SUMMARY: ssh in clusters

From: Scott J. Buecker <>
Date: Fri Dec 27 2002 - 15:58:06 EST
Most replies suggested using the same keys for all servers in a cluster.
After backing up the keys on two of my servers I copied the third
server's keys down to the other two, restarted ssh daemon and cleaned
all related entries in known_hosts.  This worked well, the only bad
thing is that you lose some of the security that ssh is known for.

Another resolution is to modify the ssh client configuration.  Setting
StrictHostKeyChecking to no in ssh_config causes the client to disregard
an discrepancies between previous entries in known_hosts and what was
received from the remote server.

Thanks to all who replied.

Original Posting:
I am looking for a way to keep ssh from placing server entries in my
known_hosts file.  When I log into a VCS service group I am creating an
entry in known_hosts and when the service group moved to another host in
the cluster I get security warnings because of the discrepancy in
known_hosts.  Anyone know a way around this/?

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