SUMMARY: NFS Script Error

From: Fiengo, Paul <>
Date: Mon Nov 11 2002 - 14:35:50 EST

Thank you to all those who replied.  The winning responses were received by
Brett Monroe and Reginald Beavers.

I had inadvertently, and most blindly used mount as my function call that
actually called the bin mount causing it to put itself into a loop.
Renaming my function call to mount1 solved the issue.  

Again, thank you to all who replied.  I appreciate your time.

Paul Fiengo

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> Subject:	NFS Script Error
> Dear Gurus,
> I am having an issue with a script that I am writing.  On my NFS server
> (SUN E250), I am running Solaris 8.  On my NFS Client (SUN Blade 1000), I
> am also running Solaris 8.  An entry has been made into the
> /etc/dfs/dfstab and /etc/vfstab respectively, and a manual mount of the
> file system works.
> In the script that I am writing (found below), if I copy and paste the
> variable name found in my script into a terminal using ksh, and then copy
> and paste the mount command found in my script into that same terminal
> window, the system will mount the file system successfully.
> FDRMNTPT=/var/security
> AUDERLOG=/tmp/restart_err
> #Mount Guard Server sub-routine
> #
> function mount
> {
> 	if [ -f $FDRMNTPT/.LKnfs ]
> 	then
> 	return
> 	else echo `date`  "Audit Server Guard system is not mounted.
> Attempting to mount the Guard system..."  >> $AUDERLOG
> 		mount $FDRMNTPT >> $AUDERLOG
> 		if [ -f $FDRMNTPT/.LKnfs ]
> 		then
> 		echo `date`  "Audit Server Guard system mounted
> successfully." >> $AUDERLOG
> 		return
> 		else echo `date`  "Unable to mount the Guard system.  Please
> check system immediately." >> $AUDERLOG
> 		exit
> 		fi
> 	fi
> }
> mount
> However, when I run the script using the ksh -x scriptname, I get the
> following errors:
> restartaix[8]:  too many open files
> restartaix[10]:  too many open files
> I am not sure why I am getting this.  In addition, if I remove the portion
> where it appends the information to the error log, I get the following
> errors:
> restartaix[10]:  mount:  recursion too deep.
> Replacing the variable $FDRMNTPT with the actual mount point causes the
> same results.  I have had more advanced script writers look at this and
> they do not know what is causing this.  A search on the Internet has not
> produced any leads as well.  Any advice that anyone can provide will be
> GREATLY appreciated.  I will summarize.
> Paul
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