SUMMARY: Measuring performance/load on server

From: Min Oo Tint <>
Date: Tue Apr 09 2002 - 08:27:44 EDT
> Thank you very much for those who replies:
> Delhommeau Frederic 
> Pravin Nair
> Tim Chipman
> Troy Abernathy
> Mark Zawadzki
> Homan, Charles
> Grigory Nikonov
> John Ellwood
> Mike Salehi
> Suggestions are
> 1) with SE toolkit 
> 2) iostat -x for disk and netstat -i and sar
> 3) - for performance specs on selected machines
> 4) - mrtq

below is my question:


Our group has grown in terms of people (1 to 6) and so as number of SUNs.
Initially we had one U80 and added couple of sun blade 100s and SB 1000. We
are looking to expand further by adding a network file server. To justify
the requirement for a large server which could cost us $50k+ we need to
justify the need for it. We concluded that disk/network load would be our
bottleneck, as we will have several engineers checking in/out design
databases and running simulations etc. For our current server I would like
to measure load on the disk and network usage. Using these statistics I can
justify the reason for a need for a larger better server. Can someone tell
me how to go about doing this? Are there any software/commands, which I use
to help get the statistics I need? I am new to UNIX administration and have
no relevant background in this area.

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