/Xsun :0 -nobanner" , I am getting the
following error.

/dev/fb: No such file or directory
/dev/fb: No such file or directory
Graphics Adapter device /dev/fb is of unknown type

Fatal server error:
InitOutput: Error loading module for /dev/fb

Is there any way to load the Xserver on a machine which does not have
display adapter ?
Please mail me.

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