SUMMARY: Forgive me, BUT, please lead to SOLARIS JOB resources

From: John Rams <>
Date: Fri Mar 15 2002 - 09:53:50 EST
Thanks so much for all the responses (i will never again spam u)compassionate, cursing and informative mails. Really appreciate it.

Surprised to see lot of folks wanted to know what i got as responses, that's the reason for this summary.

* Some of our fellow admins got jobs through
monster, dice and hotjobs sites. So do not loose hope on that.

* One admin after waiting so long , moved to independent consulting and got a break, part time, more income, flexible hours!!

* another good site and usergroup meetings is

* Praying, Check the job boards(hotjobs, dice, monster, computerjobs etc)Check the newspapers, the newspaper web-sites 
Check the headhunter/staffing web sites. 
Contact the headhunter/staffing places and get on their list.

* Check with the local Sun place, (Sun sales people--both commercial, educational, and government), Contact Solaris shops and ask for a job (Mail a letter to the IT/IS/MIS person 
(Call the IT/IS/MIS person to setup an appointment--not an interview, Find out about their needs and ask for a job or a referal 
and ask for referals, contact family, friends, business-freinds & acquaintances and don't stop. 

* The average chronically unemployed person submits 2 resumes/applications a week. 
The average person submits 170 resumes per interview. 

* If you are familar with Solaris, look into hardware jobs on Sun equipment. That's where I ended up and, while it is not my preferred 
job, I have learned a lot of stuff and have improved as a sysadmin because I have a better grasp on hardware problems and their symptoms. 

* Of course, make sure your resume looks good and present your experience, skill set, and education well. I had a technical writer work on my resume--he knew things in presenting my assests that I never would have thought of. 

* Informational interviews (i.e., practice interviews) can be setup with some businesses. (Businesses have a vested interest in helping you--you by their products.

* Wal-Mart is a UNIX shop. Look at the non-obvious places. Schools (technical colleges, colleges, universities)over resources for finding jobs in the area. The Chamber of Commerce has information on businesses as well as the better business bureay.Hospital use a lot of UNIX stuff. The Radiology department consumes lots of disk space and many use UNIX as the basis. Remember HP/UX is SVR4 as is Solaris. 

* In the interim, study Solaris, setup boxes, study networking, prepare for certification, etc. This can be a very productive time for you--believe it or not. (VERY HELPFUL)

* Some suggested using search engine like google for jobs..another way.

* another site

* 1 or 2 contact names were mentioned, but couldn't disclose to all to protect their privacy.

Please keep trying until u get success. I personally know of people who r unemployed in the range of 0 days( pretty much remained where they are, if on the market..doubt if they can get any faster), 2 days....15 months in this tight job market.

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From: "John Rams" <>
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 16:21:17 -0500
Subject: Forgive me, BUT, please lead to SOLARIS JOB resources

> Hi All:
> First of all, i apologize for this of topic, But, please lead me to SOLARIS JOB resources, where real jobs are for Solaris Admins, networking opportunities and possibly geographical Solaris user meetings (NJ).
> Job boards, usenet,newsgroups all are so cluttered with so much info, not much useful getting a new job. In 2+ months, only 1 interview happened, no job offers, despite strong background.
> Again sorry for this on this group,
> John  


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