SUMMARY: Rackmount Ultra 2 desktop

From: <>
Date: Wed Apr 03 2002 - 08:10:55 EST
Thanks to Michael Hocke, John Riddoch and Peter Stokes (and some other guys
while writing this email) for their quick responses.

Michael suggested:, especially their UniMount Rack
Mount Kit.

All the other guys suggested using shelves.

For my original question see below.

I need to rackmount an Ultra 2 desktop system in a Sun cabinet (68 inch ?
Therefore I need to purchase a rackmount kit for this system.
However, Sun doesn't have those rackmount kits available and can't tell me
either where I can find them.
(I searched the Sunsolve website, and also called the Sun order desk.)

I searched for rackmount kits for an Ultra 2 at Google, but couldn't find

Anybody out there that can give me some advise on this issue ?

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