SUMMARY: Solaris 8 Jumpstart woes

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Date: Wed Apr 17 2002 - 22:17:56 EDT
Turns out all my configuration files were fine.  The DNS entries for those
boxes weren't there yet, and sysidtool got confused when the machine didn't
find it's own DNS listing and bailed out.  This seems kind of odd since if
you run through the install interactively, it doesn't complain if the DNS
entries aren't there.  Oh well.  Thanks for the responses.

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(Apologies if you get this twice)

I'm having similar problems with my jumpstart installations (that is, they
start the interactive setup instead of running through automated).
According to all the posts and articles I've read, my rules files, profile
files, and sysidcfg files are all up to snuff, but for whatever reason, it
just doesn't seem to take.  This seems to be a fairly pervasive problem.
Is there any way to get more information about what's going on at a lower
level to see what it's unhappy about?  I was hoping
/var/sadm/system/logs/sysidtool.log on the client might have something
helpful, but no such luck.  Are there any other places to look for
debug-type info, or any simple tests to isolate the problem?

When the client comes up, it seems to have found the sysidcfg file, as I
get a message like:

"Using sysid configuration file"

 (When tried renaming the sysidcfg file, it didn't show this message, and
instead went to the language selection prompt, so it's definitely finding
the file)

Then it says "The system is coming up.  Please wait."  And then after a
moment it goes into the interactive install.

The sysidcfg file looks like this:


The jumpstart server is a 220R, and the client is a NetraX1.  Both Solaris
8.   Any ideas?


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Hi All,
        If I am not able to automate jumpstart installation, i.e. it is not
getting all the required data from the sysidcfg file, then what would you
all suggest to do ? It is also not performing the tasks from my finish
script. It would be great if u send me a sample of your currently running
rules.ok file, class file, finish script.

what should i do, If i wanna install the required packages,patches, etc
through jumpstart, without installing solaris 8 on the machine ? what
modifications are necessary for the rules file, class file, etc for that

Waiting for replies.

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