SUMMARY II: Problem with the environment variable PATH

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Date: Thu Dec 05 2002 - 09:59:13 EST
Hi all,

I got the right answer from Geoff Lane. Here is his answer:

PATH=/usr/bin: is the system default (set by login I think) and is what you
see if no other PATH is set in /etc/default/login, /etc/profile, .profile

PATH=/usr/bin::/usr/dt/bin:/usr/openwin/bin:/bin:/usr/ucb: includes
/usr/dt/bin which suggest that it was set during a login via CDE.  The
default PATH for CDE logins is found in
in /usr/dt/config (or /etc/dt/config if modified.)

If you also use SSH, PATH may be set within the ssh global config.

It's a mess.  Anything that uses an authenticated login should pick up
/etc/default/login and use the value there but history means that every
major login path into the system uses it's own standard :-(

I now ignore them all and explicitly set PATH in .profile (and deal with
cron, su etc as I need to.)

Tanks Geoff.

The original e-mail:
> ========================================================
> I have some problem with the environment variable PATH.
> I am running Solaris 8 on Ultra 1, 10 and Enterprise 220R.
> On the Ultra 1 and 10 I get following PATH variable:
> PATH=/usr/bin::/usr/dt/bin:/usr/openwin/bin:/bin:/usr/ucb:
> On the Ultra Enterprise 220R I get following PATH variable:
> PATH=/usr/bin:
> This is if I ignore /etc/profile and other config files.
> The difference is that the Ultra 1 and 10 have patch
> 108528-15, while the Ultra Enterprise 220R have patch
> 108528-14.
> The question is where is the PATH variable initialized
> before /etc/profile is read and why is this difference
> between the patches?
> ========================================================


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