Summary: HVD Device w/ SE Controller (LVD/HVD/SE SCSI)

From: David JL Rieger <>
Date: Wed Feb 27 2002 - 14:35:54 EST
All thanks for the responses everyone. I've contacted Sun to quote out a 
solution. Thanks for the help and thanks to the list.

Here is the Summary for the Question:

HVD is pretty much stand-alone technology and must have HVD controllers 
although there are converters on the market.
Sun's product: X6541A

The Venerated who replied:

Rugman, Rob
Christophe Dupre
Paramasivam, Meenakshisundaram
Arthur Aldridge
Jeff Graham

(Info on SCSI'S:
(faq on scsi signalling types)

Orignial Question:

I recently received a DAT drive system that requires a HVD SCSI - my box 
has a SE SCSI controller. I blithely hooked it up to find the SE won't 
recognize the device (I performed a probe-scsi-all, got the BUS Defualt bug 
[thanks List Archive for answer around this], got around that to see that 
the bus has not recognized the device.
I ensured my interrupts are all different.
My question is: Should that SE "see" the HVD SCSI interface in the DAT 
drive? If not, can LVD controllers (of which there seem to be many) "see" 
HVD or will I have to find a HVD?
If so, where can I find a HVD? It doesn't seem as many people make them.


David Rieger
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