SUMMARY: using ndd command to figure out port speed on a gig card ???? UPDATE!!!

From: German, Vinnie <>
Date: Wed Aug 28 2002 - 09:11:38 EDT
I must admit I might have been to quick on posting this summary, eventhought
link is providing is helpful is sort of do not answer my question. Here is
Special thanks to Hans Schaechl []

"link_speed" is no longer a valid parameter name for
the ce GigaSwift driver.
Instead you can check with netstat -k ce0 (or whatever
your interface number is) and look for "ifspeed".

Also I (Vinnie German) will add that you can look for "link_speed" value
here which will give you the 1000 mark
which I will assume is meaning 1gig speed.

Thanks so much,

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> Subject:	SUMMARY: using ndd command to figure out port speed on a gig
> card ????
> Here is the answer to original question posted below:
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> 	Subject:	using ndd command to figure out port speed on a gig
> card ????
> 	Hello:
> 	I'm familiar with using ndd command to figure out connection speed
> on 
> 	a machine which is using the le0 port of hme port of qfe port.
> 	I just built a machine using a Gig network card and its port name if
> 	ce0 so I need it to see the speed on this port and I typed in the
> following:
> 	ndd -get /dev/ce link_speed 
> 	and instead of getting a "0" or a "1" which you will usually get if
> using a hme
> 	port, I'm getting the following:
> 	operation failed, Invalid argument
> 	How do I figure out at which speed this port is connected to using
> the "nnd" command.
> 	Thanks very much,
> 	Vinnie.
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