SUMMARY: backing up a system

From: Angel L. Mateo <>
Date: Wed Feb 20 2002 - 03:00:30 EST
	Thank you to anybody that help me. I don't write all the names because 
there was really a lot.

	My question was:

 >  I am using ufsdump to backup my systems, but I have read that you 
 > not use it to backup unless you have the filesystem inactive, but I
 > can't do this because I need to back up servers, so I can't umount the
 > filesystem. So is there any software to backup a system without needed
 > to umount the filesystem?

	As some people notes, ufsdump is reommended to be run on an inactive 
filesystem, but it is not really required. That is to restrict users to 
open files, because if any file is open during ufsdump, it will be not 
correctly back it up. This is really important when you run processes 
with a lot of file activity, for example, while running a database, but 
it is not an issue with a "normal" system, specially if you run ufsdump 
at times of inactivity (tipically at night).

	Some other people points me that Solaris 8 has an utility called  fssnap 
you can use to make an snap of the filesystem and then use that image to 
make the ufsdump.

	By other way, some people advise me to use other tools like tar or amanda.

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