SUMMARY: Inetd Startup Scirpt

From: Erik Williams <>
Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 11:39:42 EDT
Almost everyone who responded said that it is not an issue to comment out
the line in the run control script. Several people mentioned that patches
could overwrite this file. Several suggested leaving it alone and have a
empty /etc/inetd.conf file or all lines commented out. 

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> Subject:	Inetd Startup Scirpt
> I have moved from using telnet and ftp to ssh and scp on a Solaris8
> server.
> I am not using inetd for any other services. All the lines of the
> /etc/inetd.conf file are commented out. Now I want to prevent the inetd
> process from coming up at boot time. There is no inetd specific run
> control
> script. It seems to be started in standalone mode as part of the TCP/IP
> run
> control in S72inetsvc. It is the last action to be performed in this
> script.
> Should I just comment out the line that starts the process here? Are there
> any dependencies on inetd for the rest of the TCP/IP startup /
> configuration? I want to be sure I am not overlooking anything here. 
> Thanks
> Erik
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