Summary: Translation To Word

From: <Andrew_Rotramel/>
Date: Fri Mar 22 2002 - 10:04:26 EST
Good morning,

There were way too many responses to name everyone, so forgive me for that.
Most people suggested I just add .doc to the end of the file. While this
will work, I need a file that has certain characteristics, such as specific
margins, a given type face, a given type size, etc. So while putting a .doc
extension on a file will allow the user to double click on the file and
open it in Word, it won't give me all the characteristics I need.

Here are the other suggestions I received:

Heilke, Rainer suggested Perl, and checking

Brian Dunbar also suggested finding a Perl module.

Scott McCool suggested (I believe) converting the document to a PDF format,
      which might work provided I can find a command-line tool for the

I need to learn Perl one of these days, and this might just be the time to
      do so.


Andrew Rotramel
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