SUMMARY: memtool coredump

From: Firmin, Anthony <>
Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 07:30:06 EDT
Thanks to John Leadenham who may have had a good point regarding the data
structures.  However...

I decided to have a look at the readme files on the SunPlayground web site
for memtool but could find no indication as to whether there were 32-bit or
64-bit versions.   I also noticed there was now a 3.9.4beta2 version of
memtool so I downloaded that, uninstalled 3.9.3 and installed 3.9.4beta2.
The memtool GUI now works.

Conclusions:  It may have been a bug, or, it may have been a corrupt
executable, or, it may have been 32 v 64 bit - I guess I will never know!!!


	From:  John Leadeham 
	Sent:  Thursday, October 24, 2002 11:03 PM
	To:  Firmin, Anthony
	Subject:  Re: memtool coredump

	> I have just installed Memtool 3.9.3 on a domain of a 4800.
	> The domain is running Solaris 8, 018528-14.
	> Everything runs perfectly except for memtool process which opens
	> a window in CDE and returns the wonderful message "Segmentation
	> Fault(coredump)" to the screen.

	Just a guess -- are you using 32-bit memtool with 64-bit Solaris?
	This will matter because memtool has to access kernel data
	which differ between 32-bit and 64-bit modes. Pmap should work.


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