SUMMARY: <defunct> Process/lmgrd Problem

From: Don Mies <>
Date: Tue Jan 08 2002 - 12:21:08 EST
Thanks to everyone that responded including:

   Sanjiv K. Bhatia
   Jesse Carroll
   Darren Dunham
   Christophe Dupre
   Christophe Dupre
   David Evans
   Amit Kumar
   Russell Niesz
   John Riddoch
   Jacob Rieper
   Deborah Santomauro
   Bill Voight

Thanks to Jesse Carroll for the information about where to
find the Sys Admin Guide for a Netra X1.  Russell Neisz
supplied information about how to determine my process
limits.   David Evans suggested checking the site of the
FlexLM provider ( as he had this
problem on an MS system several years ago.

The Netra X1 Sys Admin Guide is at "" under
the Telco" heading (obvious, right!).

No one came up with a way to delete the defunct processes
other than rebooting the machine.

A lot of people suggested that I go in and kill the parent
process of the defunct processes and that should clean them
up but the parent process no longer exists.  I had a bunch
of defunct processes with PPIDs that no longer exist.  No
one had a good explanation of how this could happen.

Late yesterday the system stopped responding to all input
and would not even respond to a stop-a sequence so I had to
reboot it by turning the power off.  That obviously cleaned
up the defunct processes but not the way I had in mind.

We are running an application that uses the FlexLM license
manager to run their own license daemon and they provided a
utility to reset the license daemon that would go out and
just kill their daemon and then rely on lmgrd to restart it
(which it did).  I think this is what was causing the
defunct processes so I rewrote the script to use "lmdown"
and "lmreread" to shut down and restart their license
daemon.  I have not seen any defunct processes since.
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