SUMMARY: adding disks

From: Jeremy Rodriguez <>
Date: Mon May 20 2002 - 17:00:50 EDT
Thank you to Francisco Puente, Graham Wood, Tim Chipman

I have a raid box A1000, running RAID V, Solaris 7, in 32-bit mode. My
/export/home is 98% full. I will be adding 4-18g disks, which will give
another 32g. I want them to be part of the /export/home partition. How do I
do this? format, newfs, vfstab? Step-by-steps would be great. This RAID box
is attached to a Netra 1125 with no disks. The Netra uses the A1000 as it's
file system.

add the new disk to you mdX device like this:

#metattach d0 /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s0 (your new slice)
#growfs -M /export/home /dev/md/rdsk/d0 (And you get your new extra space!!)


-full backup of filesystem on the a1000 raid5 LUN
-delete this LUN via GUI RaidManager interface
-create a new LUN containing all the old disks, plus the 4 new 18 gig disks.
(Presumably your existing drives are also 18 gigs/)
-newfs this new, large LUN, mount it to the same place on your filesystem,
/export/home, and then do a full restore from backup. You now have more free
space on the slice :-)
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