[SUMMARY] LIP reset problems on E450

From: Alexander Sarreiter <Alexander.Sarreiter_at_melo.de>
Date: Mon Sep 02 2002 - 05:01:17 EDT

Seems to be some kind of hardware problem, mostly GBICs.
Currently exchanging the parts step by step...


original issue:

I have some sporadic errors on a SUN E450. The machine is
attached to a Vixel SAN Hub (unconfigured, no zoning an such...)
using a Qlogic 2200 PCI-Card. On the SAN are four Infortrend Raids,
a SUN E220R and the E450 attached. Now sometimes a loop offline/online
occurs and the bad thing is, that the filesystems get read only.

Any hints where to start to find the reason for the loop offline/online
I have found nothing special on the RAID controllers nor on the Vixel Hub.
of the RAIDs had to plugged in again until it reappears.
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