SUMMARY: Solaris Resource Manager in Solaris 9

From: Caparroso, Nelson T. (AAS) <>
Date: Mon Jul 01 2002 - 10:21:06 EDT
Just 3 answers to this:  

- yes it is free with Solaris 9 and a link to a WP on service consolidation
using SRM (email me if you want a copy...)
- yes it is free for the first CPU
- yes virtual partitions (ala Vmware?)  would be "ideal" and there may be
directions to this in future Solaris releases (10?), with CPU's approaching
5 Ghz in 18 months... something's got to be done with this immense
processing power....


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> Subject:	Solaris Resource Manager in Solaris 9
> SRM (Solaris Resource Manager) used to be a separate ($$$) product but was
> announced (not sure about this..) as bundled with Solaris 9. Is this true?
> And has anyone been successful in using this in previous Solaris releases
> (Solaris 8?) sepcifically in consolidating DB instances/Apps in just one
> server? With SRM, a single large server could presumably be used to
> effectively "host" a number of DB instances or Apps - each with
> pre-defined "resources" allocated to it so no one instance/apps gobbles up
> ann entire server's resources. 
> While this may be a good thing - I hope future Solaris versions would take
> a look at virtual servers (virtual machines or partitions - a la Vmware)
> so instead of wasting resources on large server configurations, full
> resource utilizations can be realized. Physical partitions (currently
> implemented as Domains on 10K's, 12K's, 15K's, x800's) but I would think
> having virtual machine capabilities would even extend Solaris' lead in the
> UNIX market...
> Thanks.
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