Summary : CPU

From: Mangesh <>
Date: Wed May 01 2002 - 22:26:08 EDT
Hi All,

Thanks to Pierre Zimmermann, Santos Ramiro, Greenland Simon, Steve Mickeler,
Jed Dobson, Justin Shaffer, Kevin Buterbaugh,  Adam, Christine, Mike, Andrew
Stueve, Patricio Mora..........
The more help came from Greenland Simon for his detailed summary....
Thanks again everybody.

Everybody asked me to use pbind, psradm, psrset to assign all the processes
you need to the particular CPU's, but may hamper your system if the no of
CPU's is less. You can try it on high end servers like E-6500, SunFire & so
on where you have got many CPU's in hand to play with.

Thanks again...

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