SUMMARY: Where to get the source code of fuser ?

From: John Lee <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 09:21:08 EDT
Thank you all who replied. Especially thanks Luis
Araujo who provides me what I asked.
* "Brian Sherwood" <>
* "David Luyer" <>
* "Garrett, Matt M SITI-ITDSEL314"
* "Hindley Nick" <>
* "Nico Wieland" <>
*** "Luis Araujo" <>

The lsof can perform most of the same functions and
has source available. The lsof is much better at doing
the same job. Where to get lsof? 1), 2)
Location for fuser source code:, psmisc
consists of fuser, killall and pstree.

Looking for the source code of fuser command under
Solaris 2.6.

This mailing list is always great! I love it!

Best regards,
John L.
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