SUMMARY: How many UNIX systems per HDS port via SAN?

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Date: Sat Jan 12 2002 - 05:56:53 EST
Many thanx to Nelson Caparroso, Al Hopper, Chris Conner, and Doug Otto.

There are no consensus, it depends on the application's throughput
requirements with OLTP generally having much lower requirements than
something like data-warehousing.

Industry recommendations vary between 3 and 8 hosts per FA.

Chris recommends Orca and the SE toolkit for monitoring throughput.

Nelson mentions that you generally saturate your CHIPS before your backend
ACPs, and that you should monitor these with GraphTrak PC, as well as that
he has got a single E3800 driving 4 FAs at 320MB/sec by using DMP.

My original posting follows.


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Subject: How many UNIX systems per HDS port via SAN?

Hi again gurus,

How many ports do you use on your HDS system, connected to a SAN with
multiple Sun systems wanting to access different LUNs target/loop IDs on
the HDS?

From the statistics I see, the fibre-chanel will easily handle about 6 to 7
UNIX systems' worth of disk throughput on a single 1000mbps link.  I'm
using Veritas DMP to get aggregated bandwidth across multiple paths.  The
"systems" are primarily E10K domains, with a small number of E3500/E4500
systems targeted for future connection to the SAN.  I'm using JNI HBAs and
a collection of Brocade Silkworm and Inrange Directors make up the SAN.

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