Summary Part II iplanet help, please

From: Brian Dunbar <>
Date: Thu Dec 19 2002 - 17:55:51 EST
Summary Part II

>A hotfix for a purchse order application (ariba) managed to do _something_
>to Iplanet ... and no one is around who knows (or admits to knowing) how
>iplanet is configurd.

Replying to my own post, how gauche.  But we've isolated the problem down -
the connector software that Ariba runs to hook between the application and
web server _seems_ to be dying as it launches.  Tech Support has been
called, and all, if not well, will be well, soon.

The root problem was that the database was not initialized, causing the
connector bit to fail.  The web server startup script hung waiting for the
connector to ... connect.  Very circular.  Once the database initialized, it
all came up and looked very pretty.

Lessons Learned
-I've learned 100% more about iplanet than I did this time yesterday.
-Never ever test 'stuff' on your live application environment
-Senior IT staff should not push development so fast you forgo nice stuff
like ... a development environment.
-Some awesome holes and problems with the application (see above)

Brian Dunbar
System Administrator - Plexus
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