SUMMARY: PATH_MAX system variable

From: Alan G Beardsley <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 08:48:07 EDT
Original Post: How do I increase the value of the system variable PATH_MAX
from 1024  to  2048 .     When I try to launch an application I get a
message "Word too Long"  and I think increasing the value of PATH_MAX
should fix the problem.

Responses:     Thanks to      Lieven Marchand,
                    Casper Dik
                    Darren Dunham
                    Ana Estuardo

The responses varied:    1)  PATH_MAX is hardwired into the kernel.
               2)  Use bash and you won't have this issue again
                    or possibly change BUFSIZE abd recompile the shell.
               3)  You can't.
               4)  Trying to run a 64 bit app under a 32 bit os.
               5)   PATH_MAX is located in  /usr/include/limits.h

I was able to solve the problem temporarily by shortening the path
environment variable by eliminating some redundancies.
The PATH_MAX variable is located in /usr/include/limits.h  but It
apparently requires a re-compilation and rebuilding of the kernel
which I cannot pursue at this time.

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