SUMMARY:server resource monitoring

From: lito <>
Date: Thu May 23 2002 - 05:23:46 EDT
Thank you to all.

The following are recommended by those who replied:

orcaware (
setoolkit (
rrdtool (
sarge  (
ganglia (

of all, I think sarge and ganglia is the (at least suit my needs) best
of all, they're free but can do better than the commercial ones.

sarge rocks! very simple, straightforward, easy to install, exactly what
SME sysads will want. I prefer this one.

the best I think is ganglia, good clustering, portable, nice web
interface and best fitted for large nodes. A bit complicated than sarge,
but if you have volume of computers to monitor, this one will work well.

thanks again!    

>I want to monitor my server resources status such as memory, CPU load,
>etc. I know top and iostat will do the work but I need utility program
>that can store history, generate a chart, identify the peak hour,etc
>(similar to webalizer) so I can produce a weekly and monthly report,
>preferrably web based. Does anyone use such kind of application for
>Solaris 2.6, if so, pls. help.  Thanks.
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