Summary: Memory fault.

From: ltiu <>
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 22:43:01 EDT
Moving the memory sticks around different slots and removing a few sticks at 
a time while leaving some behind solved my problem. One of the memory sticks 
is faulty.



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Subject: Memory fault.
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 18:08:14 -0700
From: ltiu <>

Hello guys,

I recently installed 64MB more memory into a SparcStation 5 running Sol5.6.
Total RAM 128MB.

Now it boots with the error:

panic: asynchronous memory fault: MFSR=81802010 MFAR=bba1264
syncing file systems...panic: asynchronous memory fault: MFSR=81802820
 2213 static and sysmap kernel pages
panic: asynchronous memory fault: MFSR=81802820 MFAR=bd62360

I went into the OK prompt and typed "test-all".
The memory tested fine. No error messages.

Can anybody give me any clue?


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