Parcial Summary: Webstart Flash Archive Installation Claims Failure

From: Ivan Fetch <>
Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 12:43:05 EDT
   Osama Ahmed <> reminded me that he had emailed the
list a while ago about a simelar problem extracting compressed archives.

   Even when attempting to install a non-compressed flash archive, I still
got the same error messages (see my original post below).  At long last the
problem has been narrowed down to the jumpstart install image (created
from running setup_install_server from the Sol8 02/02 DVD).  More specifically, if I
set (in bootparams) root=/cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_8/Tools/Boot things work
fine (the flash archive installs, even if compressed); if I set
root=/export/install/Tools/Boot (which uses my jumpstart install image
created by setup_install_server) the flash archive install fails.
   I tried this using an jumpstart install image from Sol8 04/01 also,
with the same results (failure).

   Does anyone have an idea why using the boot directory right off of the
DVD would allow me to install a flash archive, but using a boot directory
created via "setup_install_server /export/install" from the same DVD fails
when installing flash archives?

Ivan Fetch.

----- original post -----

Hello to all,
   I began messing around with WebStart Flash Archive installations
(which is really nice because it only takes 13 minutes to do what takes
minutes via a standard jumpstart installation where packages are
and installed).  While the installation appears to succeed (I can reboot
the machine and it works thus far) I do get the following error at the
of the install:

        Extracted  462.00 MB ( 99% of  462.13 MB archive)
        Extracted  462.13 MB (100% of  462.13 MB archive)

ERROR: Could not stop the extraction

ERROR: Could not extract Flash archive

ERROR: System installation failed

   Has anyone seen this before?
   I'm installing a flash archive via jumpstart, of Solaris 8 02/02.

Thanks for any input/suggestions,
Ivan Fetch.

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