SUMMARY: how to get information about the amount of RAM in A1000 ?

From: Grigory Nikonov <>
Date: Mon Apr 29 2002 - 06:56:12 EDT
Hi, Sunmanagers.

thanks to
Thien Vu,
Patricio Mora,
Tony Walsh,
Patrick Li.

(/usr/lib/osa/rm6: Configuration - Module profile - Controllers) is our

and my follow-up question on SIMM Slots in A1000 was answered by Tony
There are always 4 slots in use. If you have any less then you have a
problem. There
are only 2 configurations supported AFAIK. One is 16/8 which is made up
of 2 DIMMs of
8MB each and 2 DIMMS of 4MB each. The other configuration is 64/16 which
is made up of
2 DIMMS of 32MB each and 2 DIMMs of 8 MB each. There is an upgrade to go
from 16/8 to
64/16 which is the adition of 2 x 32MB DIMMs and involves removing the 2
x 4MB DIMMs,
moving the 2 x 8MB DIMMs to replace the 4MBs and installing the 2 x 32MB
DIMMs in 
place of the 8MB DIMMs.

  with just one...well...note from me: they are SIMMs not DIMMs IMHO.

well... we're ordering 2x32Mb SIMMs =)
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