SUMMARY: hp printing on solaris 8

From: Adam Bisbe <>
Date: Wed Feb 13 2002 - 06:15:08 EST
Just two answers, but they were usefull, thank you Brett and David:
In my case "true end of job" was already off, but I changed:

on /etc/lp/interfaces/name_of_the_printer
which is a more simple printer (5l) and the error is gone.
Notice that trying to make this work I unistalled the hppi package and 
installed the older one (jetadmin) that worked well on solaris 2.6, but I 
suppose that with hppi should work also.


Brett Lymn said ---------------------------------------------
Yes, there seems to be a bug with the hpnpf where if the printer sends
back too much status it core dumps.  I have found that if you turn off
the "true end of job" notification on the printer queue in jetadmin
the problem goes away.  The printer still works fine without true end
of job on.
David Foster said ------------------------------------------
In your queue definition try disabling an option like print
auto-retry. I found this fix in the archives, it was specific 
to the 8000 series of HP printers, but this was before the 9000
series even came out.

----------  Original question  ----------

I have a E450
SunOS xxxxx 5.8 Generic_108528-05 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-4
with several hp printers configured with jetadmin software from hp,
we got a new hp 9000 connected to a 3 port jetdirect, since then it gives
this error:

hpnpf (read bytes from socket): Connection reset by peer<EOT>
 and prints the same job non stop.

If I change the printer to an HP 4 plus it works Ok.
If I configure a queue to the Hp9000 from another server but solaris 2.6 it
works Ok.

I have updated firmware on the jetdirect ( I know that hp2200 does not work
with jetdirect if firmware is not the latest), but nothing gets fixed.

I use the latest hp software (hppi) on the solaris 8 machine, since on the
2.6 machine software was the older one jetadmin I have installed it on the 8
machine, but it still gives the same error.

Adam Bisbe
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