SUMMARY: Solaris CPU load from Perl

From: alex dyas <>
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 05:10:59 EDT
Original question:

 > I'd like to be able to determine the CPU's busy/idle states through
 > Perl, much like the readout of top.  A few attempts have so far proven
 > fruitless:
 > - vmstat - this is fine on machines that haven't been up for long, but
 > there is a problem after a few months that causes negative numbers to
 > appear for some of the values.  i can't rely on this. (
 > )
 > - Solaris:: packages. The script needs to be portable so I don't want
 > to have to install packages everywhere.

Thanks to all those who replied.  Suggestions were:

- Kstat Perl module 
(  Although I think 
this would be the best solution in most ways, I was put off by the 
trouble I had building it.  I need something portable and easy to 
install. (Kevin Buterbaugh suggested that building it with the same 
compiler I built Perl with would probably help).

- sar. this would be good but doesn't seem to be installed on all the 
machines we have (?).

- vmstat. Jonas Blaberg suggested running vmstat for a few lines and 
taking the second or third values thus skipping the first problematic 
one. this would work, but is slow. i would have to wait 3+ seconds for 
each reading. (shame there is no way to reset the counters).

- mpstat. this gives CPU states for all CPUs in the machine which is 
nice. an average could easily be calculated.

- uptime. Although uptime doesn't give me the CPU load the same way as 
top, a measure of jobs in the run queue is a good an indication of load.

I think after all that I'll use a combination of mpstat and uptime.

Thanks again.


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